Thursday, November 06, 2008

What a week.

Yes for the record I am really happy Obama won but I don't want to talk about it.

I am shocked and appalled at the votes on many state measures in equal measure. Cali I'm looking at you.

My hope and elation is tainted by a sick sick feeling. That's the feeling of, well fuck you, you're not as much of a person as I am so don't get married, you can't adopt a child or provide a home for one. Etc etc.

And I don't want to talk about it anymore.

So onto something that doesn't make me blind with rage shall we?

So you might've seen this article floating around. Basically I'm calling it, OMG TEH FATTIEZ IS SEXIN?!?!?!?!?!!!1elevety!.

My favorite bit:

"These results were unexpected and we don't really know why this is the case," Kaneshiro said.


I might not have fancy college degrees, nor am I a scientist of awesome might, and I'm not even a sociologist of intense um, whatever but I do have a clue.

Now these results could be shocking because follow my lead here this is going to get uber-techy and stuff.

People assume that being fat means you are immediately unattractive to every other mammal on the planet, thus there would be no mammal on the planet having sex with you.

WOOO holy shit that was intense wasn't it? Highly complicated stuff. Complicated if you, yanno have never taken a look at bias.

These shocked researchers are not sciencing as fast as they can.

I would be more interested in researchers studying what effects a doctors bias about the attractiveness of their patients has on those patients sexual health. And what would be yet more impressive would be those doctors being taken to task for these things rather than just sort of let on by because, after all if someone isn't attractive in your eyes they can't possibly be having sex with someone who's not you right?

Yes I am kind of set on sarcasm today.

Next thing.

OH before I forget.

Can we talk about porn for a minute?


So we all know by now that yes I do love me some porn. I am really particular about my porn though. I don't really care for porn where it's more interesting to see what someone's personal trainer has done for their booty, nor do I really want to see someone's colon. Also totally not interested in jamming giant things in whatever holes.

I tend to enjoy more amateur type porn. I like jiggly butts, pubic hair, real boobs. I really enjoy people who actually appear into each other. I like when silly things happens like people fall off of whatever surface they are knocking boots on, they get the giggles etc.

I like it when funny things happen in porn because laughter and funny things are things I like in my own sex life.

That's not to say I don't sometimes enjoy a slick uber production. I do but I'm way more likely to get a happy in my pants if someone is having a real drooling, squealing, face scrunched up, veins on the forehead popping out orgasm. That trumps all.

What kind of porn do you like? Tell me I won't tell anybody.

OH SHIT sake I tried to send a book to you miss Pfunk but, I am not always so smart and didn't put enough postage on it. Then forgot about it. That will be going out soon like.

I also have some HNT for you folks.

ETA Thank you Integgy, I forgot to upload it to the right place.

That picture was taken while I was working on my Nanowrimo project and twittering, then I took a minute to watch my homie Funkatron live on yahoo playing the drums and I was headbanging accordingly. And I was bare ass nekkid, deep conditioning my hair. If I am at home, chances are I am either buck nekkid or wearing a cardigan and not a stitch else.

Now for some links.

NY homies, go check out some of Baby Sinead's art at her opening tonight like uh right now actually. I like her blog and photos a lot and she has some pretty tig ole bitties too. If you are not in NY or just not going out tonight I suggest checking out her blog anyway. She does some cool reviews and stuff too.

Curvaceous Dee is bound and lovely in her HNT this week.

VonLivid over at House of Bias posted some pretty nifty art. Check it here.

Awesome article on tattoo scars on black skin over at Needled. Read it.

Also Seattle area Homo Homies I just started reading this Seattle Gay Scene blog and it is pretty good.

Essin' Em posted her Medusa HNT. I seriously could hang out with her.

Over at Sugarbutch Sinclair posted this very cool note about a queer photo pool on Flickr. Go post yer mugs queers. And read the entry too.

Okay that's all for now.

Back to the nanowrimo project. I'm still not posting whole bits but you can see an excerpt here. And shockingly it's way less smutty than I thought. Which feels kind of awesome.

Hopefully if I can hit 20L this week I will take a break on Sunday to prep some submissions.

Homo Out.


Twistie said...

On behalf of my entire state of California, I wish to apologize.

I know you don't want to talk about that, but dammit, I'm pissed off at my entire damn state more than I can say.

So since I can't do justice to my rage, I'm going to give you a huge high-five on the porn front. I want pubic hair. I want the silly bits and the people who actually look, you know, interested in what - and whom - they're doing. I don't want to stare up someone's ass or vagina. Really, if I wanted to look that closely at the interior of someone's posterior, I would have gone to school and become a proctologist. Note that I did not do this.

And yes, all the marvelling at 'ZOMG! TEH FATZ PEEPLES CAN HAS SECKS!' has been driving me up a freaking wall. It's like these scientists just figured out what mommy and daddy had to do for them to be here. (whaps stoopid scientists upside fool heads) Psst, scientists? WE ENJOY IT, TOOOOOOOOO! MWAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Integgy said...

Seriously, I'm so ashamed to be a Californian right now (at least by birth, and I decided to vote there for the election, because of prop 8). I was so hopeful that it wouldn't pass, but of course, lies prevailed over equality. Fucking joke, all of it.

On porn: I'd have to agree that amateur is by far my favorite. I'm not personally a bit fan of bald crotches and forced sexuality. I like to see faces in my porn, and I like for it to seem as real as possible, as in, the people are actually interested in one another, and enjoy being there.

P.S. You HNT picture doesn't show up for me.

Essin' Em said...

Awww. I could totally hang out with you too (and *will* once I make it to Seattle to see my best friend!).

Also, HHNT! Great picture. I <3 Headbangers.

Don't even get my started about Cali. And Florida too for that matter. CO voted against the affirmative action ban, but it was so close that it took till today to call it. Grr. Can I be an annoyed fat girl too?

spacedcowgirl said...

These shocked researchers are not sciencing as fast as they can.


And I share your views on porn. I'm a little clueless on where to find the good stuff, but as far as something more "produced" but still real, the previews of this guy's movies looked promising. Also this could be total crap in practice but again the previews looked pretty good. Feel free to delete links if it causes you to get outrageous amounts of comment spam or something.

wriggles said...

Maybe those 'researchers' don't feel like they're getting their fair share of rumpy pumpy, so; PROJECTION.

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