Monday, February 23, 2009

Notes from Fatassia.

Oookay MCCN and a couple of other people have inquired about buying me a present. Um Etsy doesn't have an actual wishlist function though I suggested one because they are awesome. However, I do have an Amazon wishlist (with some third party stuff on it that I use primarly to keep my ideas in one plce) that everybody is free to peruse. Otherwise, please feel free to shop in my Amazon affiliate store, granted I don't make a lot of $$ from that but I hand picked all the items and add new ones as I think about it.

Do please keep in mind nobody is at all obligated to buy me a present. Really.

Also if you have a look around (IE users I am SO sorry) I have given my litterbox a face lift. I made that banner all by myself in photoshop and diddled the code myself as well. Yes I know it's not super fancy but I haven't hand coded anything in about five years and don't think I did too badly. IE users, dudes I'm sorry I know it's jacked up in IE with the sidebar all the way down there at the bottom but I don't know how to fix that. At any rate I do have a whole other template I'm working on but holy fuck it is hard.

Also soon I will have my amazon affiliate store on it's own little page. I'm also thinking of adding some adult oriented (but not super NSFW) affiliate stuff. I'm always hesitant about that because I don't want to seem greedy or douchy.

I do have some other plans. I have some neat tshirt ideas that I have had sitting around for awhile. And speaking of, do any of you my varied readers have tshirts purchased from a Spreadshirt shop? How do they fit? Do you have tees from Cafepress? Are those any better/worse?

Also I am considering crocheting and cross stitching a bunch of things over the summer and launching an Etsy shop in the fall. However self promotion isn't my strong suit so that may or may not happen.

Um what else? Okay now for actual content.

Now we all know I am into fetish and alt photography. I have been for a damn long time. I had a conversation with Ugly Shyla over at Deviantart about some of the lack of diversity in these fields. Not just when it comes to bodies but entirely.

I've been of the opinion for the last few years that a lot of "alt" models etc have turned to being quite mainstream add or subtract some crazy hair, piercings or tattoos.

Inspired by Ms Shyla and a few other people I've talked to over the last couple of years I think I might dip my toe into doing some alt art of my own. Not modeling exactly but just some photographic visual art. I have no idea what exactly I want to do but there you have it. I highly suggest going to read the Myspace blog post Ugly Shyla made about this issue.

Currently I do not have the wardrobe to do much of anything so it'll take me awhile. But it's in the wind.

I have this need to express visually artistic ideas I have no other means of expressing. I want to roll up my love of body politics, fashion, etc to make pretty art to look at. I have a want to put these things into the world. Mostly because I like sharing things that bring me joy.

I am very creatively greedy. I want to make millions of beautiful things and share them with everyone.

I mean everyone.

Even the people who'll hate it or think it's stupid.

And I am so out of steam. I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. Vaguely PMS-ish and stabby cranky.

I'm crafting my ass off dudes. And it is good.

Okay no really I'm done now.

Keep an eye out for more stuff to get added to my Amazon affiliate store, a proper about me page. And some other pages. And hopefully sometime in the near future a total new look.

Homo Out.


The Amazon Princess said...

From what I've seen the shirt and printing quality at zazzle is pretty good. I've only seen it on the big guys though, so if you're okay with more unisex shirts than "girly tees" it's a really safe bet. Nicer looking printing than cafepress, and on darker shirts as well.

And I totally hear you on the alt art urge. I've been wanting to get tied up and shot by a particular photographer for quite some time, but haven't worked up the nerve.

Kitty said...

Re: Spreadshirt, my husband and I both have some shirts of theirs. The prints on all of them have held up exceptionally well; with the process they use, scuffing is a more likely problem than peeling or cracking. He has one of their basic black tees that has faded a bit, but held up pretty well considering he's had it a few years. He also has a black ringer tee and I have a black spaghetti-strap tank that are both softer than the plain tee and have held up very well. But that's keeping in mind that I'm militant about washing black clothes on a low cycle with minimal detergent and never letting them see the inside of a dryer if I can help it. There are few things tackier than a Faded Goth.

I agree with you about the trend in "alt" models; it's both sad and annoying. I would love to see photography and other artsy stuffs from you! (Whether you're the model or the artist, either way is good.) ;)

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