Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Irritated Fat Girl.

I'm still kind of sick and very cranky.

I'm not going to post links but this is a trend in some of the blogs, and other websites I visit and it is pissing me off.

Okay so let's say for shits and giggles that you have some grassroots/activism thing going and you have tshirts for sale to support your cause. Why is it 80 times out of 100 the uber fab lady loving supposedly inclusive and awesome organizations said tees are pimping, only go up to a girly XL?

Now being that I'm seeing this more and more I can deduce several things once I'm past the majority of my irritation. Either a.) the tshirt suppliers people are using run small b.) people don't think to be inclusive of those who don't fit into an XS-XL girly tee size range neatly c.) There is a dearth of big titty fat girls searching for said tees.

Call me a cranky bitch but if you're going to be all YAY FOR TEH WIMMINS and whatnot, should you not pay attention to what you're offering and who you're not allowing into the club so to speak?

Granted I could email every single one of these people but, I quite honestly don't want to. I mostly don't want to because I don't want the fucking shirts that bad. And admittedly, if I can't play with the rest of the kids I'll go find another fucking sandbox. The latter is probably more of the cranky sickness speaking up.

I really hate it when 98% of me wants t donate to a cause I think is worthwhile and awesome, but then that niggling angry 2% wants to say, fuck you and your cause.

Hopefully after I'm feeling better and less cranky in general I can get it together enough to write polite emails to some of these people.

In less aggro news I have put together a KICK ASS outfit for this years office Xmas party. All that's left for me to find is shoes.

Here is my dilemma my homies.

Do I suffer discomfort and possible drink induced falls to wear some hot ass heels? Or do I go cute but more sensible? I saw a pair of just slightly too high heels that I am in serious crotch tingling lust with but, the possibility of falling and tearing my new dress is a little too high.

I will probably wind up finding a happy medium.

I think I'm spent. It's time for more medication and I should probably find something to eat.

OH and if you're on the new Shapely Prose community thing be my friend. I'm Shannon there.

Homo Out.

PS..Chica, I will get to your question as soon as I'm not pissed off and sick.


lilacsigil said...

Seriously! I can't fit into a man's 5XL (and men's cuts look terrible on me anyway because of my relatively small bust, small waist and GREAT BIG HIPS OF AWESOME) so do they not realise that a women's XL is usually a 16, just one size above average (and that's not counting the women who want a loose fit)? I think for every size under 14 (or whatever, as the average shifts) people should be offering one size above it. S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X. If they offer XS, offer a 4X, and so on. It's an easy rule of thumb. On that topic, my state's newspaper featured several women in the same dress, ranging from size 6 (=size 0 US) to an AMAZINGLY HUGE...size 14 (about a 12 US). And then talked about how hard it is to be a larger woman.

Piffle said...

Just hoping you feel better soon. :)

Twistie said...

The tee shirt thing annoys me, too. If the average size of an American woman is 14 (as I've heard) that kind of assumes that not only are there quite a few women smaller than that, but A FUCKLOAD OF US WHO ARE BIGGER, TOO.


Off to friend you on the new Shapely Prose board.

Oh, and when in doubt about footwear, I go for the heel least likely to result in public humiliation...but you could always get those crotch-tinglers and wear them for another purpose. I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

I have dilemma's about our work xmas do. I have a sweater dress to wear, but it needs a belt and other accessories. I'm going with knee high black boots and black tights, luckily the heel isn't scary, but the boot itself is slightly too big which can make walking precarious on uneven pavements. I'm hunting for lots and lots of thick socks and insoles to relieve the issue.

Thorn said...

I completely agree. I constantly run into this when trying to support indie web endeavors (websites, web comics, etc.), but then I'm not usually too surprised. But when it's a feminist organization, and I'm all, "Yes! I want to support the cause! I want a sassy tee that lets me stick it to the patriarchy just by getting dressed in the morning!" it really does sting to find out that the T-shirts don't come in my size.

And for the record? While I appreciate the gesture, offering "plus-size tees" where 1X = 14 really doesn't much help 2X-3X me. I've gotten burned by that a couple times now, and it's put me off trying again for some time as a result.

Anonymous said...

From experience - I had to buy blank shirts to screenprint and it was a struggle to find a women's cut shirt that was available in sizes up to 2XL so everyone in our group could have a shirt. Most t-shirt manufacturers simply do not offer nice babydoll cut shirts in larger sizes. You can't find them above a 2XL at all. Worse? Try buying spaghetti strap tanks. They do not come larger than XL and even then they run small.

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