Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So much to be said.

I have a lot of things I want to talk about but, at the same time some of those things are horribly painful for me to discuss and my ability to mitigate my horror and rage is only so good.

So for now I'm going to keep pecking away on what will be a huge entry of doom. I apologize for that bit in advance.

And i will try to break them up into a few seperate entries even though these things all intersect for me.

So first let me (and I really hope you all repost this where ever you can) post this video.

Okay. I am not watching it again because it makes me teary but really, can you argue with that?

Also to induce a smile after the tears watch the trailer for the NYC Sex Bloggers Calender.

This is awesome and I am buying one. Find out more about it here. Awesome.

Also can I just say that the butch hotness I think is Sinclair from Sugarbutch gave me a happy? And I believe there is a shot of Sinclair spanking Rachel Kramer Bussel and um yeah hotness.

Hot. Motherfucking. Ness.

Because I've been ass deep in doing Nanowrimo I've been only skimming blogs and trying to avoid a lot of the more upsetting things going on right now. So I'm going to yammer a little bit about that.

So the main character and narrator of this smutty adventure in sexual coming of age is a fat girl. It's mentioned briefly, and there are other fat and not fat characters. I didn't do this intentionally, I am injecting a lot of my own tastes and sexual peccadilloes, and using some of my own experience as a basis for some of it.

The only thing I'll absolutely confirm is the GSpot girl on girl lovin' that happens in chapter three. That is fairly heavily based on my own first Gspot adventure.

Also some of the characters are not based on former lovers exactly but on some of the people I lusted after terribly when I was younger.

So fair warning, if I have ever harbored a bit of a happy place in my pants for you, I might be thinking of you while writing about dirty dirty things.

Maybe that's a personality flaw? I don't know.

I will probably not make this one available as is for purchase. I am sorely tempted to do a small collection of erotica and self publish it on Lulu for shits and giggles.

I am thinking of course of those Victorian naughty books that circulated amongst rich friends for gossip and titillation purposes. Does anyone aside from me kind of wish that would happen again?


Oh right-o if you would like to have a read of the Gspot scene mentioned above it's posted in my LJ today. See it here. Feel free to comment even if you don't have LJ. I don't mind. If you do have LJ friend away if you so please.

I have an HNT shot planned for this week I just need to take it. I also really need to finish my review of Distorria's awesome new make up Detrivore Cosmetics. I will probably do one more look, maybe something kind of wild like and then off to The Cheekin I go with it. But pre-review I will recommend her highly. Her samples are super inexpensive and her quality is very on par with some of teh higher end loose shadows I've used. And she's branching out into other products.

So get in on it early.

Also randomly I watched some awesoem porn clips last night while trying to finish a bit of the novella that involved a hot Sadist and the main character taking her first ride on a Sybian.

Google that if you don't know what it is but yeah not safe for work unless you work for a porn company or work at home.

Are we caught up my fat homies?

OH and I am wearing a very natty outfit today and I really need some kind of awesome tam or something to go with. Sweater vest, burgundy Tee, black pants, Burgundy Docs. I will make Uniballer take a picture when I get home.

So yeah, tell me what's new and fabulous with you my darlings.

had any awesome sexy times lately? (*And YES please PLEASE if you still have your question or you have a new question send it on over. I promise not to accidentally destroy my database again.)

What are you wearing today?

What has made you feel awesome lately?

Tell me one fanatastic thing that is not election related. Also accepted, nudie pictures, clothes squeeing, fangirl/boy squeeing, funny and or cute links. sexy links.

OH speaking of I will probably do a link round up at the end of the week with some of the hot ass new blogs I am reading.

Also quickly Grocery Outlet and similar discount stores have Newman's Own Sweet Dark Chocolate bars and ZOMFG HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY ARE GOOD. I am not a huge chocolate lover at all. In fact my enjoyment of dark chocolate is relatively new and this is really tasty.

Okay now I'm done.

So make with commenting and/or showing me your naked self.

Homo Out.


Anonymous said...

So instead of working on my own NaNoStuff last night, I ended up surfing for Sybian videos all evening. THANKS A LOT.

(No really. Thanks.)


mnwhr said...

Thanks for sharing the Olberman video, I had not seen it. The first erotica I read was an English magazine called "The Pearl", go ahead and publish, i'd love to read more.

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