Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting to know me...

So I am in a state so here is some fluff and getting to know you stuff.

I have to confess that despite my love of animals I am really afraid of birds. I'm not as afraid of birds as I used to be after making myself be near them without freaking out. And I talk to crows. But still. I think it's because I am by nature a kind of flaily, twitchy person sometimes and birds amplify that.

I tell you guys this because I saw a bald mother fucking eagle today and my first thought was wow pretty then it went to ZOMG GIANT BIRD OF DEATH IS GONNA PECK MY EYES OUT.

No joke.

Speaking of talking to things I talk to everything. Random critters, trees, flowers, electronics. I've done it since I was a little kid and it's pretty unconscious. I don't realize I've spoken aloud sometimes until people look at me like what the fuck?

What else?

When I drink soda I only really like it warm and flat. Gross I know.

Also I am a huge fan of mixed martial arts as I may have mentioned before.

I freaking LOVE the UFC.

I get very excited watching it.

My favorite fighters:

And I will admit fully part of why I like watching is look at home boys legs. Yes Mirko is a fantastic athlete yadda yadda but couldn't you just take a bite out of those big muscly hams?


Quentin Rampage Jackson.

Yes I want to be his homie. Listen readers, if anybody's cousins mama's best friends daughters boss knows him personally I would like at some point to give him a bear hug and smooch his head.

If I were going to be a fictional creature I'd wanna be a Klingon.

Or duh a vampire but I would be a self loving, self indulging evil mother fucker. No self loathing monsterhood for me. I would rip your throat out and fuck the hole kind of vampire. I really hate wimpy bad guys. if you're gonna be a bad guy have some balls.

Speaking of balls.

I have to admit I think these are the most ass kicking kids ever.

Um...shit yes.

Also I've been crocheting my wee arse off. Thus far I've made a scarf, three ugly hats and a crochet holder.


My hair is fabulous. I love it so hard right now.

Tomorrow actual fatshions related content my darlings. I went to Target and got some deals YO.

So tell me about some of your peccadilloes and foibles my darlings. Those are the most lovable and interesting things about people.

Homo out.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I've thought about commenting several times previously, but didn't want to seem all stalkery. But after reading this, how the hell have we not met?

I'm also in Seattle, love UFC, gothy, kinky, fat... We must have at least been in the same orbit at some point.

I used to bartend at the Vogue, and occasionally inhabit the Mercury.

DavitaCuttita said...

"No self loathing monsterhood for me. I would rip your throat out and fuck the hole kind of vampire. I really hate wimpy bad guys. if you're gonna be a bad guy have some balls."

Damn straight! I fuckin' hate pussy vampires.

Anyhoo, an odd quirk about yours truly is that even though I'm a virginal semi-prude; I have a massive music collection of punk, funk, hip-hop and digital hardcore (amongst others) and loveloveLOVE me some gangsta rap, gutter rap or digital hardcore with the most vulgar, angry, repulsive, sexually explicit lyrics you can imagine; it's even better when sung by my fellow vagina card holders or a cute German guy. Myep.

ChloeMireille said...

Hmm, let's see.

I have a very deep-rooted fear of being struck by lightning. No matter how hard it's raining outside, if I see one flash of even cloud-to-cloud lightning, I will not carry an umbrella.

I actively refuse to wear anything brown, because it makes me feel naked.

I hate paying full price for things. I know everybody in the product chain has to get paid, but damn. To quote "The Nanny", "If it ain't half off, it ain't on sale."

witchyvixen said...

Wow, just found this blog today.

Little freaked in a good way. I'm scared of birds, I talk to everything and always have, and my brother can tell you that I've always said "If you're gonna be a bad guy then dammit be a bad guy!"


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