Monday, November 03, 2008

Some awesome.

So Happy Halloween.

Last night I was perusing Fatshionista and came across this awesome crafy femme sparkly goodness. Looky here.

Fucking. Awesome.

No seriously.

Fucking awesome.

I did not wear the good winter fairy outfit I had put together to work because I spilled fucking glitter all over it and in my keyboard. My keyboard will seriously be shitting glitter for like six months.

So I did some awesome Detrivore (full review for teh chicken coming soon) aesome silver and purple eye that i will recreate and post later. Also I used some hot pink blush for the first time and it looks fantastic.

Holy shit I entirely meant to post this on Friday. D'OH.

I'm wearing another fantastic Detrivore look today and once I've tried all my samples and done looks for them absolutely look for the review over at The Chicken.

In other awesome news you can find one of my experimental erotic short short stories over at M. Christian's place Frequently *Felt. I still highly recommend checking that out regularly for tasty tidbits of things that might give you a tingle in your crotchal area.

I voted already and my absentee ballot has been dropped off at the appropriate spot and that is all I'm fucking saying about the election until the goddamn thing is over.

I'm done.

So if you're a homie of mine and you're politics blogging I will probably skip it. Nothing personal I'm just over saturated and done.

You should absolutely go watch Arlan on Cherry Bomb. My girlcrush grows bigger. No seriously it does. Also um she had all those girls nekkid by the end of the show, that means i want to party with her.

For reals.

Also I am kind of twitterpated with TastyTrixie (nsfw linky here) She has all the things that give me a happy in a woman, she's smart, funny, makes poop jokes and well she's hot. Also her boobs look like mine and that gives me the strangest little gleeful feeling.

What else?

Nanowrimo is going quite well thus far I am digging what I am doing and I'm further than I was this time the last year I did it.

In other news, I finally got a new bra. It's a really nice demi cut black bra with way more push up than I anticipated. Um wow hello boobies how you doin'?

I also entirely forgot that bras cut this way mean the tops of my boobs bounce a lot more than I'm used to and it's kind of distracting but I'm sure it's amusing for people walking by me. That is to say, I realize I have big boobies and people are gonna look. I don't care.

I think that's about it. I need to work on the Nanowrimo thing and whatnot.

So Nov. Posting is going to be fairly brainless folks. I'll post stuff and links and whatnot but probably nothing too thinky.

Homo Out.



Jen said...

Oooh, you're doing Nanowrimo too? I'm Eladrin over that way if you want to friend me. :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So, no sexy times advice? :(

Julia said...

Total side note, I find it really hard to read your blog (dark purple on black makes me squint like a mofo). Have you considered lightening the text?

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