Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fatty Fatshion Musings.

So I'm cruising around the intertubes and came upon some items I FRIGGING LOVE.

However not a one comes in a size over a smallish size 10 or so.

Now, I quite frankly don't want to pay an extra fifty dollars for about three inches of fabric. I am not a "odd" size (something I saw on a listing on Etsy for an item that the largest it comes is with a size 30" waist. Anything over 30" is apparently "odd") I am a size. And I think it would stand to reason that if you can make an item in every size from 20" waist to a 30" waist 34" wouldn't be that fucking hard?

Now I have seen a lot of DIY and indie designers who've had their fashions ripped off and I get how angry that must make them, however if your market is so slim (literally and figuratively) can you blame someone for knocking it off?

As they say necessity is the mother of all invention and if you as a retailer or aspiring retailer know you're not providing services for someone, do you blame them for doing it for themselves?

Granted I know that I would not be able to knock off everything I like but, that's not going to stop me from trying honestly.

I don't like being sized out of price gauged because of the state of my ass.

That said, I do have a bit of an ew feeling if I know what I might be doing is someone else's bread and butter but, I don't know if my ew feeling overwhelms my want for a product that's not vastly overpriced.

There are some retailers and indie folks I feel I would be comfortable buying from at some point who aren't screwing the fat folks. I appreciate that and when it happens I will do full pic reviews.

However, there's a lot of stuff that is just not available and really makes me wanna step up my sewing skills and get 'er done to quote Larry the Cable guy.

I really just am not sure how I feel about this right now.

Help me out homies?

Is it ew to willfully knock off someone else's design to suit your own needs or should I just put on my big girl panties and man sized ass kicking boots and make it work?

So I'm gonna go deal with the hot mess that is my hair. I did a beautiful pony tail rollerset yesterday but my hair got drizzled on and winded and it is tangled and angry so I must remedy that.


I made a new slideshow video. I still haven't yet figured out how to use the equipment I have to make a live action video but I like this one. Featuring free music from NIN.

And tomorrow watch for another Fabulous on a budget make up entry on the Cheekan. And since my skin has chilled out, some make up pics.

Homo Out.



lilacsigil said...

You know what? I only download TV illegally because I can't get it legally (I'm in rural Australia with no TV signal). So if you can't get the design legally, I feel that it's no problem ethically to get it illegally. But have you tried every avenue first? Could you email them and ask if they make a bigger size, or would make a one-off? Or if they'd sell you a transfer so you can put it on your own shirt?

Small craftsters have less margin than giant media corporations, but they're also easier to contact. If that doesn't work, then go for it.

Miss said...

I'd try contacting them and asking about it, find out just why they feel they should charge an extra chunk of money like that ($5, even $10 is no big deal, but $50? wtf?).

Otherwise, I don't think there's anything wrong with taking it and adapting it to your size, especially since you're not going to start selling their designs as your own, you just want your own piece of awesome. It might be their bread and butter, but you've got your own bread and butter to consider and if you can't spend an extra $50 on theirs, they don't get ANYTHING, period. Might make 'em reconsider such a hefty (pun not intended) increase.

Regina said...

In my opinion, it's totally okay to make your own clothes based on someone else's designs, as long as they are just for you. It's only stealing if you are taking someone else's designs, remaking them, and trying to sell them to others.

Kristie said...

Frankly, if they're not interested in making clothing for me, I'd have no problem having someone else do it for me. There's a site that advertises on Cute Overload with dresses to die for, but they don't come anywhere near my size. I've saved the photos of the ones I love, and at some point will be talking to a seamstress about getting them made. (I can't sew to save my life.) That's how I got my wedding dress. So many designs are derivative of others' designs anyway; who can own it definitively? It comes down to supply and demand; if you ain't gonna supply my demand, I'll find someone who will. If you will make it in my size, I'll give you my money. Easy.

vesta44 said...

I do it all the time, with tops I've purchased. When they're worn out or too stained to wear anymore, I take them apart and use them as a pattern to make more. I do this because, usually, by the time a top I really really like is worn out, it's not being offered for sale anymore so I can't go out and buy more of them. I bought a pattern that, according to the size measurements listed on the back, should have fit me. It didn't, so I took a pattern that did fit (one of those tops I took apart) and altered it so it was like the pattern I'd purchased.
If designers aren't going to offer their clothing in a wide range of sizes, I don't feel like they have any reason to complain when someone takes that design and makes it to fit themselves (as long as they aren't selling that garment, just making it for herself, because it's not made in her size). I figure "ya snooze, ya lose" and designers are definitely asleep at the wheel when they ignore women who wear any size above a 10.

mccn said...

I totally second what Miss said - I'd get in touch with them, and see what they say; it could be a moment of genuine idiocy that the person corrects, and then you've done good for everyone. Or it could be the person is a jackass, in which case, I'm all for the DIY!

Anonymous said...

Only really commenting to say, yay NIN! Class tune.

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