Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to 09.

My New Years passed quietly. At home watching UFC (YES RAMPAGE YES YES YES!!1!!!) and having some delicious snacks. I'm not really all into going out on NYE.

So honestly 08 closed on a pretty fucked up note for me. I don't want to go into shit tons of detail but, there was some fuckery regarding my identity that may or may not result in my credit getting more fucked up.

2008 sucked some big donkey balls in a lot of spots honestly. There was lots of stuff going on that I didn't really talk about publicly.

2009 is starting out with about the same amount of bullshit just in a different form.

So instead of resolutions I have some preconceived notions and stuff I'd like to happen.

First of all, 2009 is going to be a hard one for me. Financially tight as I try to rectify some of my mistakes. And that alone is going to make some stuff really difficult.

I'd like to eat better. Eating better in this case being not so much stuff that I love but that makes me feel sick. I'm sad about that. But, a girl can only handle so much gastric distress.

I will be nicer to my body. Which will include going to the rheumy and getting a full work up and actually paying attention rather than going, whateva it's my gimpy body and I can do what I want.

Going along with that I would like to find out what amount of exercise will make me feel good but also not make me hurt or have difficulty walking, getting up stairs etc. Sounds easy but I know how I am with myself and I'd like to not go all evil.

And my over arching goal is to take good goddamn care of myself. I have a serious problem with stress and I tend to not care for myself so well when I am stressed out. And everything suffers. And I don't want to do that anymore.

So my homies haters and those who don't care. I hope your 2009 is beautiful. I hope mine is beautiful.

Homo Out.



Big Daddy -a.k.a.- One Hung Low said...

It was a very good night and don't forget Best of PRIDE with the amazing knockouts of a decade.

Plus we had movies too after watching Candians harm each other.. hehe.

Happy New'd Year to my darling Muse.

Twistie said...

Take care of yourself, indeed!

My NYE consisted of an annual party we attend with a pasta dinner and a huge jam session. I ate pasta and I got to sing. What more could a girl want?

Here's hoping that '09 turns out to be a lot better than you're expecting. If I had my way, it totally would.

Piffle said...

May all the struggle prove worthwhile. Take care of yourself, stress is a killer. Best of luck with the doc, too.

Big In Day-town said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your credit theft woes. Nowadays, very sadly, it seems to be a matter of WHEN your identity is going to get jacked, not if.

Saw your last post where you invited people to send you their blog links. Mine is, if you care to take a look.


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