Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I haz a bukkit?

I have seen bucket lists all over the internets and I have one.'

1.) Swim for hours with manatees. I got to feed some in the wild once and I just love them. Chillin' swimming around eating lettuce. I freaking LOVE them. If it weren't stupid I would hug and love and name them George. I would settle however for free hours in the water, chilling out with my sea cows.

2.) Become fluent in French again and use it frequently. I used to be fluent in French but like all things with disuse that atrophied and now my French sucks.

3.) On theme with the above, I would like to go to a big city where I don't know anyone, possibly don't quite speak the language rent a room and do what I please for a month alone. I have been dreaming about doing that since I was a teenager and when I was 20 and happened upon a 499$ one way fare to Paris in the paper I was seriously, 4$ short. But yes I would love to do this. Maybe I'd write. Maybe I'd just sit somewhere and drink coffee. I'd drink tasty local drinks, eat tasty local food. Keep to myself. Sleep in. Whatever.

4.) I would also like to at some point bellydance in public. Easier said than done because I am learning very slowly and am not entirely there with my skills.

5.) I want to go to Ballymena. I want to go there and sit in a field as I mentioned a long long time ago, I want to sit in a field and do nothing save for be there. To go along with that I would like to be able to speak some Irish when I get there. I don't know why I am so obsessed with the area, ever since I heard the name for the first time PING went the strings of my wee black heart and yeah.

6.) Be in a good burlesque show. And by good I mean good.

7.) Addendum to #5, while in Ireland I must make a tour of places like these.

8.) Continuing on the theme of yours truly traipsing about Ireland. I would like most of my Irish vocabulary to be little love words. Why? I don know. It's fitting I guess. Perhaps a few bits of poetry. I have a habit of speaking to inanimate objects, trees, critters etc and I think it would be awesome to tell such things I love them in something close to their native tongues.

9.) At some point I would like to be a grand old lady with a death hawk. Probably for my 50th birthday. I decided when I started growing my hair that I would keep growing the monster fluff until then and at my fabulous fiftieth birthday the head is getting shaved. I think a Death hawk would be suitable.

10.) I want to run amok at the Folsom Street Fair. (Link not totally sfw). I am talking half nekkid, skipping froclicking with the freaky people running amok.

11.) Create a stash of absurd costumey outfits to parade in whenever I goddamn well feel like it. Visual Kei, Loli. I'm talking totally ridiculous make people fall down insanity. Nothing does a girl better I think.

12.) Along the same lines, I would like to make myself some famous movie gowns. Namely, the red Mina gown from Dracula. I mean come on now look at it. I don't want to buy one I want to make one for myself. Why? I haven't a fucking clue other than OMG OH SHINY! Also, Satine's red gown from Moulin Rouge.

13.) I would like to pose for some altporny/cheesecake/pin up fotos. For either just myself or for everybody to see. (Links totally NSFW) By folks like Forrest and Amelia. Justice Howard is also totally on the list. Because come ON now. Off the top of my head those are the first three who come to mind. A.)because I've been fangirling on all three for yonks, and b.)because I think they are all actually cool people whom I'd feel okay showing my boobs.

14.) On the arty note, I would like to continue with my photography and maybe eventually show them somewhere. I would also like to try my hand at erotic art.

I think I'm about spent.

There are probably eleventy billion others but those are the ones that leap to the fore.


Oh right I totally am taking pics of my now completed crocheted hat.

And it is kinda ugly and weirdly shaped. I kind of have an idea what I did wrong but I have a shit ton of yarn and am going to try again. I will take pics of my dark purple misshapen ugly hat that is too small for my head.

I will also take pics of the accidental cock cozy.

And my hair. I did something new and it turned out SUPA cute I love it.

Okay that's it. I have writing to do. So what's something on your bucket list? Discuss among yourselves.

Homo Out.


Kitty said...

That is an awesome list. I'm with you on the death rocker hair at 50. I'm growing my hair as long as it will go right now and keeping it that way, but when I'm old and going gray, I'm going to cut it short and dye it crazy colors. No one fucks with an old lady for having rainbow hair.

Belly dance is something I've been meaning to get into forever. At least you're learning; my husband bought me two gothic bellydance DVDs for Christmas two years ago and I have yet to even watch them. :(

Jaimie said...

That sounds like a great list. It makes me want to make one!

nerdalesca said...

Great list! Also, on the Mina gown; I did work experience at a corset maker/costumier while in high school, and while I was there they were making a Mina gown for a girl and her boyfriend (was being Dracula)

It was pretty freaking awesome!

Kipper said...

Good luck skipping and frolicking at Folsom, it's so freaking crowded (I lived upstairs from the fair for years).

Muppette said...


I am madly in love with manatees. I too wish to swim with the manatees, and I will kiss one before I die. Also, when funds are a little better, I will be adopting a manatee through this site


They have a list with pictures so you can pick your manatee, and then they send you updates and what not throughout the year!

*wiggles toes in excitement!*

Ms. Heathen said...

Ooh, thanks for the links to the costuming website.
I always wanted the dress from Legend, but I'm too hooteriffic now to wear something open down the front.

Hanging out in a foreign city doing whatever you want sounds awesome. I'd probably pick Seville.

Maya said...

At the age of 60 my mom shaved her head...just because she had always wanted to. And yes my mom is my hero!

Haddayr said...

Any time you want to learn a few little Irish love phrases drop me a line!

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