Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Fatshions, they are serious bizness.

Okay as ever I have been slowly but surely overhauling my wardrobe.

In case you haven't been playing along at home I am uber-thrifty. This skill is mainly a result of wanting desperately to feel fabulous.

Also I am realizing that my sewing skills aren't yet quite up to the point where I can make all of the fancier things I want. I have awhile before that's gonna happen.

I decided (inspired HUGELY by Lesley and Tara) that I really want to reembrace my love of skirts and dresses and accessorize in ways that make them wearable through more of the year.

Damn I can't get pics of most of my recent Ebay purchases to load.

Anyway. I am know proud owner of a fabulous pre-pink Torrid black circle skirt with tulle that hangs from the bottom, a tunic style shift dress with black roses and mesh hanging strip things (it's kinda tacky and I just LOVE it), a charcoal gray crinkly circle skirt knee length, etc etc. You see where I'm going with this.

I still need tops which I am turning to Old Navy for. I thrifted a few ON tops from Fatshionista a few weeks ago and wow I am very impressed. I have one of these plain Vneck tees in an XXL. The fit is excellent and pretty much everything I've been looking for in a girly cut tshirt.

For a refresher I am 5'3" ish, a big titty having, broad shouldered, short torso having plump size 14. The shirts do not ride up in the front because of my boobs, they don't strain overmuch over my boobs, they hit me mid-hip ish which is just what I want. They are not overly boxy like the ones from Avenue.

I got a crew neck plain black tee from Avenue and the cut (like the couple of other tops I have from them) just do not work for me. Although I would recommend them if you have a bigger belly and big boobies. But not so much if you have less belly and bigger boobs.

One of my issues is that when shirts fit my boobs but not the rest of my torso it makes my torso look weird in a way I don't approve of.

So to sum up thus far, ON is WIN for shirts.

I am also highly interested in some of the maxi dresses at Old Navy layered with a cami because the tops do not look like they could contain my boobs. There is something I do love about a nice easy dress when it's hot out.

Moving on.

I am going to take a chance on some OTK socks. I will probably start with some "O Basics" from Sock Dreams. I have an ancient pair of O pastels that are unwearable. I measured them yonks ago and to actually wear them as OTK's you'd have to have one wee tiny skinny non-knobby knee. I remain skeptical.

I am also on the hunt for stompy non boot shoes to wear with my knee socks and skirts. Probably some stompy goth mary janes or loafer style.

I realized that my right food is quite a bit wider than my left foot which has made shoe buying weird. My Torrid brand flats fit my right foot fantastically but not so much the left. So the metallic ballet flats I covet so much may not be in the cards.

I'm not entirely certain about workable solutions that aren't expensive for this issue. Also I am determined to not be stuck in flat shoes. My large amount of walking daily has severely impacted my ability to get some height in my shoes and I miss it. I believe I will be investing in some cute ass wedges for summer time.

There have been some fatshion disappointments. I picked up a super super cute argyle pattern jumper and I had the look in mind but, again I underestimated my boobs.

I think my boobs are just too big for this particular look. I tried it with a belt but it ruined the whole concept so I will probably sell that top after I wash it to an awesome fatty with smaller boobage.

Actually anyone broader at shoulder with less boobage would look cute in it since those aren't supposed to be form fitting.

So yeah that look is probably not for me.

I will admit though that I think I am going to give in and buy a pair of skinny jeans. I have some too short for my comfort skirts that would be adorable over skinny jeans.

I am actually really looking forward to rocking some weirdness. Floofy skirts with plain shirts, some cephalopod accessories because cephalopods make me unreasonably happy. I have a shit ton of stuff bookmarked on the Etsy and I'm budgeting my ass off to make it happen.

At the end of the day I am just too fucking old to be uncomfortable and unhappy with things I chose my fucking self. I am too old to still be fighting with myself about these things.

In other awesome news, I am getting a new camera for a late Vday/eary Bday present because I kinda threw up on my camera. Yeah don't ask.

So there will be outfit posts and I've discovered a full length mirror at work AND a spot to put a tripod in my apartment so yes. I am all about showing some slightly absurd, gothy frippery on yours truly.

I also really want to make the point that you don't have to be "fashionable" to be or feel awesome. Also you can feel fabulous on a tight ass budget.

Okay my darling darling dears I am spent. I am going to eat some tuna fish dry because it's one of my favorite snacks and then I have shit to do.

Tomorrow, I'm talkin' about the peen. More specifically an entry dedicated to a reader who is in a bit of a peen induced confused state. Not sex advice per se but, sex and peen.

Homo Out.



Twistie said...

EEEEEE!!!!! A fellow cephalopod enthusiast!! Cephalopods are the awesome!

I may write about fashion for a living (well, in part), but I'm far more impressed with style. Fashion is far as it goes. No matter what the current fashion is, it's not for everybody. The people who look best, IMNSHO, are the ones who know how to nod to the fashions that do work for them while going right ahead and doing the things that make them look and feel the most like themselves.

Avenue is a godsend to me. Then again, while I'm slightly shorter than you, my proportions are clearly different. I'm proportionally small in the boobular area with a large tummy. Also, if I didn't have boobs, my waisline would quite literally be about an inch below my armpits. Shoulders? What are these 'shoulders' you speak of? Avenue usually fits me great...which is good news because it's the ONLY place in my town where I can get anything more than a tee shirt that's built for my size.

I can't wait to see your outfits.

mccn said...

So say a reader/fan wanted to send you as a gift something you favorited on etsy - is there a way to do that?

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