Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the fatness...and the um..

The above title references nothing save something I was just singing to myself.

First of all, as always I love you guys. And you too Lurker Lurkerson.

Now okay I've talked about April Flores AkA FattyD before but holy hot damn she's doing a clothing line. Fat hot ass fashion (NSFW linky there) as announced today. I am very excited to see what she comes up with.

What else?

Oh I was re-reading an entry about Weight Watchers over at F-Words today via I think um...Queer Fat Femme? and being that I don't watch TV I had no idea Janeane Garafolo was doing their voice overs.

I have to tell you folks I'm not mad at her.

I have been a big fan since I first heard her comedy but I get it.

I can't be mad that she needs to earn a paycheck because I do shit I don't really want to in order to earn one. So I can't hold a grudge.

If I were in her position, regardless of how much it might piss me off I can't say I wouldn't have lost the weight and done the bullshit to get roles.

On the self portrait front I hit a bit of a snag.

I took a crapload of snaps that just did not turn out as I wanted at all so I'm starting over. I might try some body part images since my full body shots are not what I want.

To tell you guys the truth I'm hitting that wall o frustration at the pace at which I am learning these things.

I get really impatient with myself when my skills are not where I want them to be. Especially when it's arty related.

I'm working on that but I want to be awesome right now not eleventybillion pictures from now.

What else?

I'm a little stuck on random today I've been editing fiction and my head is about to straight up blow up.

I think there is a possibility for make up etc videos. Uniballer told me that his mostly broken camera will do vids while hooked up to my computer. I am really not good at this sort of technology so figuring out the logistics and how to's will take me a bit.

Probably tomorrow I am going to do a product review on the Cheekan. I've been roadtesting some stuff that I am super excited about.

While I am excitable and nearly brain dead pimp your links.

Show me your links, random stuff you've found. Whatever awesomeness you have.

With that my homies and haters I'm out. My brain needs a rest and some time to eye fabric on the ebay.

Incidentally, operation mend clothing was a semi success unlike operation give self braids. I also found that I have a skirt that is quite floofy and that I don't recall buying but whateva. I plan on wearing it on a day the wind isn't blowing quite so hard because I don't have any booty shorts cute enough to risk showing em to the world.

Homo Out.


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JoGeek said...

Hey don't give up on the self portrait. I have a friend who's a photographer and even with the fancy lenses and trained eye she still takes a hundred shots of her model to get three or four really good finished pictures. That's pretty typical!

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