Friday, January 02, 2009

Super Fatty Powers..activate.

I spent a good long while perusing some clothes today and several things come to mind.

Why is so much shit so fucking overpriced?

How do resell clothes in good conscious when they overprice them?

Why the fuck would I pay retail for something currently available from the original retailer, on Ebay?

I am an annoyed angry fatty.

I am also poor.


I have decided to make with the clothing recons and trying to seriously sew. I am more than tired of seeing the promise of awesome plus size goth gear, and finding yeah no it's the same old full length shapeless, dress that was in style in the 90's.

Or worse the only thing goth about it is it might have some black on it somewhere.

Fuck it.

I am also highly inspired by this hotness right here. CraftyDame is mother fucking awesome.

I would like to regain my crafty awesomeness. I used to make a large proportion of my own clothes but got busy somewhere along the way.

So I am making that my sole absolute New Years Resolution.

Goddamn it.

So after I get started on a couple of simple hand sew things this weekend. Next week after I get paid I will be needing supplies for making a duct tape dummy who I will probably name. I will also need Uniballer to help me move shit in our apartment around so I have workspace.

Then SEW.

So there we have it.

I would really like to work up to making 80% of my wardrobe. And be able to recon whatever I wanna.

So fair warning I'm sure my first few attempts are probably going to be kinda fug. I know this and can deal with it.

In other news.

I am less freaked out today than I was yesterday. I did some research and checking and thus far my identity is intact. And I will be straight up and tell you that when it comes to money, things like that happening can seriously make me flip my shit. There are a lot of things I can take in stride, that while shit is blowing up in my face I can deal with but financial matters and BOOM there I go freaking.


So right, I'm calmer. Have a plan of attack in place. Said plan does allow for me to have some nice things when I want them so that's good.

This is a fine example of when I seriously need to be less of an asshole to myself. I need to take a breath. Not go all aggro on myself.

I forget now what else I was going to say. Uniballer is bringing foods, I have been craving the seafood salad from Safeway like whoa and my mouth is watering because I know it's on the way.

Also damn.

I am totally breaking my want to eat yummy things that don't give me gastric distress. This salad has very rich dressing and I will pay but it is so delicious.

I am also eating marinated mushrooms which will only add to it.

Poor Uniballer. He has to live with me and I am a gassy little bastard.


Okay I am spent. I have evil plans to make. Patterns to examine and Craftster to stalk.

Homo out.


lilacsigil said...

Thanks for the link to CraftyDame - as a fellow fat, queer crafter, her stuff looks awesome!

(My verification word is "fatictor" which I have decided is some kind of awesome gladiator, whose special weapon is FAT!)

Twistie said...

Go you with the sewing! I never learned. I took up lacemaking instead, because I like the fiddly bits 'round the fjords. If you ever want some handmade lace for a project, though, drop me a line and we can work something out, possibly involving barter.

Speaking as the spouse of a sometimes remarkably gassy love, we deal. It's part of the package when you're in love. Enjoy your salad and mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

I'm super excited! I can't wait to see what you come up with in the sewing department!! :D

Sniper said...

Good luck with the sewing! I have very few sewing skills, but I can fix things and I've ordered a book on refurbishing old clothes so I can make my ebay/thrift store things look a little better.

Also, have you checked out "A Dress a Day"? It's a pretty cool sewing blog - fun even for people who don't sew.

Raven Nightshade said...

I have tried on 3 separate occasions to take a sewing class. All three have been made of Epic Fail.

At this moment, all I can do is extremely crappy mending by hand. I'd like to try again now that I've arbitrarily inherited my mom's sewing machine, but I neither have the money nor the space to invest in teaching myself to sew.

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