Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fatshions Thursday baby.

Fatshions Thursday babies.

It has been quite hot here lately and while I freaking LOVE the hot weather my summer clothes wardrobe isn't quite as awesome as I'd like.

That said.

Some of my outfits have been of the cute and THRIFTY!

So first lemme show you my pretty cheap outfit.


Now this is after 14 hours of wear so my shirt is stretched out and I'm rumpled but you get the idea.

From the toes up.

Soda brand flipflops bought on Ebay for 20$ shipped awhile ago. I couldn't find the Reefs I wanted for a price I liked so here they are. My bestie told me to check out wearing the flipflops and despite me being dubious, holy fucking shit these are comfy. And such an awesome deal.

Next up my trusty Old Navy brand fold over skirt. I thrifted this a long time ago on Fatshionista (LJ community) and I just love it. This is quite possibly one of the most comfortable skirts I've owned in a long time. Now why it is that ON isn't making this one in plus sizes I don't know. It's a perfect drape, excellent jersey fabric it would sell like gangbusters. It is stretchy enough that I would guess that the womens XXL would probably fit above a few inches where their size chart cuts off. Also because of the fold over waistband, if you have a belly it's comfy, if you have a big booty it'd be no thing to pin the waistband in back to keep your skirt even. If you're more straight up and down shaped with narrower hips, it would still be cute. Being that I'm short torso'd I do wear it way up near my bra so I get that nice (it's better fresh out of the wash) hits right at my knees.

The Tshirt came from Target. From their line of Jrs sized (hold on about that bit) cheap "layering" tees. Now this shirt is the XXL and you see how it fits. They do stretch out so if you're say up to about a 16-20 or so depending on your bust and belly size the tanks could totally work for you because the tanks are made quite long. Anyway, it was only 8$ and works like whoa. I'm a little weird about the wee titty pocket there but overall these are a good find and I'll probably pick up a couple more.

If you're more solidly in Target's plus size range the selection even online is pretty crappy. Although I will say again no matter what size you actually are, things like tshirts and tank tops especially cheap ones. Buy one and take a chance. I don't know about you guys but I always need shirts and shirts that maybe aren't exactly right I often pair with cardigans or something else layered so it's not a total loss.

Okay so that was my outfit yesterday. I have decided I really love the fuller skirt and more form fitting (yes I know it got baggy) top shape for summer.

Next up.


I've been doing a lot of ebay cruising and lately there has been a lot of stuff in these sizes for various sizes. Now what I've taken to doing with ebay lately is once you're looking at the women's clothes area just click the plus sizes, then order them from lowest+shipping. Treat it like going to the thrift store and scroll away until something catches your eye, then check the listing. I've noticed a lot of sellers aren't super clear in headlines so even if something might be a tad too small check anyway.

Next I think I am ready to begin my slow denunciation of pants. This is mostly inspired by Lesley and her ass kicking dresses of fucking awesomeness and Tara (Tara Shuai) and her fierce awesome winter defying femmeness.

The fact is I have hated to wear pants since I was a child. There were years as a kid I hated to wear pants. That said. I have developed a love of a good pair of black slacks. I feel very growed up office goth in black slacks so I will probably not cut pants out in total.

But I have decided that jeans can fuck right off. I don't really like wearing them and only started buying them out of desperation.

Fuck to the that.

So my plan thus far is going to involve running tights under skirts and dresses when it gets cold. Boots, oh yes there will be more boots and I will in fact scour the mother fucking Earth for gothy boots that fit.

I am going to thrift my ass off during the end of summer and start of fall. I am also going to sew because I am going to be fabulous.

I am going to be fabulous and not go broke doing it.

This is my goal and I believe it is a good one. I am too old not to be indulging my fashion whims.

Speaking of I was digging through a box of stuff and found I have some cute stuff I didn't know I had. one of which involves spider embossed netting. I also have a short red petticoat that I forgot I had. I'm not sure if it fits though so I might sell it and buy a bigger size.

Next week for Fatty Fashion I will cover some mens wear. I want my big male identified or big fabulous butches to look sexy too.

Share with me, tell me your recent fashion wins and not so wins.

Homo Out.

PS..I need some new flats off to Ebay I will report back next week.


Lilly said...

Your outfit reminds me muchly of something I wore a lot last summer but sadly...a few eager men yanked the low-cut v-neckline down to get to my tits and it stretched out beyond public wear. It was a fuschia v-neck ON tee, sexy and cute and cheap. The skirt is kinda like how talked about there, full and drapy and a little bit assymetrical's actually a pregnancy skirt from Target. Thus, the high-waist stretchy part that just looks like a fold-over.

I'm SOOOO broke but I really need some sexy new tee's for summer and work. Whats that LJ community you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

So, I've been in a window shopping mood lately, and I tried your suggestion about ebay-shopping for plus sizes with lowest + shipping ordered first, and damn, I think I love you more than ever. I never would have thought of that before, but now I'm not likely to browse any other way.

Also, my most recent awesome fatshion-ness is a vintage mumu I bought from Joy on Fats. Pictures on my personal journal forthcoming, of course. My less recent, still awesome fatshion outfit consists of a certain cleavage-tastic black maxi dress, which you've seen already. I've been very dress-oriented lately, because it's been so damn HOT.

Coy Pink said...

I, too, have that same ON skirt (wore it yesterday!) and I love it. I bought a maxi version of that skirt at Target just recently that doubles as a long tube-top dress. Love it but I need to buy a new strapless bra before I can (comfortably) wear it as a dress in public.

Anonymous said...

I adore ebay finds. The closest thing I can actually get to thrifting, as there are no charity shops that go near my size in this area.

Twistie said...

My best finds of recent note were a gloriously hippie-swishy navy blue cotton skirt from Target (roughly $25.00 bucks) that makes me feel delightfully feminine and boho, and a pair of great purses from Kohl's.

My old purse (the one I bought because it was nine bucks, had a crossbody strap, and held the world, but that I never truly loved because day-glo tropical prints really aren't me) finally died. Okay, it might not be completely dead. It's more the fact that the snap closure - which might be repairable if I really, really wanted to do it - came apart. The rest of the purse is just fine, but I finally had what I felt was a good enough excuse to ditch it and start over.

It so happened that I wandered into Kohl's while they were having a 3-day purse sale. I walked out with two purses that fit my needs, and that I really and truly LOVE!

The first (which was marked down to $18.00) is a cute canvas boho patchworky print with lots of lavender and spring green and orange on a cream background. It has a generous crossbody strap (I have no shoulders and a love of having my hands free), and a built in wallet. Seriously, this is the purse of my dreams, if a tiny bit smaller than I would have ultimately preferred. Still, it's a great, lightweight spring/summer purse.

The second (marked down to $21.00) is a sort of mustardy tan color leather bucket with crossbody strap and multiple zippered pockets for the sort of organization I always swear I will start doing but never actually accomplish.

Both have excellent stitching, secure zippered closures, and the sort of style that makes me feel absolutely me.

Next (and no doubt more painful) stop: shoes. I want me some good new shoes that make me feel pretty.

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