Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fashion is fun times man.

Last weekend I did some of my belated birthday shopping and I have got to give Target some serious props.

I have been in dire need of shirts and I am highly picky. I don't want sequins, patterns, weird pleating, ruffles or other shit that screams OH HAY LOOKIT MAH TITTIES more than having DD's already does.

Target fulfills this need with their cheap (about 8$) shirts. I know heading into the Jr's section is daunting but stay with me.

Find the Mossimo layering/long and lean tops and touch them. They are fucking win.

I bought three XL tops, two tanks and one scoop neck black short sleeved tshirt. The XL fits my DD having, short torso'd self magnificently. It's not too tight, it stretches, and they don't ride up at the bottom. I am pretty certain that a large variety of sizes can rock these.

I suggest the XL if you are like me busty, with less belly. Also if you're pear shaped with smaller boobs and shoulders these should work for you.

The XXL fits me well, close but not tight. I think the XXL would work well (especially the tanks) if you have more belly and bigger boobs. Even if you have more belly and smaller boobs because these stretch really well.

This is an instance I say fuck the size tag and buy one. It's 8 bucks and if nothing else you have a new shirt to putter around teh house in.

Next up for my smaller fatties and thinner homies, go to your local Walgreens and buy lounge pants. I got two pairs in XL for 7$ on sale and they are soft and comfy. They are a tad tight on my low waist/high hip which is probably a measurement somewhere around 38-40" and they are super soft.

Back to Target. I also picked up (as always, I swear every time I leave target I have at least one of those packs of novelty knee socks) a two pack of socks. One pair is plain and heathered gray. The fit is weird. Usually target socks are kinda tight around the calf for me right at the biggest part but these work themselves down to my ankles after awhile. I haven't worn the Argyle pair (squeeeeeeeeee argyle socks) because it's been fucking cold.

And because I want to wear them with the denim Old Navy Pencil skirt I got on ebay and probably a tshirt/sweatervest (if I can find aforementioned vest).

OH I also got a pair of footless magenta tights at Target that I have yet to wear because of the weather. I'll report back on those.

Also if any of you my homies can point me towards more/cheap sweater vests? I hear there's H&M but I've yet to venture in there.

I am also in dire need of non boot/non ballet flat shoes. I am torn between Mary Janes and Chuck's. I will probably get both.

And okay that's it. But first a cute picture.

See Uniballer and my feets.

Guess which foot is mine.


AND awesome news, I was todays Featured blogger of the week over at The Best Sex Bloggers. Go read it, I'm super happy I got to do this.

So yeah I'm spent. I am working hard my homies. And it's kicking my ass and I love it. Sometimes I am a serious masochist.

Homo Out.


Rachel said...

I usually have no problem finding tops at Target (I'm a 12/14 in tops) but I have to shop for pants in the ever dwindling plus-size section there. The misses section has size 16 pants, but they don't factor in, oh, hips. Seriously, does Target base its measurements on chickens?

I love Target's styles and prices, but I just don't want to shop there until they decide that my money spends just as well as women who wear sizes 12 and below. I'm a big fan of plain tees (I usually dress them up with scarves) and I found a great and affordable selection at JC Penney, which, unlike Target, actually does have more than two racks of plus-size selections. Their ANA brand is also similarly priced to Target.

And I second the yoga pants from Walgreens. I have two pairs now. The only drawback I've noticed is that if you wash them in warm or hot water, they shrink vertically so that they're like high-water pants instead of loungewear.

Rachel said...

Oh, and congrats on being named a featured blogger!

Lady Epiphany said...

Shannon - cool finds! I'll have to check out the top :)

walkingrules said...

Love your blog, you're a fantastic writer!

spacedcowgirl said...

That picture of you guys's feet is too cute.

I love those multi-pack Target knee-highs! I got two packs of them (the kind that have one solid, one striped, and one polka dot pair... I agree with you that the fit is a little variable, and the polka dot ones in particular don't have much stretch), and then I recently got a pair of their "over-the-knee" socks in a pastel rainbow stripe. I put "over-the-knee" in quotes because they only come up to my knee, but whatever... they're still cute. I like the cold weather better than the hot in general, but I wish it would warm up so I could wear them with a skirt.

Congrats on your blogging award!

distorria said...

I love target's tanks. I have bunch of then in black. They are the only company that makes them long enough so they cover my belly. I found a pair of pajama bottoms there in the section that I wear almost everyday. Soft enough to sleep in or do yoga in.

Congrads on the award!

Sheathen said...

I am doomed. Target just opened a block or two from my house. I have no more room in the sock drawer!

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