Monday, April 06, 2009

My darling dears.

My advice to our homie Will has sparked more thought which I will probably get to tomorrow.

Today the sun is shining and I am longing for some comfy summery/springy shoes.

I am also indulging my inner lounge singer and singing along with Nina Simone at my desk.

Singing that song, about an octave lower than Ms. Simone because my voice is rather deep.

Moving along.

SO in exciting news I am going to be opening an Etsy store and selling affordable things. To start with some crocheted hat and scarf/cowl sets. Then later on I will be making some affordable hand bags etc and other things as I learn to create them.

That isn't happening for a few months yet. I'd like to make enough things to keep me going for a bit first so I've been crocheting my wee arse off.

Among the things I'd like to be making aside from the aformentioned, silly gothy fripperies. Silly house decorations. Desk whoozy whatsits. Perhaps some geeky hand embroidered samplers? Pervy samplers? I'm researching.

In other financial news a few people have asked (and dudes I've been debating mentioning this for ages because I feel weird) but being that etsy doesn't have a buyable wishlist function and whatnot here we go.

I really want a laptop. Like really want one. So if you'd like to donate to the cause of getting Shannon a laptop feel free to use my Amazon wishlist and send me an egift card . Please seriously no huge ones. Alternately shop my affiliate amazon webstore. I've been going all colors of crazy adding products and will continue to do so.

Or sign up to be an Amazon affiliate through me that would be the awesome. Of if you're gonna buy through Babeland how about using my link on the sidebar there to do it?

And since a few other people have asked, no I don't make money off of doing this. I think the whole time I used adsense (prior to getting kicked off for an entry that said fuck too many times I shit you not) I think in 4 years I made 4 dollars. I tried out some other affiliate type stuff but it's just not my thing.

Okay enough of that.

Back to my current need for shoes.

Being that my budget for most of the summer is going to be way tighter than I'd originally planned for due to the way paychecks fall and having to pay rent twice more months than I'd like, I will probably only get one or two pairs.

I have been stalking ebay and think I might splurge on one pair and get some kickass mary janes (have my eyes on some Keen's and Danskos), and some slides.

I'm kind of over ballet flats because for some reason every pair that I've tried on recently fits weird or cuts the back of my ankle.

I have a pair of Torrid silver ballet flats I am probably going to sell because they run small and a bit narrower than usual. And I have a jeansskirt to sell that I'll probably offer over at Inbetweenies. It's an ON size 12 and just a bit too tight and high waisted for my taste. Not quite the look I was going for.

What else?

OH fucking hell man, I have been dreaming about maxi dresses. Plain or fancy fabric soft long flowing comfy dresses. However I don't think I have the budget to buy as many as I want so I may have to try and make them.


Wow I'm spent. Scriptfrenzy is kicking my ass as is some other writing I'm working on.

So tell me my homies, what's new and fabulous with you?

Favorite deals?

Have some hot sexxin' over the weekend?

Do something else awesome?

Tell me what is new and fabulous.

Homo Out.

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Jen C said...

Ohhh, dude.

I've been going through such a crazy maxi dress phase too. Which is doubly odd since I've never bought a dress just to -wear-... ever, probably.

But they look so cuuuute.

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