Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My third decade..of win?

So today yesterday I turned 32 years old.

I've been waxing philosophical about aging and I've come to a few conclusions.

I am among those I count as getting better with age. I'm far less prone to screaming at people in public, I am finally mostly comfortable in my skin, I have learned that even when I don't have fancy language I can express myself and fuck people if they laugh.

In other news the weather continues to thwart me wearing some of my cute new clothes because unlike the Fabulous Tara I cannot brave skirts and cold weather leggings or no.

I also really need some shoes.

I started this yesterday but got entirely distracted.

I had more awesome planned however I am feeling a bit brain dead in the cranial region. My sleep is way off thanks to DST and fucking ever lasting winter.

Here's what I got.

In my now 32 years of life there are certain things I have realized.

I have realized that my tolerance of bullshit has remained low and will probably remain so forever.

I have finally come to the realization that I am not going to change who I am to fit what other people expect me to be. I'm done doing that.

I am also very aware of how strange it feels to have lived this long. There is a part of me that marvels that I made it. There were some pretty dicey years and the fact that I'm still tottering around is a big deal.


Yeah so stuff and whatnot.

See I really can't brain so well today.

Tomorrow I have some pics to share and possibly some talk about sexy fatshions. And some bra talk.

I've got another sexuality rant working up but too slow to do it today.

So my darlings what's new and fabulous with you?


EbonieRose said...

Good News: I have a pair of black Mary Janes from Demonia that I'm trying to get rid of.

Bad News: They're a size 10, and I think your feet might be smaller. (I'm going on sheer probability here.)

Send me a message on LJ if you need pictures.

lilacsigil said...

Happy birthday! I'm 34 and so far my 30s have been awesome! I hope yours are just as good.

DavitaCuttita said...

Happeh (belated) Burfday! May your awesomeness continue.

piffle said...

Happy birthday!


zero to ten is the first decade
eleven to twenty is the second
twenty one to thirty is the third
thirty one to forty is the forth

just saying>>>


Twistie said...


I hope it was wonderful and wish you many, many more.

Sexy Witch said...

I'll be looking forward to reading about the bra talk. I just bought four new bras in Dec at Lane Bryant (I had gotten a gift card as a Christmas present) I had the saleswoman measure me and she said I was between a DDD and F. My brain went uh-uh, NO WAY am I going to go up to an F. Its hard enough to find decent looking bras the size I already am. Even Lane Bryant doesn't have much variety in cute bras in the bigger sizes. WTF not! Are they too, shunning women with bigger chests? Grrr! Even though, I now realize that I should have gone up a size, my boobies are constantly falling out of my bra, not that my bf doesn't enjoy it, but it can get annoying trying to readjust them in public.

Sexy Witch said...

oh and happy bday btw!

Quiwi said...

Happy belated! 32, huh? Good times. I'll hit 32 this summer, and I actually look forward to it. Like you, I see myself changing (mostly) for the better, and damned if I don't like it! Yes, and I can actually feel my bullshit tolerance levels waning down to daily wtf moments. Take care, hope all goes well for you.

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