Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have to confess.

I have for the last hour or so been leering at various metal playing, hair swinging, head banging men.

I said to a friend and meant entirely that I would bang Zakk Wylde like a screen door.

Why would I say something like that?

Because I absolutely would.

Frankly sometimes musical skill, the timbre of a voice etc can send me off to wanting to do it with somebody.

No it can.

I do have a terrible soft spot for metal heads. I have been a head banger since I was a wee lass rocking out in my room. I've never been much of an air guitarist but I am a supreme pretend front woman.

I still do it.

Have my metal playing, I strut, head bang. Point. I HAVE a power stance.

For instance I knew this long lanky slightly geeky metal head when I was a youngster, and I will tells you internets I had no hots for him until I went to see his band play. He was the drummer and an excellent one at that. And well, I climbed that like a tree.

I remember at some show or other, I spent a lot of time making out with a girl standing next to me because I could hear her singing and it was hot.

I still harbor the fantasy that one day I will get up in the morning, open my mouth to sing as I do a lot at home and discover my BIG BALLS METAL VOICE.

See this:

Oh yes.

Unfortunately though I can sing, I can't sing like that and sometimes that makes me sad because I would actually like being able to roar like that.

However, should that day ever come my homies.

Fully expect my fat ass to be standing atop a or some such, getting my rock on.

I do have a point here. But I've lost it. I got up really fucking early to try and get a package from the office at my apartment building but they were not down there when I was ready then I had to leave for work.

So, in lieu of more actual content what gives you an instant happy in your pants?

What silly dreams do you still cherish?

What gives you a visceral kind of thrill?

Okay I'm working through the holiday so I will probably do a fashion post tomorrow.

Homo Out.



Isabel said...

Ooh, I still fantasize about being in a rock band, yep. Or being famous for something brilliant - not the adoring fans part, not the awards (okay, sometimes the awards), but the part where I give interviews to magazines that make me seem smart and witty, yet down to earth. Yup.

Anonymous said...

Facial hair and/or long hair plus musical talent (multiplied by the number of instruments you can play) = Steamed Panties. You just hit the trifecta with ZW. Pardon me while I go, uh, tend to something...

Trendkiller7x said...

Hello! I'm de-lurking from the Fatosphere feed, finally. I totally enjoy your blog and think you fucking RAWK. Double devil horns!

I too still indulge the badass frontwoman fantasy, as well as the famous writer fantasy. Gotta dream, right? LOL! And I seriously heart Otep too.

As for ZW - definitely hawt! There's something about guitarists. Vocalists too. (I used to pretty much only date musicians. I maintained it was coincidence. LOL)

Kitty said...

I'm not much of a metalhead (although if there's the right combination of vocals/awesome guitar/something that makes them stand out from every other metal band, I can get into it; I love Metallica, Nightwish, Evanescence...). But I do love a beautiful voice, or musical talent in any form, really. For some reason, piano or violin really do it for me. And when I say I like a beautiful voice, it doesn't have to be a beautiful singing voice. There are some people out there (*cough* Alan Rickman, yes please, be stern with me *cough*) who could put me in an orgasmic coma just by talking.

Sorry, I've been lurking for a while, but there's nothing like the chance to talk about what/who I find hot to bring me out of the woodwork, heh. As for silly dreams, sometimes I still daydream about saving the world in that fantastical, Sailor Moon type of way. I'd love to beat down a bad guy with the power of TRUTH, LOVE, and SPARKLES!

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