Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fatshions is srs bizness.

So as per usual I've been cruising for hot clothes and saw that Lip Service (whom I loathe and love in equal measure) has a plus size piece. Yes, just one. See that here.

Now I'm not sure if the top to that outfit is available. And also oddly when you click on the name of the line on the left hand side there the skirt is shown in an entirely different colorway and with a different top. On one hand I went YEAH that's better but um...there's no sizing information.

Unfortunately though it seems like despite the many requests for extended sizing the majority of lines do not go up to XXL even. Disappointing per usual.

So it goes no?

In other fatshion news.

My first attempt at craftacular awesomeness resulted in throwing of yarn and needle across the bed and a mini snit. I've been trying to crochet a hat and not done well.

Luckily I have a metric crapton of yarn around from the couple of blankies I made myself awhile back so I can make mistakes but shit sake man. How frustrating.

I have entirely forgotten just how easily thwarted by my own frustration I can be.

So right o.

My next order of business will be a duct tape dummy, then Uniballer and I reconfiguring the apartment so I can put my sewing machine in a corner.

However due to some technological fuckery going on (I lost my cellphone and need to replace it, his power supply died) I might stick to recons for another month or so.

It's strange I think I have the memory of the how of this part, but the go ahead and do it is lacking.

Luckily however I have a stock pile of free patterns and how-to's bookmarked for the using.

This is part and parcel of what I call my own creative avarice.

Creatively speaking I have these terrible and deeply (upsetting sometimes) wants to create things. I have these ideas I am unable to get out because I don't always have the technical know how. I have been this way since I was a little kid and sometimes it's incredibly overwhelming.

And it's that overwhemled OMG I CAN'T FUCKING DO THIS feeling that stops me most often. However, I am currently refusing to give into my own feelings of doom.

For my whole life I've wanted to paint, dance, sing, play the piano, make beautiful clothes, paint furniture, recon trash into treasure, make beautiful websites, take pictures and on and on. I am finally embracing the fact that my desire while a beautiful thing doesn't mean I can or should do all these things.

I am learning to channel that avarice into things that are worthwhile and that make me happy.

Occasionally I give myself a bit of cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile all this lust, yes it's red hot pulsating lusty avarice, into something like a steam engine.

Sometimes it works.

Other times not so much.

Okay I think I'm fairly spent.

My feminist friend, your turn for advice tomorrow I swear barring other technological fuck ups this week.

Also Uh.

Shit I forgot so nevermind.

I'm going to go write some vampire themed porno and listen to some awesome music.

Homo Out.



goingloopy said...

I know exactly what you mean - I see things in my head that I want to make but I can't. make. my. hands. do. them. My cats like when I screw up crochet things, though... :) At least someone is happy with my shapeless crocheted lumps.

Anonymous said...

Do you knit as well? Learning to knit if you already know how to crochet is really frustrating and first, because it's a completely different set of motions, and OMG no hook, how do you control the yarn, aaahhhhh!


But it's like tying your shoes. Once it clicks, it's easy. And Big Girl Knits has some really gorgeous patterns in it. Maybe it's in your library?

I've been working for years now to overcome my natural MO of, "if I can't do it brilliantly on the first try, then I don't even want to try."

It continually shocks me, but sometimes brilliance comes after several laughable attempts.

Twistie said...

Oh man, that's like the freaking story of my life! If I don't do it like it looks in my head on the first try, I have a horrible tendancy to just never try again.

Luckily, there are a couple of things I was juuuuussst good enough at the first time (like writing witty things) and a couple things that I was really determined to learn because nobody around me had any clue how they were done (like bobbin lace), and one or two things I have a freakish natural ability to do perfectly from the outset (pie crust, I'm looking at you).

But if I know someone who's been doing something for a long time and is really good at it, my inner lazy bum tends to tell me I'll never be that good, so there's no point in trying.

I've decided that I need to try to be more persistant about things I want to do. Even if they turn out badly, at least then I can point, laugh, and take a few tips from what I did wrong for the next time.

Piffle said...

Don't be afraid to just pull apart the crochet and start over; the string/yarn is still there and workable--one of the nice things about it, not like when you mess up sewing pieces, then you need new fabric.

Here's a smile to brighten your day:


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