Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twitter lessons.

So I dig Twitter. Find me here and warning if you think I'm random here 140 characters seems to unleash the random beast.

For whatever reason I have a shit ton of followers and recently a lot of weightloss targeted marketing folks following me.


Here again I learn the lesson about keywords rather than you know reading.

Are these "miracle weightloss" and "I have the KEY to your healthy life" folks actually reading me and thinking, oh she'll buy it. She's fat she must want to lose weight.

Oh me.

Most of the time I just kinda shake my head.

To be fair I have read some of the information presented and I see the same trend that's been around in the diet and weightloss industry for ages.

First is the assumption that you are doing it wrong.

What are you doing wrong?


You're eating wrong, exercising wrong, living wrong.

Second, the assumption that if you don't have a certain body that you're clearly and must be really unhappy in that body.

Third the assumption is that this person, this one miraculous person can tell you how to fix all of the above for the low low price of whatever.

This is what I don't like. I don't like the hype of lose pounds super quick and be a whole new you.

You won't be a whole new you.

You will be the same old you, with all of your neurosis and foibles with a smaller ass.

Along with this theme after my entry yesterday someone anonymously sent me a link to a woman's blog who supposedly losing weight solved every problem she ever had.

What this person obviously didn't read were the entries where this lady talked about her years of intensive therapy, or that her weightloss started due to a severe reaction to a medication. And that her subsequent weight gain came about after a similar experience.

In her case, yeah I can see where losing weight might have really helped her out. It can be a terrible thing when your body does things that are out of your control.

What was more powerful to me (and this was absolutely not the point of me being sent this link) was the fact that this lady started doing things she loved and her body returned to it's normal state.

She wasn't dieting per se, she wasn't on a weightloss journey, she just wanted to be as healthy as she could.

Which is one of my serious points about FA.

Being healthy as I keep saying is not one thing.

There is no one person I can look at and decide that I'm going to be just like them health wise because, our bodies are not the same.

So these are my lessons for today my homies.

Tomorrow some fluff. Or maybe not who knows I am made of random whims.

Goodnight my homies and haters.

Homo Out.


Melissa said...

I'm getting the exact same thing on twitter, well that and girls who want me to look at their pics!

I added you on my twitter, but I promise I won't send any weight loss ads hehehe.

withoutscene said...

I don't have a million people following me on Twitter, but I do get the weight loss people, like, all the time. Especially whenever I mention fat. I've just taken to blocking them.

Also, I find it very amusing that "anonymous" sent you a link to try to prove how great it is when you lose weight when in fact it proved your point more readily. How do these people get by in life? They can't read the print let alone the fine print.

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