Thursday, May 28, 2009

HNT and] more.

First up this weeks HNT self portrait.


That is my hair after I've let it down from my bun and have spent some time playing with it.

I was trying to evoke a sense of movement there and kind of made it to what I was trying for. I will probably put a couple of the other ones I took up over at Flickr tonight or tomorrow.

Everywhere folks in the Fat community are talking about Meme Roth and her crazy. To tell you the truth, I hadn't paid overmuch attention to Ms. Roth's vitriol mainly because from the jump all I heard was, "CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".

Rachel over at F-Words did some research on Ms. Roth and her findings interest me.

Mainly because I think this sort of heavy handed misdirection is dangerous.

I think this sort of thing is especially dangerous for those of us who might be prone to eating disorders.

If you are already on the verge of disorder and find a cheerleader who's telling you FUCK YEAH GO GO GO GO, that is not good.

If Ms. Roth was coming from a place of love and being as ignorant as she tends to be, I think I personally would forgive her a little. However, her methods and the things she says just makes me sad.

As I've said before that whatever message you may have, delivering it in a hateful spiteful and yes insane way, is probably not going to win the whole shebang.

How tiring.

Actually I had way more to say but it's a beautiful day, Meme Roth is depressing and I'm not in the mood.

So let's talk about something else shall we?

Let's talk about interesting compliments for a moment.

Earlier today I had a lady stop me to tell me that she thinks that I am an "elegant" dresser.

It just tickled me blue because this lady is an older (I'd say late 50's or so) fairly snappy dresser herself. I would describe her style as very classic, lots of tailored things in pastels etc. I said thank you and went on about my day.

What really tickled me is that she who clearly has a vastly different aesthetic to mine has that magical ability to appreciate the different. I think sometimes this is why the Fatshionista community bugs me sometimes. This may be my own shit and I fully own that but I can't say I'm not really disappointed when someone with an aesthetic that's not trendy or brightly colored gets the round of, "wear color" do this do that.

Or the questions about whether or not the outfit is appropriate etc.

That really bums me out.

Why do that?

If in theory it's an awesome and good thing to embrace and normalize a variety of differing bodies, how is it so hard to extend that to a variety of differing styles?

There is some disconnect there that I see and often just can't figure out how to point out nicely or without saying, don't be a dick.

I think this is my beef with a lot of fashion discussion in general.

I personally don't subscribe to, pay attention to or deal with any sort of fashion rules aside from I can't go to work topless.

I just do not understand why there are always so many supposed rules. Why?

Why not be happy someone is doing their thing and enjoying it?

I think this is one of those great life mysteries that I will just never understand.

If someone is doing their thing and not hurting me, not hurting other people etc why fuck with them about it or talk shit?

I really think a lot of life would be so much easier if we just quit fucking with each other.

Someone wants to rock some acid green spandex booty shorts and tie dyed titty sling? Rock it.

Whatever it is, as I have said before don't grudge people some happy.

Does crushing up Cheetoes and snorting them make you happy? Um ew and be careful but GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF.

So the moral here my homies, is relax. You don't have to approve of everybody. And even if you don't approve sometimes there is just no reason to voice that because at the end of teh day, your discomfort or dislike of something is probably not gonna change it and that's a waste of your precious energy.

Okay I am so distracted I can't concentrate at all.

So I must send some damn dirty hippy love, Chris of course (who's books in my email I am devouring and plan to write about in detail), even some dirty hippy love for Meme Roth who clearly needs it, and of course my readers.

I have some homework for you tonight, at some point lean close to a mirror so you are eye to eye with yourself and say firmly and with authority,

"Shannon thinks you are fucking awesome, and she is right."

Do this at least once and report back.

For extra credit, take a moment alone no matter how you get it and geek out.

When I say geek out I mean flail your arms, shake your ass, bounce in your wheel chair, lean on your cane and do a little noddy dance, booty shake, shake your boobs, do this for however long it takes you to start laughing.

For super extra credit, do it with friends and family even your pets.

That's all, class dismissed.

Homo Out.

PS...if you get a chance I HIGHLY suggest making a stranger laugh for no good reason.


Twistie said...

Hee! I did the geek out thing earlier today, just because it felt good. I was baking a chocolate cake just because I felt like it and rocking out to Melissa Etheridge, dancing around the kitchen like a big, geeky freakazoid. Batter and songs about heartache and geeky, joyful dancing may seem like an odd combination, but I had a blast.

The cat got scared, but a bit of cuddling later in the day made up for it.

Looking at that photo makes me want to pet your hair. I'm not sure why, but it does.

(Pets the muse)

beatfreak said...

Have I told you how much you rock?

I did the homework and it made me smile. And that's what I like about you. You want people to feel good about themselves. So often we are privy to the worst in humanity. You seek to rise above that. Thank you.

Piffle said...

Your hair looks like it's swinging from a geekout! And, ooh shiny too!

Mary said...

""Shannon thinks you are fucking awesome, and she is right.""

I said this to myself in the mirror. And I got all tingly and happy.

Sometimes, I feel like everything you write is a motto for life. And almost none more so than- don't grudge someone some happy. Amen to that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did the mirror assignment and I'm sorry to report that I still feel self-concious and non-awesome. But I'm working on it.

Thanks for all your great writing and your wonderful spirit. :)

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