Monday, January 19, 2009

Not the droids your're looking for.

I'm really not in the mood for serious racial discourse today so you don't get any.

I've been reading the Rumpus and it's pretty goddamn good writing. Through and through so you should read it too. Bonus points for having some of my favorite authors featured in one way or another.

I will restrain myself from fangirling all over the place here.

I want to talk about tattoos today. Again.

I have had plans to be one inked up little old lady by the time I am in fact a little old lady. Right now as the plan stands most of my tattoos are either literary, or seriously meaningful images.

I've been dinking around with a Bukowski quote that I love for months now and think I'm going to take it to an artist for my birthday. Recently when I was talking about this with someone and my plans for something around my hips/sides and onto my belly she was fairly horrified.

Not because it's a lot of ink to plan for but because I'm fat.

She didn't say it outright but, she made the point quite clear. It was one of those backhanded, "Oh you're so brave."

Bravery has jackall to do with it.

As I pointed out to her, my body fat or not is not meant for her or anyone else's approval but my own. Aside from that neither she nor anyone else has to look at my body.

I find it astonishing the level of ire that can be raised when people are reminded that they do not have ownership over or even a say in what someone else does with their body. I don't get it.


I'm also still stretching my ears. I had a pair of 12g talons but they have mysteriously disappeared. I have a feeling I just thought about buying them rather than getting them. So I will probably pick these up after I get paid next. Nothing fancy until I get to 10g.

Once my ears are healed at 10 I will probably pick up something awesome. Probably horn or bone.

I have wee tiny earlobes so I will probably stop at 10.

Prior to that I'll probably get my right nostril pierced first so I am done with new piercings.

I am scattered. My sciatica (fucking stupid back/nerves/whatever the fuck else is going on in there) is acting up like a mother fucker and trying to concentrate while I have flaming shooting pain from my ass to ankle is hard.

So yeah I took a walk and that only sort of helped so I'm going to pace a little for my last two hours of work.

Homo Out.


Jen said...

Feel better soon and enjoy your new piercings and tattoos! I have "To Thine Own Self Be True" on my back, across my shoulders. :)

Sheathen said...

I do tattoos, and I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell people this is a body-hate-free chair. get the tattoo you want for the body you have, not wait until you have some other body, I always say. If I had a nickel for every time people talk smack about themselves I would be quite a few bucks richer.

Raven Nightshade said...

I plan on getting my first tattoo when I turn 30 next year. Depending on how well I survive, there may be more.

I don't mind being a big girl with a tattoo. I just want it to stay in its original location in 10 years. That's why I'm getting it on my upper back.

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