Monday, April 27, 2009

Fatshions for Ladyjaye

Ooh my darling.

I know the Torrid.

Ladyjaye asked me about some options at Torrid and tights. Two things I know from my shopping learnings.

First thing, Torrid can be absurdly overpriced. My big advice for Torrid is not to shell out the big bucks for most of their stuff unless (this is my personal rule)you love it so much you have to have it.

Quite frankly the quality verses the price of many Torrid items is just not great. A lot of very expensive things that in my mind are not made that well. Since you'll be in New York, I'd honestly save my money for somewhere more fabulous where you'll get more bang for your buck.

When it comes to Torrid I like a lot of their basic items. Things like tanks and tees when they are on sale.

I usually go for a size 12 in pants/skirts, a 0 in tanks and I like their tees in a size 1 because they tend to fit my shoulders better. Also more boobage room.

If you're not looking for basics I'd say unless it's on the clearance rack skip it. To tell you the truth I'm not super into a lot of what Torrid is offering these days. I also suggest calling the store you want to go to, to find out what they are stocking currently.

I believe (and if I'm wrong correct me folks) most Torrid stores are carrying different things these days depending on the demographic of their location. If there's something you really want to try on or buy on the website call or email them (their customer service can be really good if you're nice but firm) and see if an NYC or NJ store has it or is willing to get one in for you.

As far as sizing things from Torrid like most stores it can be a crapshoot sometimes. I am very high waisted (my natural waist is quite literally right under my ribcage) so I rarely if ever get anything with a high rise. I do really like Torrid's in house mid rise pants when they have them. They come just to or just over my belly button which I love.

And let me suggest some alternatives.

Since you'll be in NY let me recommend Re/Dress. Even though I haven't been there I have a.) seen photographic evidence of the hot fat folks getting some awesome new to them/thrifted clothes, b.) heard the store is all colors of fun and c.)is fucking awesome. From their site there:

Re/Dress NYC is a buy * sell * trade resale
establishment. Based on the store's style,
size and seasonal needs, women are offered
either 25% of the resale price in cash
or 40% store credit for the clothing selected
by the staff.

Fuck. Yes.

If you and your friends are feeling ambitious maybe try taking some clothes with you to trade.

If you're ready to spend some $$ in the Big Apple I also say check out Monif C. Even though I really can't afford to shop there myself if I could I absolutely would. Also it looks like a fun place to just go try on fabulous things if you're so inclined.

Also I've heard good things about Leelee's Valise.

With these smaller stores I highly suggest calling ahead if you have any questions.

If I was on my way to NY I'd maybe make a wee trip to Torrid and save my big shopping awesomeness for another store. Depending on what size you are keep your eye out on your travels for interesting shirts and things too.

And now onto tights.

This year I have not had excellent luck with tights.

I bought a bunch of pairs of brightly colored supposedly 2X tights on Ebay that were a phenomenal fail.

For my size (Torrid 12ish with big hams, not a round booty and big hips) I like Target 1X tights. I've had three or four pairs of Merona brand tights and they have done me good.

I've heard lots of reviews on We Love Colors but I haven't bought from them mainly due to budget constraints. I like their selection and think some of those colors are just drool worthy but, 15$ for a pair of tights is steep to me.

For some awesome (way better than I'm doing today) tights/hosiery discussions check out this on Fatshionista.

I will tell you don't waste your time or money on Torrid's tights or thigh highs. I have been dissatisfied with every bit of hosiery I've gotten from them. Quite a long time ago I bought some fishnets there that were so amazingly ill fitting I tossed them out straight away. Also their thigh highs if they are indeed made for fatties are not doing it right.

Also be leery of plus size Leg Avenue tights. Sometimes they fit and sometimes their "queen sizes" are not so queenly.

And about the boob high tights. I used to really hate that but at some point I decided that tights that don't pinch my thighs, don't fall down and look good are worth hiking them up to my bra.

