Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crafty New Years resolution update.

Okay people.

You may recall that part of my New Years resolution was to get more crafty.

And well okay the pictures speak for themselves. I was trying to do this:


Okay so I found the Threadbanger forums post on this hat and off I went. The following is attempt number one: as you can see I did not understand the pattern.



Was I right about it looking like a cock cozy?

So that was try number one. Fast forward some ranting, googling etc. And attempts 2-5 got to be about pasty big but cone shaped. I unraveled them and finished attempt number six.



Sooooo yeah. It's bell shaped and too small for my head. I believe I missed/screwed up the starting rows there. But check these stiches:


So I learned my stitches are pretty good.

I am almost done with attempt #7 and it looks way better already and I will post pics when it's done. Next paycheck I'm buying some different yarn and the proper sized needle.

In other news.

I have been a thrifting mofo this week. I had some money tucked away for thrifting and I picked up some awesome stuff.

Over at Gothauctions, I picked up two fabulous skirts. And on Gothic Auctions I scored an older Lip Service skirt. All for under 20$ including shipping. I picked up an awesome black and white dress at Fatshionista that is CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE.

I've got bids on a few things on ebay as well.

All told I've spent under 40$.

Have a look here at my article on Associated Content about thrifting online. This is especially important for fatties. Don't be swayed by a size number on something. Ask for unstretched and stretched measurements.

One of the ways I find things on ebay are my special search strings. Also if you buy from a seller you like if they have a newsletter subscribe to it and check their store often.

If you are looking say for a skirt, type in skirt then click the plus size. Or Type in skirt then select the misses from the sidebar. Experiment with different search strings. I spend a lot of time cruising anything labeled goth and rockabilly which surprisingly can yield some awesome results.

Never be afraid to ask sellers questions.

Can I tells you internets my Spring/summer wardrobe is shaping up to be HELLA CUTE?

Now what I really need that I really can't make myself are basic t's (Hello Target), some chunky-ish mary janes, and awesome socks. I think I'll be super cruising ebay for some Dankso's.

I am thinking I might even pick up some leg warmers as soon as I find some.

Spring/Summer look for way more OOTD's and also my first belted dress outfit. I just need to find the perfect belt. Black and shiny preferably not too wide.

Okay I need to finish my hair and bathe. Also exfoliate like a mofo because I am frigging molting in this weather. And I hate being flaky and itchy. It sucks.

Homo Out.

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