Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Of my body and the consternation of others.

Something interesting happened to me recently. A woman I don't really know very well but whom I see every now and then in the neighborhood and on the bus decided to take it upon herself to talk in my ear about how unhealthy I am apparently.

Now much to her consternation despite the fact that she is quite a bit thinner than I am, by the arbitrary ideas of fitness and diet I am in fact healthier than she. Instead of just ignoring her I decided to let the conversation spin out and here's what we found out.

Yours truly, on the move fat ass that I am, walks about 3-5 miles a day in the winter. A bit more 5-7 when the weather is nicer and my joints can take it. She on the other hand walks about 2 every other day.

This fat ass, does not eat fast food more than say once a month or so. Does not drink soda more than a can every other month or so and generally speaking not a whole one. The fatty fat fat fat girl drinks a lot of water, eats vegetables, takes vitamins and calcium.

The thin "good" lady eats fast food daily, drinks a lot of soda. From her own mouth about two 20 ounces a day.

Now if we put these things on paper, fatty is the healthier of the two.

However, I do have some health issues that she does not. Also according to the charts I am apparently about five pounds into death fat.

Now going back to pre-death fatness I had the very same health issues. Some I have had since I was an underweight, under sized (I was in the lowest percentile for childhood growth until I was about 12), others I developed as a teenager.

Let's talk about some of my health problems shall we?

I have been borderline hypoglycemic for ages. That is direct fallout from the fact that my eating habits tend towards a problem I have being able to tell the physical difference between hunger and thirst. 99 times out of a 100 I will figure I am thirsty first.

That being what it is (there are reasons for the above problem that I'd rather not go into detail about right now) and the fact that I tend to go for unsweetened tea or water, my blood sugar goes wacked out to the low end and there you go.

A doctor I went to when I was 25 or 26 or so made me do three fasting blood sugar tests in a short span of time because she was convinced that my then fatter self had to be pre-diabetic. Because clearly if you are fat you are of course going to have teh diabeetus.

Normally when it comes to medical stuff I am panicky on the inside and stoic on the outside. That last one though I was so upset that the actual problem I went to the doctor for was not being addressed in favor of her trying to get me on diabetes medications, I let myself faint right in her office.

Now it's important, vitally so to understand why I was so pissed off. I was in her office for a raging ear infection that had not cleared up with one course of antibiotics. I had that year already had a complete physical and showed no signs of being pre-diabetic, my blood pressure was slightly elevated due to having an infection and being angry.

I was not treated for a clear medical problem based entirely on my BMI and not on a single iota of information in my current medical chart.

That wasn't the last time I had something like that happen.

For instance can we talk about blood pressure?

I realize that I am a fat black woman over 30 and should be aware of the specter of hypertension.

However, if my BP is taken incorrectly. Or right after strenuous physical activity, or in the middle of a stressful situation I am gonna bring it up and refuse to be medicated at that point.

Call me insane but, I expect people who went to school for eleventybillion years to become doctors to have some clue of how the human body works. I also expect that unless I show reason for things to be otherwise to be listened to about what's going on and not have medications pushed at me at inappropriate times.

I've known crack dealers less fucking pushy.

As I get older I have less and less patience for bullshit especially when it comes to people I am supposed to trust with my life.

I am highly disinclined to want to give that trust to someone who does not understand the difference between a bp reading during a stressful situation while someone has an infection. Or using an inappropriately sized cuff. In my case it was a bit too snug.

This is mostly on my mind because I am looking for a new doctor. I am really tired of having to go for more visits because the doctor isn't listening to what my issues actually are.

I want a doctor who will help me find ways to exercise that won't cause me further harm because most of what I already know does not jibe with how well my knees work. I want a doctor who understands that the whole of my health is not wrapped up in my BMI.

So yeah as the saying goes I am putting that out into the universe and making an appointment with a new doctor soon.

Okay I am so done I have a ton of shit to do.

My hetero man reader, yes baby you I have an entry worked up to answer your question hopefully tomorrow.

Last week I worked whacked hours and I am still kinda not right.

OH I totally forgot to mention.

I am happy to announce that the ever fabulous and talented Sarah Katharine Lewis interviewed me!!!!! She interviewed me about some of my writing and it was awesome. I am so excited that she did my very first official awesome interview. I will absolutely be putting links everywhere when it's ready.

I can't even tell you guys just how cool this was. No really.'

There's one other sex related thing but I will spring that on you when it happens.


Yeah that's actually totally it.

I have some non blog related writing to catch up and deal with.


Okay yeah I'm spent.

Homo Out.



Piffle said...

What an awful experience with a doctor; you should post that on First Do No Harm, if you haven't already. Doctors only know a certain amount about people, the good ones will admit it, the bad ones get blinders. Best of luck with finding someone new, it's not easy.

You walk an amazing amount; I hope your joints continue to allow you that pleasure, along with some dancing (I think I remember you being fond of dancing).

Congrats on the interview. I'm tired right now or I'd go read it. Tomorrow perhaps...

Pauli said...

I'm curious about one thing, did the self-righteous thin lady even got the point? To a slightest degree? I sure hope she did...

Pauli said...

*did she GET, of course. My typing skills suck at 7 AM :P

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