Thursday, December 25, 2008

HNT, awesome and whatnot.

So HNT today is supposed to be three wishes.

I don't have three I have one.

I wish that all of you, those of you who come here just to laugh at the fatty, those of you cruising randomly on google for porn, those of you who are here sitting at your computers seething with rage for whatever reason. And my regular readers, my bootyshaking, shy awesome readers. You other random readers.

For my new Blogosphere friends I've made on Twitter on elsewhere. Everybody.

My wish is that all of us have a better year in 2009.

I want us all to feel good, and feel better. I want us to be happier and more content.

I want us all to be as fabulous as we are without the bullshit.

Now, I am going to wait for Uniballer to arrive so we can have some dinner. And count down the rest of the workday.

I love you.

And as the half nekkid part of my HNT, I presents my hams again.


Those are unshaven, big old hams.

Happy Chrismakwanzikah.

Merry Festivus.

I hope yours is good no matter what you're doing.

Homo Out.



Sheathen said...

Completely distracted by your adorable socks!! Not to dismiss hams...but....shiny happy black and red socks!!!

Piffle said...

Stay safe from the floods!

mnwhr said...

Wonderful wishes and I hope you have an equally great 09

Muppette said...

I too have red and black striped socks. Good stuff! And hellz to the yes about a better 2009!

mccn said...

Yayz! Christmas hamz!

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