Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ruminating on the body.

I was cruising Deviant Art a few days ago and again came across the kind of bullshit comments (I would link it but the owner of the art in question deleted the fuckery) that astonishes me.

Well not really, more like makes me want to punch people in the face repeatedly.

Namely, body wank.

Can I tell you internets, I fully believe in self governing. If you are really horrified and traumatized by seeing a naked ass that is not the kind of naked ass you like getting naked with, close the fucking window.

Given the staggering amount of naked you can find on the internet, why is it entertaining or productive to argue with strangers about how terrible and awful someone else's ass is?

Don't feed me that "it's only the internet" bullshit.

Frankly that's one of the dumbest explanations of fuckery I hear. Yes it is the internets, but those are fucking people too. So don't blame your love of being an "anonymous" dick on it just being the internet.

Moving along.

Since I've gotten a new camera and have been practicing with it I am looking forward to doing some self portrait experiments. I know some people find the practice unbearably vain but I don't care.

I have ideas of using some costuming to explore and express some sides of myself. My lipstick wearing butch side that I feel but don't often outwardly express for instance.

I have these ideas that are mixed up with sex and nudity and body politics but I tend to overwhelm myself with them. I have to slow my roll so I can create something I am proud of.

I know I said that before but it does mean that much to me.

In other news I am (as I hinted at over at LJ) considering putting together some of my erotica and self publishing it. After I get some things settled I think I am going to go ahead with that plan.

I think that's it today. I was all revved up to rant earlier and I kinda lost my hardon. Fucking DST fucks with me hardcore every year and I'm so over it.

later taters.

Homo Out.

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