Monday, February 09, 2009

Under consideration.

The other day someone sent me an anonymous note letting me know how disappointed he/she was to find my blog linked at AAG (by the way thank you for adding me I'm honored), and Best Sex Bloggers (holy wow awesome that I am there too) and a few other sex oriented places. This persons whole reasoning for the disappointed is that I a.) don't talk about exclusively sex and b.) am not "anyone" in the adult/sex industry.

This person was also disappointed to find out that I am fat and into FA.

This isn't the first time I've heard these things. Way way back in the Diary-x days when I very first started publicly online journaling and talking about sex and my body and whatever else, I was featured on a now defunct sex oriented thing and got mail strikingly similar to this.

Okay folks here it is, I am not exclusively a sex blogger.

I am not exclusively a FA blogger.

I am a 31 (almost 32) year old woman who likes to write a lot and is prone to navel gazing, pontificating, ranting, and generally making some kind of noise here in the blue nowhere. Being that this is my litterbox I can talk about whatever the fuck I want to. You do not have to read it.

So in short if you anonymous whomever you are really takes issue with where links to me appear take it up with the site owners and fuck right off.

In other news.

My beautiful and smart lady friend Sarah Katherine Lewis has a sex advice live blogtv thing on Thursdays now. Go to her blog and check out the info. She is smart, has a lovely laugh and gives damn good advice I highly recommend buying her books and watching her show.

Speaking of beauties I have discovered Mollena the Perverted Negress. And she is delicious. Delicious smart and kinky. All things that make me go a little wibbly in the knees.

While I'm talking about women I was reading Your Daily Lesbian Moment and Arlan's post got me thinking.

It occurs to me again that I don't have a type. As I've probably said before whatever size or shape someone's ass is, if I like them chances are I think they are hot.

If we're talking pure eyes to brain lust there are many things about my fellow humans that get me tingly. Sometimes it's a certain glint in the eye, a crooked smile, chubby round cleavage, a pretty ankle, a protuberant jiggy ass, big meaty thighs, a scarred knee, a smooth expanse of skin at the nape of the neck that begs for my teeth prints.

Sometimes it's a voice. I have a terrifying brain to crotch connection with voices. Certain timbres of voice, tones of speech will in fact turn me into a glassy eyed moron with a tingling crotch.

I am known to admire and want to stroke fat flesh, skinny flesh, muscly flesh etc.

When I was dating sometimes this no type thing had it's disadvantages mainly in the form of a seriously wandering eye and tendency to be constantly twitterpated.

That's not to say I don't still have a wandering eye because I do. I will admit shamelessly that I am an ogler, I do frequently give people the eye. I try hard not to be pervy about it but, sometimes it happens.

I can also be a little grabby sometimes. I like to hand out hugs, smooches and ass squeezes to people I like. Friends, strangers etc. I am polite enough to ask first though and usually won't ask people I get the don't touch me vibe from.

This reminds me of a story let me tell you it.

I was out clubbing with some of my party homos at a club where one of them knew the owner so I was having my first V.I.P club experience. Free champagne etc. I think I was recently legal at the time.

We missed the drag show but were hanging around back stage and this absolutely GORGEOUS 6'11", three mile long legs of glorious hotness drag queen swooped down on me and damn near face planted between my boobs.

I squealed (this was a first for me) she squealed, the homos squealed and at some point there were about five pairs of hands on my boobs and the boys and the drag queen were all extolling the virtues of my boobies.

Being that it was a first I was startled but absolutely delighted.

My point in telling you this story is that delight in another humans physical body isn't shameful. Nor does it inherently mean you wanna get them naked and bent over your couch.

The fact is, as I said in another entry that sometimes, enjoying the skin someone else is sporting can just be joyful.

Now the big challenge I think is learning that you in your skin are beautiful to someone too. An even bigger challenge is seeing the beauty you see in other people in yourself. Yes you have stretchmarks, zits, pockmarks, jiggly bits, cellulite, knocked knees, pigeon toes and saggy balls and you my darling are a beauty.

I believe that's about all from me today. I have fiction to edit and Cheerio snack mix (which is freaking delicious) to nibble on.

Homo out.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Upset because I linked you? Why ever would that be upsetting to your reader? And how did your reader know unless (s)he was reading my blogroll?

You sure you want me to leave your link up, Nudemuse?


sandi said...

I love your blog.
I read yours through the Notes from the Fatosphere feed. Yours is the best of the bunch in my opinion.

for what it's worth.

Jen said...

I love your blog and what you write about. It's always well written, sassy and passionate and those three things all in one place can be hard to find sometimes. The fact that this blog combines FA and sex(y) talk is a big plus in my book.

Twistie said...

One of the things I love best about your blog is the fact that when I come here, I never know whether you're going to be talking about FA or sex or make up or social justice or books or your new kick-ass boots. It's fun to see what's on your mind and in your life at the moment.

Too often we want to break life down into safe little boxes. I like the fact that I can come here and be surprised.

Oh, and that voice to crotch thing? Totally my biggest kink. If the voice doesn't move me, that's it. I'm heavily into aural sex...sometimes with people who have no clue that's what's going on in my brain.

Diva said...

Emails/comments like that are what that delete button you have is for.

I linked you at Best Sex Bloggers because you are part of the sex blogging CommUNITY. If they would like to question my decision they can contact me over there.

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