Friday, May 22, 2009

Of Fluffy hair and a weekend project.

So it's Friday and I am SO glad mother fucking Fail week is over.

In light of that I am going to share with you my weekend plans.

I am going to attempt to give myself braids.

Yarn braids.

Now I am opting for that because I am not the best braider in the world and I have a fuck ton of black yarn.

It will probably take me all weekend no lie.

If you're not on the lj the other day I was talking about my latest round of studies. I'm teaching myself how to write screen plays properly. I am excited about doing it but it's really difficult because I don't really get the form.

I am also probably going to have to make some clothing repairs.

See internets (more confessions) I have a strange and insatiable love for vintage slips. And before you ask yes I wear them as outerwear as often as underwear. And I have a few of them that are ailing and sitting in a little silky shiny pile that need some hand mending.

I love slips. LOVE THEM and I don't know why internets. I especially love older ones. I have one faaaaaaaaaaaabulous full length red ply nightmare of one that has lacy bits between the boobies and I love it. I have been known to wear it as a sundress or as a slip under this transparent full length dress thingy I have.

So yeah, that is another of those occasionally questionable fashion choices.

And shit yes I will rock one of my half slips with some torn up fishnets and big stompy boots. Especially with a black mens ashirt. I'm good to go.

I also have a couple of skirts I think I want to try adding a little gore to in order for them to fit more comfortably.

That is a lot of hand work and braids take priority so I might not get to that.

I really need to do laundry too. In a bad way.

Okay I have to go back to the slips and tore up fishnets thing for a minute.

I just had such a vivid memory I have to share.

So picture your hostess more than a decade ago. Clad in an outfit as mentioned, torn fishnets, four inch solid platform boots, tank top and bondage belt, carrying a shiny black purse and sporting a bright purple short curly do kinda like Marilyn Monroe wore when her hair was shorter.

Now picture said me stomping along Broadway (yes the Broadway from the Sir Mix A Lot song), I was stomping because I had a mad insane crush of DOOOOOOOOOOOM on this older dyke who worked in a little shop in the area, and I was on a mission to ask her on a date.

I can't remember what she looked like or her name but I do remember that she had these creamy ivory colored round plump arms that slayed me. I wanted nothing more than to squeeze her repeatedly.

I was on a mission and had pumped myself up for two weeks. I mean pumped myself up like you don't even know.

I grow some and finally that day decide to ask her out only to find out she's like twenty five years older than I was and happily married to a pretty lady hippy for like fifteen years.

I went to one of my baby homo's place to cry and play dress up.

Ahhh memories.

So I'm about done. I'm going home soon I'm all out of random and I was promised a cheeseburger. A cheeseburger give me it.

So I will leave you with my self portrait of the week.


That is me, full face of make up but still in my jammies with uncombed hair. I think this shot says a lot about me in general.

I leave you my homies, you need to tell me what's new and fabulous. Gimme yer links, show me yer fotos, show me yer awesome videos and whatever else. I'm open..HIT ME.

Homo Out.


Twistie said...

ZOMG! That shade of eyeshadow is utterly gorgeous on you! Wow!

What's new and and'm baking today and tomorrow. A friend of ours is having a Memorial Day barbeque tomorrow and I'm bringing desserts. I'll be making my first ever tiramisu and a banana layer cake. I'm still deciding whether to ice that with a bittersweet chocolate ganache or a strawberry buttercream. I'm kind of leaning toward strawberry.

Also, Mr. Twistie will be recording stuff later, yay! His favorite guitar is all better (it was in the shop earlier this week), and he's hot to do some work on the next album.

Mr. Twistie making music makes me happy.


Good luck with the braids!

Look, A Diversion! said...

Whoa. I wish I looked that good in my jammies with uncombed hair. And your eyeshadow is amazing OMG.

Heh, I have a giant basket of clothing in need of mending (which I am avoiding because it all needs to be done by hand and oh god I am the slowest and least competent sew-er ever) but it is mostly not anything as cool as vintage slips. A few really interesting skirts from Goodwill though!

Raven Nightshade said...

Holy shit, that is the best foundation coverage I have ever seen.

Good luck on the yarn braids. You know we'll want pics when you finish. If the braids don't work out, try yarn twists. Allegedly, those are a wee bit easier.

Yet said...

Hi there! I saw your blog on Black Women Blogs. It's pretty interesting. I should say that I'm sure my hair looks much worst when I don't comb it. hehehe. Have a great one!!

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