Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hustlin' Hustlin'

Sexy advice tomorrow because I have two awesome questions that are along the same theme and I need to do some research before answering the second.

Lately I've had a burning desire to make more things.

More things.

I want to make gothy b affordable accessories. Hair toys and things that aren't amazingly overpriced.

I want to make some fattie friendly stuff.

I want to make stuff that's cheap but not so cheap that the shit falls apart after you wear it once. I don't want to make cheap shit that pulls hair.

Generally speaking the big hold up at this point involves several things. A.) Financially it's a rough summer. Just because of how paychecks happen to fall there's not a lot extra after rent and bills to buy supplies. This will ease up coming into fall. B.) I am afraid. What am I afraid of I'm not sure. Not necessarily of failing but there's some unnamed fear there. I'm working it out. C.)This is the huge one, time.

In the meantime I've been toying with Cafepress but I don't really like what I'm doin there. It seems a bit over priced to me which is not awesome.

The one thing I'm into is the stickers. I love stickers and I made this one. I like nerdy things and stickers are among them. I've got some body positive ones in the works but I am no graphic artist and it's hard.

All that said I have some actual content today.

We need to talk about Beth Ditto.

I was not all into the Gossip the first time I heard them or laid eyes on her.

That was until I started seeing pictures of Ms Ditto doing crazy things, being *OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* in her drawers on stage etc.

She won me over.

The fact is, I love people who are working what they've got.

I love her because she is not fly all the time and she seems (granted I don't know her personally but in general she seems fine with that fact.

Unlike a lot of young celebrities instead of coming out apologizing for being nutty or fat or showing her panty clad fat ass, she just kept on doing it.

I love that.

I also love the fact that she wears whatever the fuck she wants to.

This is how I want to spend the remainder of my life.

Wearing whatever the fuck crazy shit I wanna and ROCKING IT.

Say it with me..ROCKING IT.

Now when I say that, don't take that to mean I necessarily will look good to you or your uncle. If it looks good to me and I stop for a minute and think OH FUCK YES. That means ROCKING IT has been achieved.

For instance todays outfit (I will have Uniballer take pics when I get home) is an odd one.

I have this bright red vintage sun dress I got at Goodwill YONKS ago. I bought it for the color and the lettuce hem. However the booby area is way too small, like when I tried it on my boobs almost exploded it too small. So I cut off the top part where there was binding and now I wear it as a kick ass over skirt of varying lengths.

Sometimes I wear it with a full length black broomstick skirt underneath, sometimes as a shorter skirt over a mid length vintage slip. Today I am wearing it long on it's own which was a last minute thing because the power went out in my neighborhood as I was getting ready for work and I couldn't find any lotion, okay digression here but how is it I have eleventymillion kinds of skin moisturizing things but couldn't find fucking 1?, back on topic, so no lotion and my legs were ashy so I rolled down the top and it's now full length.

The sole reason I love this skirt is the bright tomato-y red it is. The fabric is that weird mid/late 70's poly with a bit o stretch. And it wrinkles like a mother fucker but I still love it.

This my homies is ROCKING IT.

Fly your freak flag proudly.

And OMG YAY Integgy I love love LOVE that you are a Detrivore fan now. This is awesome.

So tomorrow sexytimes advice for two fine folks. Also Thursday some fat fathions re my Moratorium on pants that is semi lifted and I will show you guys what is inspiring me for fall right now.


Okay I think that's it.

Homo Out.

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Piffle said...

Not related to this post; but this manifesto of the Femme Sharks reminded me of you. :)


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