Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What's cooking.

I'll warn you folks. Posting will probably be a bit light this month because I have duped decided to do Script Frenzy. 100 pages of script, in my case a screen play in the month of April.

I've been reading a new blog called Haute Macabre and I believe I may be in a bit of lust with it. I LOVED todays post.

There is something that makes me so incredibly happy thinking about and fantasizing about having the resources to dress as outlandishly as I please all the time.

Can you imagine how joyful and awesome that would be?

Granted I'd walk around from day to day probably looking like an avant garde fashion show threw up all over me but it would be awesome.

However, there are things to consider. I can't walk in super high heels anymore, I don't drive thus must bow to Mother Nature's whims unless I want to freeze my ass off. Also I walk a lot and must be mindful of that.

The fantasy is fun though.

While on the subject of hotness I'm publicly stating my hardcore girlcrush on Mollena.

Also go read this post at The Best Sex Bloggers about a Bondage Wedding. That looks so lovely. I just love pictures like the ones in that post. Look at those happy beautiful faces. That is love.

I also highly suggest checking out the post about the International Miss Leather thing.

Earlier today on my way to work I was thinking about firsts. There are so many things I've never done that I would like to.

For instance.

I've never been to a Con of any sort.

My big reason for this has been that I've never had enough money to invest in the costuming and travel.

Something I really really want to go to is the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade ball in LA. Not this year but at some point I really want to go.

Looking at the pictures I am fairly certain I would be seriously into it. Look at all the sparkly costumes and whatnot how much fun would that be?

The whole idea of going to something like that wakes up my inner child and makes her crap glitter in excitement.

A girl can dream no?

Okay my darlings. My peen having straight man friend, your advice is coming up Thursday or Friday.

Now I am off to continue script writing.

Homo Out.

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