Monday, February 02, 2009

Things that annoy me.

Okay I'm in a mood today so I'm going to bitch about a few things that are bugging me right now.

Lip Service. I know I should just call it a day with these people but really? Who sells items that they don't even have measurements for? Now I asked in the lj Lippy addicts community and someone (after I emailed the company directly with no answer) from the company said they might be able to measure the pattern.

Wait wut?

You were charging (they are on clearance)50$ for a skirt, and I as a consumer should just take a chance? Now I don't expect non-professional clothing makers/sellers to be able to yanno just make with the garment measurements but from a company like Lip Service I would expect something. If not at least a too bad so sad fatty.

Now Lip Service asked awhile back what people wanted. Lots of fatties spoke up about wanting more plus sizes. I've looked at most of the upcoming line drawings etc and yeah, no go.

So some free advice to retailers who want to sell some plus size clothing k?

1.) List measurements. Use a size chart, use a reference size chart (in the case of Lip Service they could have pointed to the Torrid size chart, although they were not made to those specs. One of the Lippy resellers measured two for me and they were not on that size chart. Don't think that fat is fat is fat. This is especially important if your company is known for having wonky sizing issues

2.) Don't tease. If you are going to do a plus size line or feature do it. Don't show a model with a big ass and that's it.

3.) Maybe use the google machine to have a look around at other plus size retailers. Especially when it comes to goth wear there are SO many options aside from the ubiquitous long loose dress. Make it available and decent and the fatties will buy.

4.) Be aware that a size 10 is probably not going to fit the plus size consumer unless we are talking a seriously vanity sized 10 or something awesomely stretchy. Further, know your venue. Don't try to pass off something under say a size 12 to the plus size crowd, you are just going to piss them off.

5.) I've said this before but if you are a DIYer do NOT bitch about not knowing fatties or how to make clothes for fatties. Either don't try to sell me your shit or, do the following. Use craigslist or whatever social networking and put out an ad that says the following:
Rad DIY designer needs some hot plus sized fit models. No $$ but there will be swag or TFP pics call- 1-900-Ilikehotfatties.

Other things to know.

Fat bodies are not all one shape. Which can yes make clothing said fat bodies a bit of a challenge but, all the more fun.

Fat bodies do not always just=more fabric or coverage.

Now speaking more specifically to my own tastes.

Yes I am probably glad you have something gothariffic in plus sizes. However I am not willing to shell out double what your smaller sizes go for. Not gunna happen.

Also, if you're making something for those of us with the big tatas, you might want to rethink the sparkly, ruffly fucking shit across the boobs.

Also not all of us gawths are perky goths. Thus your goth shop offering plus sized offerings in shades of twinkly pink and glitter does not necessarily fill the need.

I can get a baby blue babydoll tshirt at fucking target.

If you are big pimping your brand new sparkly plus size section, do not send me ads etc when you have all of two offerings in stock. Fuck off. No really fuck off you're doing it wrong.

If three quarters of what you are carrying for the fatties are things that I could get for far cheaper at the aforementioned target or at the gap don't fucking bother it's insulting.

Now you, lingerie makers. Oh yes you are on my shitlist today too.

There are good reasons not to construct a bra for someone who's a B cup the same way you would for someone who's a DD cup.

Tits are heavy and will in fact destroy materials that were not meant to support them.

Also, fat girl does not necessarily mean she wants giant panties. We all know I am no fan of wearing panties (I do like seeing them on other people so feel free to show me your panties to improve my mood), I do on occasion like a pair of cute panties and have yet to find a pair that's either not all the way up under my ribs, shoddily made (Torrid I'm looking at you bitches), or cut funny in the ass so they ride way up and irritate my taint. Do. Not. Want. As above, get some fucking fit models. Just because it stretches doesn't mean it's comfortable or pleasing.

Remember too, fat does not automatically=big boobs. We all know I myself am a big titty having fat girl, but I MUST rep for my homies with smaller boobs. How about making shirts that are friendly for both? Or maybe use some fit models with varying sized boobies to see how one shirt may look faaaaaaaaaaabulous on your C cup sized model, but horrible on your B cup model and absurd on the lady with the DD's.

Okay I'm done.

Now my homies, feel free to use this entry to call out DIYers, companies etc who are or are not doing it right.

If my camera is not as broken as I think, look forward to some awesome thrifted outfits. My Spring/Summer wardrobe is all about cute floofy skirts. And this is awesome.

Homo Out.



Robotitron said...

Remember too, fat does not automatically=big boobs.

Gah, exactly, thank you! I hate hate HATE when I buy a shirt that fits my shoulders, fits my belly, fits my arms and then freaking gapes at the neck so much you can see my religion. Why yes, I am a fat chick with small boobs, thank you for reminding me once again. I needed that today.

Ms. Heathen said...

I'd add to clothing designers and manufacturers:

The bra selection for the DDD+ cup sizes is always lousy, and damn near impossible for a strapless or convertible bra. That means if you make a top, I have to be able to smuggle my boulder holder underneath it. That means strapless shit and spaghetti straps are a big no-no, as well as anything with an off the shoulder or wide neckline. Unless you'd like to build in a corset that would rate as a "5 barbell".

Count me as one of those long flowing dress gals. Kit me out like a slutty vampire Stevie Nicks and I'm a happy camper, just give me someplace to stow my boobs! Oh and stow that "extended plus" shit. If you don't go up to a size 32, you shouldn't get to call yourself a plus size retailer. I'm tired of plus size retailers telling me I'm too fat to shop in their stores!

Raven Nightshade said...


I'll just stick to buying my goth things in non-goth stores...and occasionally buying TrippNYC stuff(which I can miraculously wear a 4 in)from Torrid. But a girl can only wear so many pseudo-corset tops...

Lookout Mama said...

Sing glory!

And three from my shit-list:

1. Please do not assume that fat = 5-foot-2. Seriously, a 23" long shirt in a size 28? Honest to Deity?

2. Please also do not assume that fat = 6-foot-4. Ditto seriously? on the 34" long jeans you say will fit 5-foot-10 me?

3. But first, foremost, and always, the double-ripoff. This is mostly done by smaller-size mail-order houses that throw in a couple of larger items, but some large-size retailers are guilty, too. They charge more for a larger size, as you said (as if that size 12 shirt uses 2 times as much cloth as the size 10) - but then they also charge for shipping based on total dollar amount of the order. So if you're a big girl, you're getting overcharged twice in one order. I refuse to do business with any company that does this.

Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are fucking hilarious.

Love, Hera

Jamie said...

Oh how I want to go shopping with you!
Thin does not equal tall and fat does not equal short!
At 5-foot-7 I clock in at a buck forty....if I lost ten pounds I won't gain six inches and if I gain 20 pounds I won't shrink by stop making clothes that way!

spacedcowgirl said...

I am useless, so I have nothing to add except that this post is beyond awesome.

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