Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm back with Fatty Fashions.

Okay took a wee hiatus there I had kind of a week last week. Had an epic migraine that was bad enough I actually left work halfway through unable to deal with lights and computers.

So onto MCCN's question about fabulizing (YES another made up word) her wardrobe. Also MCCN is that your email address I spied? I can't get it from my question form because when I fixed up the code to my liking I neglected to put that as an available field because I'm uh...awesome.

Onto your question my dear.

You have reached what I call the critical mass of fuck this shit. For awhile (a few years) I bought and wore a shitload of clothes I hated. I was buying and wearing these clothes for a variety of reasons except that they made me feel fabulous and sexy.

Now my economic situation has never been great so I taught myself how to thrift like a mofo.

Now if you want to cultivate a look that makes you feel like the sex, here is what I do.

I collect pictures, links, etc to things I think are awesome and inspiring. If you have a looksy here, that is where I put make up related inspiration pictures. Notice that not all of those pictures are people who look like me at all, some of them aren't even people.

I am a very visual thinker, I like having things to look at that make my brain start working. I have a few pieces of clothing that are tattered but very representative of what I like and I keep them around so I have that visual.

Next thing, broaden your horizons. Cruise Ebay, cruise thrift stores, cruise stores where you may or may not be able to shop but go for it.

Another thing I employ while shopping is visualization, what am I visualizing whatever piece of clothing with? Now because I can't always afford the things I'm lusting after, I like to find things that are similar enough to satisfy my want and still be wearable.

Or if things I am lusting after don't come in my size, I will find an alternative.

Personally I think the key to finding and keeping that fabulous feeling is a.) letting go of the idea that you must lose weight/only buy from x place/etc etc. Let. It. Go. B.) Work it. No matter what your style may be, or what you think you are "supposed" to be doing or wearing, as I have said many times before, WORK IT. WORK IT OWN IT ROCK IT WORK IT.

I don't care if you're a size 00 or a 32 goddamn it, WORK IT.

Yes this is where you picture me done up drag queen style, waving a sparkly wand at you and hollering.


Own what you got. I firmly believe that fabulosity is not just what you're wearing but how you're wearing it. Are you a jeans and Tshirt kinda person? Fucking WORK THAT SHIT. Business attire? STRUT YOUR STUFF.

You get the idea.

Now homework.

When you get dressed next, take a minute to give yourself a good long look. Strike a pose no I'm serious. If you need to, tell yourself firmly POSE POSE POSE I'm talking have a running thing in your head or outloud telling yourself a la ANTM to be FIERCE (LOL at myself there for a second).

Then go forth into your world and be fabulous. If you're staying at home dealing with kids and poop, feel fabulous because this is an extremely important job. IF you're going to your job and not feeling it, work it.

Now I turn it over to you my awesome readers, fat and non fat alike. How to you get more awesome and fabulosity into your wardrobe? Secrets? What makes you feel like BAM YES I AM FUCKING HOT.

Feel free to post links, pics, or whatever other stuff you've got.

I'm back this week and have stuff to tells you internets.

But that's all for now. Go forth, be fabulous and loving.

Homo Out.



Look, A Diversion! said...

Hmm. It's kind of helped me to stop thinking only in terms of whether I like how the clothing looks when I am looking at just the clothing by itself. It turns out there have been a lot of random items of clothing at goodwill that I look at on the hanger and go "haha that is ridiculous" and then I try it on for the hell of it, and it turns out to make me look fucking amazing. So...trying on stuff you wouldn't usually try can be a good idea.

Kristie said...

Loving your "Work it!" cheer--I can just see the drag queen cheerleaders.

I cleared my closet of everything that didn't (and never) fit, and anything I just didn't like, even though it was wearable. I wanted everything I put my hand to to be something that felt good and I loved.

I no longer buy things I don't love. If it's an "eh" it doesn't go home with me. "Good enough" isn't good enough.

Jewelry. Wear the good sparkly stuff, the "special occasion" stuff with your jeans. Why the hell not?

mccn said...

That was indeed my email I left (at hotmail), so there you go!

THANK YOU so much for your response! I had to go lie down and fan myself for a bit, after I read it. I really appreciate the advice - not only on the pose (because I think that you can build attitude, just like you can build endurance) but also on how and where to look for things. I am taking the plunge this week and trying on everything I have - with a pose and a WORK IT - and out will go everything that doesn't make me feel fabulous! I promise.

Kristie makes a good call - my jewelry always helps make me feel good, and I've started wearing a bunch of it every day, instead of saving it for special occasions. In fact, my question came out of feeling like every day is a go&&med special occasion - time to act like it!

I hope we all go forth and act fabulous and feel that way - in whatever order we need. Thank you so much!


mccn said...

PS - I'm sorry your last week was so tough. :(

I wanted you all to know, I've printed out two copies of this, and I am taping them to the walls next to a mirror!

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