Friday, April 10, 2009

Fluffy assed Friday..and win.

Has it been all week since I've posted?

The season changes are always a weird time for me. As in physically, the time change, my allergies deciding to see how it feels to dry fuck themselves into raging holes of evil, allergy meds not working, weird eating habits, etc.

Springtime always puts me in a weird brain place.

This not withstanding I will be back to my usual glittery ranty self in short order.

Until then can I pimp some stuff?

If you don't know this isn't my only venue for writing. This last year or so I have become very serious about my writing and honing my craft (gods that sounds so fucking pretentious) and I am really happy to share some of my recent publications with you all.

For some of my (this story is seriously the third flash piece that I did on purpose ever) flash fiction head on over to this excellent webzine Diddle Dog. That link is just to my story but check out some of their other stuff it's awesome.

And some of my poetry here at Opium 2.0.

The one I am incredibly proud of, and been most excited about of late is this piece 'Goodbye L.A' currently up at The Legendary. It's not quite erotica but it is pretty explicit. What I love about this one is it's visual proof to me that I can trust my voice and my instincts. And it's proof of just how far my writing has come since I started this crazy adventure as more than scribbling in a paper journal when I was eight.

Something has shifted in my brain and instead of fretting about how not like a lot of my favorite authors I am, I just write. And it works.

What else?

Oh can I tell you about how my eating has been wacked out all week and now I feel funny?

There are things that I like to eat that do not get along with my digestive system or other bodily system oriented things. Among these are dairy (which I've had a ton of. delicious cheese, awesome light super rich ice cream, milk in a coffee), and sugar.

Yesterday I had more sugar at one go than I normally have in two days or so and wow. Granted it was totally worth it, I had this piece of traditional Danish cake with cream, raspberry deliciousness and fucking marizipan on it but holywowomgwtfbbq!!!!!!1eleventy shit that was way more sugar than I should have at one time ever.

So lesson learned. I will refrain from taking in sugar on that level for like ever.


Oh right o.

I'm still crocheting away and have made some awesome things which I haven't had the chance to upload pics of as of yet. But, okay peoples. Informal poll time.

Do people need cheapish (not cheaply made, cheaply priced) Fall/winter wear? Crocheted hat and scarf/cowel combos? I have some sizing down because I am lucky enough to have heads to try them on.

Also, are organic cotton/bamboo/other organic material wash cloths, dishcloths etc something that is awesome or dumb?


I have grand ideas about getting my sewing skills up there and making some other stuff. For instance Loli-ish, gothy fripperies for us fatties. Boot covers, accessories, wearables that don't pinch or squeeze. I'm working on that part.

In other news.

I have seriously declared myself the Dowager Queen of all Fatassia and my boy prince is a stuffed bunny named Gary the Gay Glitter Bunny.

Remember to pass the word.

What else?


I think I'm about spent. I'm off to work on my screenplay and then possibly try not to pee on the floor in angst.

So my homies. Show me your links, show me links to your awesome photos, whatever you wanna show off. Now is the time to do it.

Noodz encouraged. Boys, I know there are some of you that means you too.

So have a fabu weekend my homies and haters.

Homo Out.


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The Amazon Princess said...

Fatassia should totally have a flag. And then it should be mass produced, and lands could be claimed in the name of Fatassia.

Perhaps I'm just really easily amused. :-)

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