Unfortunately darlin' trying to find interesting tights in person is a shit ton of legwork and my record thus far is pretty bad. I look at tights at almost every clothing store but all too often anything interesting does not even remotely look like it'll fit.

I've also recently started an interest in footless tights and I think I might go with that since Target carries some neat colors. Unfortunately tights buying even if you're doing it in person can be quite the adventure. But once you find some you like, buy three pairs at a time.

Has this made any sense at all? I'm a little wee in the head from antihistemines and I might have gone off track.

Also in case you aren't on LJ I can put your query to the fine folks at Fatshionista and link it for you.

Other readers, suggestions? Thoughts? Ready..>GO GO GO GO!

Homo Out.



lilacsigil said...

If you are queen size, We Love Colours is highly recommended - I'm about 320 pounds, 5'7" and most of the weight is in my belly and legs. I can't get most socks or stockings over my calves, let alone my thighs - I buy wide-leg pants because regular leg pants that would fit my belly don't go over my legs. But the EE size in We Love Colours gives me plenty of room, and they're quite hardy, too.

amy said...

everyone raves about the new we love colours tights, but i was actually unimpressed. for $15 a pair (US, and the exchange rate is shit lately!), i expected them to fit better. i'm 5'2", so definitely shorter than most, and i'm super curvy, big belly, ass and thighs (but sadly not big boobs!). they were ridiculously tight in the thighs, to the point that they were uncomfortable. there's no way that i would ever wear anything shorter than a knee length skirt with them, because they're so stretched in the thighs that the colour changes!

i think the tights are FABULOUS is you're more consistently fat all over, all my friends whose bodies are more "chunky" and less "curvy" (if you know what i mean!) love them. they didn't seem to stretch out enough for me, they just stretched up.

oh, and be aware that the colours can be a bit off when you're ordering. they may have improved that, i know people were complaining about it.

Miriam Heddy said...

I highly recommend, "Sock Dreams" ( for socks and tights and sock-related stuff. They do a nice job of letting you know how wide a given pair of socks/tights/knee highs/thigh highs will stretch, and they have a fine selection that includes more traditional stuff as well as goth-friendly and funky, playful stuff.

They even sell plus-sized garters.
(Note: I don't work for them. I'm just a satisfied customer).

Neely O'Hara said...

Just an FYI, the Torrid store in New York closed down, so that's not an option anymore. (And it was in Staten Island, which is dreadful to get to anyway.) But I will second the trip to ReDress - I've never walked out of the store without at least one amazing find. I'm almost glad it's a long trip on the subway for me, because otherwise all my fun money would go there.

Lady Jaye said...

Thanks for your answer! I will definitely check out Re/Dress, and will stick to the clearance rack at Torrid.

Leelee's valise seems rather out of my budget, unfortunately. I can't really hit too many clothing stores, mainly because I'll be the only woman in the small group. And since I'm definitely a geek, no way would I just let them go to, say, World of Nintendo and not go with them. :P

BTW, I forgot to mention that I'm a size 20/22 and I'm a short person (5'1).

Anonymous said...

Great post! I also don't recommend Torrid when it comes to tights or "leggings" (which are some kind of nylon blend??). I fix into 4x there, but forget about fitting into the 3/4 tights. I mean, srsly. I've got lipedema so my thighs are ridiculously large, but still fairly proportional to the rest of my body (I'm a stage 2 lipedemic, so I've got cellulitis on my legs, belly, and arms, woo-hoo). I couldn't even get them past my KNEES. Ugh. Never again. What a waste of $$.

I'm always on the lookout for even DECENT quality plus size clothing. The main material in plus size clothing appears to be cheap rayon, with spandex a close second. Is cotton really that expensive to work with? Reasonably-priced cotton pls? :P

deb Re/Dress said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! We get a lot of Torrid clothes in from our shopper/sellers and sell also other yummy styles from Macy's and now the newly closed Abby Z.

Everything is always on sale at Re/Dress NYC at least 1/2 or more off the original retail price.

the Fat Lady said...

You're a size 12 and you're considered fat?!? The world has lost its fucking mind.

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