Friday, April 24, 2009

You heard...

Okay I feel better today.

And despite my ongoing frustration I am making an effort to enjoy things.

So my legwear fun let me show you them.

Those are my Target Merona brand size XL magenta footless tights I got on sale quite awhile back.

They are so fucking violently magenta. I wasn't sure about them but now I love them. They are quite stretchy so someone pear shaped could probably rock them well. If you're apple shaped go a size up maybe.

I was wearing them in the picture with a big floofy black skirt on one of the first actual Spring like days.

My big win from target this year though is the following.

Yes those are argyle socks my homies. I wore them with old black capri pants, pulled all the way up. NERDS REPRESENT!

I love those socks so much y'all don't even know. I love, LOVE fancy socks. Also my homies with larger calves if you see the two pack with grey and argyle socks buy them. These actually are a smidge too big and if I walk briskly as I do often, they fall down a bit. But LOOK they are awesome.

Also, as I was saying to Sinner (whom I've been reading for years now and who I think is quite the delicious bit of man) I have started to enjoy the phrase I am becoming.

Despite my weird Springtime ass dragging, I am becoming.


I don't know.

I feel stirrings in my back brain. Not my angry survive at all costs reptile brain but let's say a level up.

In yet other news, I still haven't found shoes I like.

Expect some pictures next week. make up, crafts, some of my arty stuff. I have a crapload of pictures to upload.

Also I'm almost done with my script WOOOOT. And might make it available to read publicly but I haven't decided yet.

So yeah I'm spent. It's Friday I had a BLT and my feet are cold.

Homo Out.

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Mickey said...

Have you found Sock Dreams? Google them, they're in Portland and have the most amazing socks. Plus they provide measurements so that you can tell what's probably going to fit bigger calves.

They have the most amazing vertically striped over the knee socks.

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