Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Of Oprah's and merchandise.

As promised, to answer Twistie's question about the meme.

I would love to know how you saved someone's life and what famous person (people) you've met.

Okay the life I saved was a very good friend of mine who has since died. At the time his drug problem was really bad. I was at his apartment hanging out and he verged on OD'ing. I stuck my fingers down his throat, got fluids into him and kept him awake for about twenty hours until he came down and was back to semi normal. He went to rehab not long after that and was sober for about another two years prior to committing suicide.

As for the famous person I'll tell you a nice story.

I went to go see Tricky once with a buttload of my friends. And because we didn't know better we did our drugs a bit too early and before the start of the show were tripping balls. We were lolling about near the venue, doing very puppyish things. Crawling on each other, laying on each other. If you've watched that super evil super cute puppy cam you know what I'm saying.

So there we were, high little puppies and we see this wee tiny man in a big white faux fur coat walking towards us smoking a cigarette. He got close and there was a group squee. It was the man himself. He was smiling at us, told us he was freezing his tits off and handed out hugs. He also admonished us to be careful, drink water and enjoy the show.

And because we didn't know better (no I really don't advocate doing this) we did more drugs, resumed our highness and enjoyed the shit out of the show. Meanwhile I had a bit where I was standing on a bit of black and white checkered floor, tripping balls again and telling people not to walk on the black squares because I didn't want them to fall in. I was protecting my homies from the linoleum abyss.

Now in case you don't read my LJ or follow me on Twitter.

OMG OMG OMG I got my new glasses and they are MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME!! Go look at the picture here.


Next up.

Apparently the big news is that Oprah gained weight back.

I have to be honest here I don't give a good goddamn about Oprah's ass. From the time she toted out a little red wagon full of fat and wore that outfit, I have not cared. Why?

I cannot relate to Oprah. I couldn't back then I can't now.

I don't relate to having my own personal chefs, personal trainers, meals delivered to my house, celebrity doctors watching every morsel I try to eat. Nope.

I really can't get down with a lot of things I've read her saying etc. Just not my bag.

To put a finer point on it, yes I do think Oprah has done some great things. However her relentless MAKE YOURSELF BETTER AT ALL COSTS (that is my impression of some of her ideology) just bugs me. I don't subscribe to the idea that one must aggressively reduce one's number of perceived flaws.

Like TR I don't think of my body in terms of flaws. Further, I don't think of my soul or my essence or my entire personhood in terms of things I can make better.

I don't see anything wrong with wanting to do better or be better. What I question though is the often blind YES I MUST DO THIS TO BE A BETTER PERSON thing.

I hate to see people running after these things without sitting down and really examining them.

Do you really need to go out and buy special books to learn to be a positive thinker? Do you need to bumrush the products and guru's that Oprah follows to be a good person? Is doing any of these things going to put you on the path to Oprah like gazillionaire status?

Probably not.

I also don't like the idea of promoting these things in such a clearly class oriented manner.

If you're an Oprah devotee, there is a glass ceiling.

A lot of the things she promotes, loves, hands out to her guests, and promotes cost a shit ton of money. Let me give you an example.

A lot of people when they are serious hard core fans of someone or something want to promote the brand/person/idea with logo's and whatnot. "O" fans can for just 100$ get a tracksuit with the O logo on it.

Speaking from the POV of the working poor type. Honestly no matter how much I loved Oprah if I did, I would not be able to afford spending 100 bones on a track suit. And if I was the sort of hardcore fan who feels bad about not being able to support the brand that would seriously bother me. Maybe I'd save up for it, or maybe I'd put it on a credit card or something. But really is that helping your cause?

If you're the type of devotee who wants to get on whatever program to be better, I imagine that having this kind of conundrum might really bother you.

This is one of those issues that's pretty personal to me.

As much time as I've spent being the working poor, sometimes there is nothing worse for my sanity than when I just can't afford to support causes I care about.

Yes, when you're poor even donating five dollars sometimes can be the difference between eating for two days and not eating for two days. And that really sucks.

It's a tough thing.

Now for some links yes? Yes.

First one, I discovered the Queers United Blog through Twitter. And I cannot even express to you how much I think Dr. Phil is a fucking douche bag. This is just one more reason why.

I read this entry over at Womanist Musings and I feel like I should talk about the issue, but I don't know if I can without furious anger. Her entry is really good you should read it.

Go tell the lovely Essin 'Em Happy Birthday.

Violet Blue has new blogs. Violet Blue's San Francisco here. And Art Machines. Which I think is nifty but don't really understand. Here.

Leslie is doing an awesome giveaway over at Fatshionista.com. Go read about it and enter here.

Meowser's Chinese Buffet experience is a tasty read go read it here.

Debauched Domestic Diva (another recent find) blogs about why she got involved with the NYCSexBloggers Pin up Calender. See that here.

Total aside..I am snacking on dried spicy squid. One of my solid delights, this brand is from Thailand and I just got the most amazing mouthfull and perfect balance of sweet and spicy ever.

Goose posted what I think is a perfect PMS dinner recipe. I seriously stood up and went, YES YES YES.

There is a lovely review of Seattle's Black Nativity over at Seattle Queer. Go look.

I was lucky enough to see that years ago and it was beautiful.

Enough link flinging.

I have smut and sex advice to write.

Next sexy topic up, tasty lubes. I will give my inexpert opinion.

Also I'll probably do a review of Mac's Studio Fix foundation over at the Cheekan this week sometime.

That's it.

Go forth and have a snack.

Homo Out.


spacedcowgirl said...

I don't think those glasses could possibly be more awesome. They look FANTASTIC on you.

Meowser said...

OMG I am going to have to show your glasses photo to my glasses-loving boyfriend. Those are way too awesome.

And yeah, back in my 20s before I was ever Officially Fat and I had self-help books coming out of my ears, I'd have lapped up the Oprah Self-Improvement Plan. Including the weight-loss stuff, which had a lot more hold on me as a size 12, since I thought a size 4 was within my grasp (harhar). But now, meh. If she comes through this learning something about HAES, I'll tip my hat to her, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

kristin said...

Your new glasses are absolutely frickin' adorable! Been lurking for a long ass time, and man you are just full of amazing and win.

Karin said...

I LOVE your glasses! It's about time I got a new pair and I'll be using your pic as an inspiration! You ROCK, Shannon!

Twistie said...

The new specs are made of shiny, sparkly win!

Your life-saving story moved me to tears. You're definitely the sort of person I'd want in my corner in an emergency. I also hope your friend is at peace at last.

Your celebrity story cracked me up. Sounds like a hell of a party.

There's a lot I admire about Oprah, but, like you, the 'you must be this rich to be my acolyte' shit keeps me from being a fan. I do wish, though, that she would learn the hard lesson about unicorns and thin bodies. I hate to see someone that smart and that tenacious and that influential banging her head (and by extension, so many other peoples' heads) against a brick wall when that same energy could do so much good in the world.

Dr. Phil has always revolted me. There is no excuse for that shit.

Oh, and btw, Dr. Phil? It was MR. TWISTIE who picked out the fuschia curtains in our bedroom. Suck on that, Phil.

DavitaCuttita said...

You met Tricky? Awesome. I swell wit da jealousy.

Your glasses are cute and your expression is priceless.

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