Friday, May 15, 2009

The Truth Behind yours truly.

Okay internets, I must make some confessions.

I am not always as seemingly flawless as my intertubes transmissions may have led you to think.

I am an arm flapping, flailing, prone to epic spillage, squealing, weird noise making odd ball.

My super Fatty Powers include but are not limited to:

  1. Tripping over invisible objects.
  2. Tripping over blowing leaves that I think may be small animals.
  3. Gas.
  4. Terrible depth perception which often results in the aforementioned epic spillage.
  5. I make up words and use them with impunity.
  6. I often have a (much to the horror of people who know and love me)serious love of really ugly and tacky things.
  7. I say very weird and inappropriate things then laugh if only to amuse myself.

So my big admission is my homies, I'm kind of an epic dorkface.

If my house were ever bugged the listeners wouldn't know whether to point and laugh or run screaming.


I started this Friday but yeah forgot.

So operation thrifting was only a semi success. I was really not digging the selection at Goodwill this weekend. Two MAJOR wins though. I picked up some very good condition Easy spirit sandals that are SO comfortable. Holy shit you guys, you guys holy shit. 4 dollars of soft comfy mother fucking win. And they fit my wider right foot and are still comfortable on my more narrow left foot. WIN.

They have added an actual plus size selection but it was quite honestly made of fug. Lots of those blocky print bright colored balloon shaped things. Not awesome.

However I did pick up two skirts. One very cute black with a flounce kneelength skirt and one with blue and green circles. And a new with tags Nordstrom vneck lace trimmed cami. I paid four dollars and the tag price was 38. And side bar here, who the fuck pays almost forty dollars for essentially a plain black cami with some lace on the neck?

I also remembered to take some outfit pics. I finally got to wear my party dress. I bought this adorably kinda tacky black dress back in November on Ebay and have been frothing at the mouth waiting for it to be warm for me to wear it. Yesterday I had intended to wear a black velvet skirt but I was massively bloated (YAY mensruation) and wanted nothing tight or form fitting. So I present you with mah party dress.

Thrifty summer dress.

There is no brand tag but it's supposedly an XL. I think it might be a maternity dress and I don't care I love it. What you can't really see in the pic is that there are long tulle strips and that bit around my neck is ribbon that I tied halter style because I was on the move and didn't want to get those bits caught in bus hardware. No seriously that would happen to me. I felt comfortable and super cute. Also rocking the headscarf because there was (is right now) conditioner in my hair. Now those shoes are super adorable. Black patent with embossed skulls on the toes but OMFG they suck. ThEY SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. They are the most uncomfortable flat shoes I've ever owned.

And no I'm not smiling because this was post outing and my feet hurt and the sun was in my eyes. Here is a close up of what made me fall in love with this dress. The flowers. The shrug is also thrifted Torrid. I got this NWT on ebay for something like 8$ with the 35$ price tag still on it.

Warm weather dressing.

I LOVE those flowers. Love them. Is it kinda a little tacky? Probably and I don't caaaaaaaaaare.

Now for todays outing I wore a skirt that is on my favorites list. I bought this probably eight or nine years ago on clearance in a little no name "boutique" type store. Now what I love about this skirt is that the waist is entirely adjustible. It goes from 00 to up around a 50" waist or so I haven't measured it in a long time. It's gauzy and perfect for summer. I love ultra long skirts that swish around my ankles when I walk. I hold up the hem when I go up stairs so I don't fall down. The cami is thrifted Torrid size 0. Another super cheap find. The skirt isn't striped that's just shadow.


And my awesome comfy shoes.


And the verdict is, this is how I like to dress in summer. Skirts, tanks. Fairly simple.

I'm collecting some accessories. I was out of love with them for a long time but the love is coming back.

Also awesome? Neither of these outfits cost more than 30$ in their entirety. Thrifting can be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

I must say the good part of my thrifting expedition was Uniballer and I picked up some books and again I remembered to ignore size tags if it's something that's stretchy. Remember my homies, when in doubt try it on don't put it back.

Um yeah that's about it. I just got home from todays outing which included going to the seafood buffet because I love seafood but can't afford to eat as much as I like so once in awhile Uniballer and I go to a local buffet and I systematically destroy shellfish. And a fruitfrul trip to walgreens where I picked up some stuff I will review next week at the Cheekan.

Happy day.

All right. See y'all tomorrow.

Homo Out.



Xenu01 said...

!! How adorable are you! Your love for the flowered dress is also adorable although I must confess that I giggled a little bit because I think I could not get away with wearing such dramatic flowers on my dress!

SERIOUSLY on the ignore the price tag thing. I'm a bit bigger than you, but when I thrift, I keep an open mind and it has served me well. :)

Xenu01 said...

Um, and by price tag, I mean size tag. Sunburn has melted my brain.

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous! I love the flowers. I wish I could see the dress on you without the shrug. But anyway, thanks for the pictures.

And thanks for this blog, I love to read it and it always makes me smile big, because you use your powers for good.


WickedOne said...

You are so cute! That dress is awesome!

Emily said...

I just wanted to say that reading your blog always makes me happy. Even when I am hating EVERYTHING because it is Monday morning, reading you can make me smile. So add that to your list of superpowers.

Cute, cute outfits, too.

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