Monday, June 29, 2009

And one more time.

Sexytimes advice this week swearsies my friends.

Posting is indeed light, I'm doing some weird brain thing right now where my thoughts are a little too far into other writing and whatnot. I'm working on balancing things out.

In other news over the weekend while I wasn't really near my computer much I got some amusing troll messages.

One message alerted me to the fact that the audacity of having a paypal button I am in effect begging and stealing from people. Clearly this person knows from their learnings that I make vast amounts of money blogging and it's a terrible thing.

Uh huh.

For the record as far as "profit" goes I have probably made less than ten dollars with this blog during any of my sporadic internets big pimping money making attempts in seven years. What a silly thing to do. Why would a person spend a good twenty or thirty minutes reading, then go to the form just to say that?


How silly.

The other gem (why is there such a dearth of intelligent or reasonable trolls?) was sparked by an old entry that I can't find now where I explained the flaw in the reasoning that fat has nothing to do with genetics etc. I believe it was sparked by the assertion by some jackass that I was "blaming my fat" on genetics solely.

The ever so concerned troll apparently does not understand the correlation between many things about a persons physical body and genetic traits.

Oh no wait here's the entry click here to play along.

Now I have yet to find anyone who would disagree that things like eye color, hair color and texture, hell even the timbre of a voice can be somehow linked to genetic traits.

How is it at all reasonable to exclude body shape and size from that equation?

Why is it that almost everytime I see this issue in a fat hat/fear/etc argument any common sense someone might have had goes right out the fucking window?

Similarly, in FA circles I have never ever seen the cries of OMG everyone should be faaaaaaaaaaaaaat as many anti FA/fat/whatever folks seem to claim all the time.

Nor have I seen people (for the most part though I'm sure at some point it happens) hating on not fat people.

Disliking the cultural imperative that deems everyone must look fit (as in be thin) is not hating thin people.

For fuck sake man, how hard is it?

I suppose a big part of my frustration when it comes to talking about bodies and weight with a lot of people is the assumption that humanity is a physiological monolith and everyone must have the same values and opinions about health. Not to mention the ideas that what is awesome and fantastic for you must be fantastic and awesome for everyone.

The whole issue of health as a moral imperative is a whole other fucking thing.

I just don't understand that whole mindset.

I hope I never will understand it to tell you the truth.

I have decided I'm not devoting any more time or energy to trying to figure these things out. That in and of itself is a difficult thing for me because it's my nature to want to figure out why but, I'm going to work on that.

In other news.

Somehow I won a subscription to some supposed health magazine but predictably being that it is geared toward women almost every article is about some new fabulous way of losing weight, looking younger or other things I'm not much interested in.

However what is interesting is that despite the handfull of "miracle" diets they pimp monthly there is rarely a word about any kind of cautions.

I also find it amusing that their idea of healthy and affordable equals (at least in my neck of the woods) about 15$ a meal. Which is a lot for my household, not even factoring in the fact that I would have to leave my neighborhood all together and go traveling on the bus to find a good many of hte things that are "must haves".

I tend to take a lot of those eat this instead of this things with a huge grain of salt.

If you've paid attention over the last twenty years or so, like clockwork entire food groups and types of food are demonized for awhile then someone comes out and says something like, oh wait it's not that bad.

Milk, eggs, various kinds of meat, corn, etc.

The one thing this month that caught my attention was the promise that if you did any of several things you'd lose weight without even trying so said the hype.

The first was walking. I have been walking anywhere between 2-6 miles a day for the last four years and have not lost any great amount of weight.

I haven't been a regular soda or other sugary evil drink drinker in probably ten years and yeah not lost a great amount of weight.

I find these kinds of things terribly misleading. And potentially harmful to people who have special dietary needs, sensitive stomachs, bad knees or backs. I really don't like it and am going to spend some time with the magazines I've gotten and write those folks a good long letter.

I think that's about it my darlings. How about you show me some links and pictures. Show me what's new and fabulous in your lives.

Pets, boobs, boy ass, shoes, purses whatever.

MCCN did hotmail eat my email again? I think it hates me I might try sending from my back up email address.

And sexytimes advice soon.

OH wait, wait. I've been doing some serious writing work and I've dipped my toe into trying some magical realism. If you'd like to read an unedited raw story I did last week feel free to download it here.

Now you all will excuse me I'm having some back spasms and am going to stretch a little and try not to throw myself down the stairs.

Homo Out.

Ah crap note to self reinstall grease monkey mmkay.

PS..I'm trying to get a functional mobile version of my feed going as well as some other neat stuff. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

You, lovely, are the reason I have the full sample collection from Detrivore, and I have never been more pleased with a makeup brand (granted, I'm new when it comes to makeup, but damn, these are amazing). I'm even impressed with their primer, which is thick and yellowish, but damn, it grabs color and holds it. That is what's new in my life, some kickass makeup thanks to you! <3

Look, A Diversion! said...

I am sorry I did not comment before when I actually downloaded it but oh man I love the story. Is that a chunk of something bigger, or is it unedited-but-complete?

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