Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seriously? Part two.

If you recall the other day I wrote a post in response to someone whom I'm not sure is a troll or not.

So to continue this faux dialogue since Schmoopy hasn't yet given me a working email address for an actual conversation the next list of erroneous assumptions.

I know I've gone over this many many times but you Schmoopy clearly have the entirely wrong idea about Fat Acceptance.

Now since the word fat completely freaks you out and causes you to send people weird messages I will use the words Body Acceptance.

My position is as follows.

I do not believe that there is anything morally wrong with having a body that is different than any one else's body. Whether that is someone who is really fat, kinda fat, average, super thin whatever. It is your body and your body does not exist for me or have anything to do with me. The physical state of your ass at any given time has no bearing on what I may think about your intelligence, morals, health status, political leanings, favorite shade of toenail polish, who you like to rub genitalia with or even what you like to eat.

The fact is that no two human bodies look the same. It is natural and just fine that people have bodies that are all sorts of different.

Also you do not have the right (nor do I for that matter) to harass, abuse, or decide what other people do or do not do with their bodies. You do not get to decide how I treat my body, you do not get to decide that I need to lose twenty pounds, you do not get to decide what food I do or do not put in my mouth as I would not dare do to you.

Just as I cannot come into your house and burn every piece of clothing you own that I don't like, you cannot come into my house and decide what foods I cannot have.

I think it's a terrible thing that we allow each other to try so hard to police what other people do with their bodies.

Now for every person out there (and there are a shit load of you) who gets pissed off when the fatties do anything, go to the gym, exist, wear clothes, have sex etc what the big booger for you folks is that you cannot control these things.

It's a bear ain't it?

Sure you can spew hate, and psuedo science, you can hype whatever you're doing to keep your ass the same size it was when you were 16 but, people don't have to listen.

Now I may be going out on a limb here but most of the anti-FA things I've heard revolve around several key but misguided ideas.

The big one is that being "healthy" means being thin and appearing fit.

The fact is that being thin is not a swell indicator of how healthy someone might be.

I have known many thin people who would not exercise if you lit their feet on fire. I have known many thin people who would rather eat at Micky D's every day than cook or eat other foods.

Now if you were really so serious about health and one must be healthy, wouldn't you be harassing those folks too?

If you were really serious about health as the be all end all, you wouldn't bitch about the fat girl jogging, or doing yoga, or being at the gym. You would be the most excited person on the block wouldn't you?

In a society where one ostensibly has free will within the law, being healthy is not a moral obligation.

I do not have a moral obligation to you, to eat the way you want me to. I do not have a moral obligation to you to exercise to avoid diseases that I have no sure signs of developing other than the fact that I am fat.

At the root of this issue is that appearance does not equal health.

Appearance is just that. What you see on the outside of me or anyone else generally speaking is not going to tell you how actually healthy they are or aren't.

I am a fat person. This does not tell you what health issues I may or may not have.

Someone else is a thin person and this does not tell me what health issues they may or may not have.

Also pretty much every equality based movement has not a thing to do with people wanting to be found hot.

No really it's not.

It's not about you thinking I am a hot piece of ass.

That isn't what it's about, that isn't the point and I would guess that nobody really cares who you think is or isn't hot or who you might want to rub your genitalia against.

What Fat Acceptance (I know I said I wouldn't use that term but I lied) is about for me and some few other people is that you cannot treat us, or anyone like less than because our bodies are different.

That means don't try and legislate what I can or can't eat, if you are a medical professional do not try and push surgery on me or not give me proper and appropriate medical treatment based on the numbers on the scale.

It means, that fat, thin, super fat, super thin, average, muscley, flabby, in awesome shape, can't run four steps whatever state you are in is your own business.

That. Is. All.

Now Schmoopy, this is going to be our last conversation. I'll probably read your missives and ignore them.

My big suggestion is this, you live your life, I'll live mine and that's fucking awesome.

However, if you would like to have an actual dialogue as in give and take I will do that with you but if you decide to give faux email addresses or cannot be respectful of my autonomy as a human being you can fuck off.

That goes for the world in general.

Respect my autonomy and I will respect yours and we'll get along just fine.

Homo Out.



Anonymous said...

All I can really say to this is...exactly.

And you have far more patience for this bullshit than I do. I admire that.

Kate said...

Just found your blog. Thanks for expressing this so well.

Christine said...

This was amazing. Thank you.

wriggles said...

Respect my autonomy and I will respect yours....This is the crux of the matter. Persuasion is useless to schlumpy-like folk, they've made their choice according to their own needs, not according to reason.

What needs to be reasserted is the idea that cults whether secular or theistic, need to be consentual.

If we do not consent to schmucky's beliefs, we should not have to answer to them in any way or at any time, full stop.

sazzalish said...

This is amazing. I'm printing it out and just handing it to people when this argument comes up. You have said everything I would like to, much more articulately than I would ever be able. I repeat, amazing.

Anonymous said...

you're the best. I'm going to print this out and give it to everyone who tries to lecture me about my weight. assholes.

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