Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few things.

First and foremost please pass this along I've seen it on my reader and my lj.

Duanna Johnson’s Funeral–DONATIONS NEEDED
Apologies for the caps, but this is urgent.

The balance for Duanna Johnson’s funeral is $1195 and the funeral home is requiring Mrs. Skinner (Duanna’s mother) to pay it by tomorrow (11/14). The cost is a hardship, so we are asking anyone who can to donate. Please send any donations to:
N.J. Ford and Sons Funeral Home
12 S Parkway W
Memphis, TN 38109

If you want any clarification from NJ Ford, here is their contact number: (901) 948-7755.

Please forward this to as many people as you can!! Thanks!

Duanna Johnson was the transwoman first beaten by police then murdered later on. how fucking horrifying.

Sorry to start on a downer there but I feel that is important.

Don't read the comments on the news story.

While I'm dealing in sanity points can I just say what the FUCK Feministing? From what I saw via Bri. Um. What. The. Fuck?

For the record FA has nothing to do with forcing or asking people to find fat people sexually attractive. Fuck whomever you please I don't care.

It IS about not demonizing fat people. It is about doctors and medical professionals not giving fat people shitty care simply because they are fat. It IS about being treated as human beings period.

If the only people you find attractive are size 2 six foot tall blonde's with DD's and no tanlines, I hope you get yourself four of them and get rode hard and put away wet. I really do.

Who you want to get in your pants is your business. As I've said time and again also, have all the biases you wanna have.

If you wanna believe that all fat people are stupid lazy cheeto snorting motherfuckers feel free.

The problem is when that bias then transcends thought and becomes action. That is not ok.

Go read WellRounded's entry here. I seriously aww'd and then went HELL YEAH. Also I can't comment there because my xanga log in doesn't work anymore but, I am glad to be a source of inspiration that is awesome and beautiful.

I was thinking yesterday about a comment I got here yonks ago, or it might've been a reference to something I said on another site while I was getting lampooned. I can't recall.

I remember I was talking about my general eating habits and somebody out in the big Blue Nowhere decided that me saying I have a sweet tooth, meant clearly that all I eat is sweets.

I was reminded of this because Uniballer got me another of those sweet dark chocolate bars that I spent the better part of two days nibbling on. Which in turn set me to thinking about all the general bruhaha on various fat hate/anti fat acceptance sites about what fat people are perceived to eat.

From what I've seen and read the going consensus is that if you are fat, the only reason you are fat is because you stuff yourself with garbage, have questionable ethics, a low IQ, never move or exercise, and probably are a bit of a dick.

Now, I wonder if the same people who often spout this kind of dogma would say the same for someone who is thin but clearly not in shape. Or something who is thin at the grocery store who fills their cart with soda and Little Debbie snacks.

To take it a step further, do these same people vilify disabled people who've gained weight as a result of mobility issues?

IF they are parents do they not feed their children?

Do they say these things to your average Joe standing in line at the Burger King?

I was harassed several times in a McDonald's by different people. What I always found vaguely amusing was that normally if I had time I would get one of their left over apple snacks, or on rare occasions a soft serve cone, have a seat and enjoy.

Now on at least two occasions the person bothering me about being in McDonald's was consuming approximately two to three times what I was.

Pot, hey this kettle and yeah yer black.

What I don't understand is the whole holier than thou thing.

Why is it a good thing to be such an asshole to people you a.)don't know b.) have nothing to do with.

I'm not specifically talking about the internets here. As long as anonymity exists on the internets people are going to go all Internet Tough Guy and talk a lot of shit I don't really care about that.

I'm talking about people who seem to make it their mission to put down the fatties or the whomever is not doing exactly what they want them to do.

Why waste the energy?

If you do actually care in a I love my fellow humans and want them to be healthy, why the hate?

I personally feel like if I want to make a positive impact on something, I don't go at it with a hatchet. Want to pick some flowers? Using a weedhacker might be quick and satisfying but messy and you get flower mush rather than flowers.

You dig?

Am I just that much of a hippy?

Anyway back to the grind.

I have passed 28,000 words. HOLY SHIT.

There's still so much of this story to tell.

Faux memoir is hard.

But, reminiscing is nice.

Also OMG new glasses are imminent and this is mother fucking win.

The glasses I found that I can't show you because I don't have the link saved here but, they are vintagey geeky awesome.

Also awesome, my hair. My hair is the shizz.

Okay now really back to work.

I love you.

No really, yes you. Even you who thinks I am a stupid fat bitch I love you too. I hope you're having a good fall. Stay warm and dry my homies and haters.

Homo Out.


Sniper said...

Lovely post, especially the end.

Anonymous said...

You know what, the comments on that Feministing entry are disgusting.

They fucking suck.

lilacsigil said...

...I wish I hadn't looked at that Feministing issue (though I'm quite interested in the immediately derailed argument about "beauty" meaning "culturally acceptable") but I was happy to read your post.

And yeah, if fat-fearing people's kids are an unacceptable size, they starve their kids. It happened to me, and I had a peak BMI of 23 at the time - not that it would be acceptable if I had a BMI of 53, but it just goes to show how arbitrary fat-hatred is. That was "too fat" for my mother, a nurse, and I dread to think about what's being done to kids now with anti-fat hysteria louder than ever.

mnwhr said...

The level of ignorance in the world always amazes me, thanks for the good wishes, they are reciprocated.

wellroundedtype2 said...

My turn to awwww... yours is definitely another face I love to see and blog I love to read. Your novel will no doubt be amazing, too.
I'm probably too much of a hippy, too.

One thing you wrote that has me laughing to myself all of the time was what you said about partners changing and possibly gaining weight -- and spanking asses whether fat or thin.

Piffle said...

Sadly, people often assume people with mobility issues who get fat; got fat first and the fat caused the mobility problem.

Yeah, I don't understand it either.

Love the flower mush metaphor, may steal it sometime, I love it so much--that okay?

Cat said...

thanks for being bitchin', as you usually are. the feministing comments really struck a chord with me -- unfortunately, a negative one. it's really unfortunate that readers of a feminist blog would make such awful conclusions about a topic that affects women in a very gender-specific negative way.

Tari said...

If the only people you find attractive are size 2 six foot tall blonde's with DD's and no tanlines, I hope you get yourself four of them and get rode hard and put away wet. I really do.

Yes, this! You crack my shit up.

DavitaCuttita said...

I really liked this post.

I never get the hate thing either; to me it's just people wanting to feel better than another person but just don't know when to shut the fuck up.

And I love you, too.

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