Monday, July 20, 2009

OH I am itchy.

I am having a bit of a week.

I am all kinds of out of sorts for varying reasons including, everything makes me itchy.

It's not the regularly oh my allergies suck kind of itchy but the my body is about to have a disco freakout over everything it comes into contact with kind of itchy.

So I am putting most of my skin care items away and going back to cocoa butter and African Black soap until this fuckery passes.

And now a picture of the other big issue I'm having right now.


That is my knee. That is the knee that swells and makes me walk funny and I am still right in that place of trying not to be angry about it but it's so fucking hard. So hard.


There are awesome things.

MCCN sent me this fantastic necklace that I forgot to upload pictures of and it was so sweet. So sweet and the card was beautiful and I got teary.

Also someone (Forgive me I don't remember your name) sent me 5$. I had no idea until the other day and you are so sweet.

I am thankful that awesome people remain in the world.

I am dreadfully and woefully behind on reading blogs. My attention span is pretty much OH SHINY...wait where was I?

Case in point I seriously started this on Friday.

Okay so Sunday Uniballer and I tootled about town running errands and I wanted to head into Target to a.) look for new foundation and b.) check out the clearance racks.

Dear Target, you fucking fail.

So my first issue with Target right now is that the plus size clothes are mixed in with the maternity clothes. Not just in the same section but intermingled on the racks which makes for confusing shopping. And what I could discern as being their plus size clothing had no rhyme or reason.

What they did have was not great.

Also there was no sign of their Young Contemporary junior plus size line which upset me because from the size charts, a lot of those basic pieces should fit me well. Actually I take that back this was there but there was no indication that it was from that line. Unlike when you stroll through the juniors section and even the women's and maternity items that are clearly labeled on the racks for the most part.

My other issue is that their "ethnic" (code everywhere for Black) section of hair care products has twindled to three shelves by two feet or so. I couldn't even find it to begin with and an older Black woman told me where they were.

Also of the many brands of cosmetics carried by Target who make colors appropriate for women of color (including Latinas and my Asian homies) I counted four shades darker than tan. Which would also preclude any White folks who tan dark during the summer.

Unfortunately this is a huge trend in Seattle in general. Typically if I am looking for something Black oriented whether it's the deep conditioner I like to use, face powder or foundation etc, the selection is dwindling to nothing and it pisses me the fuck off.

Typically in the past if I needed some say regular old face powder of the sort that almost every big cosmetics company makes, I would have to go to three stores max. And usually it could be the same chain just different locations. Yesterday I looked in five stores and found a big fat fucking nothing.

This is like a lot of my local clothing options. I can only afford so much so when something I can afford and have access to goes away, I'm shit out of luck.

This is also why I tend to not participate in a lot of the discussion about where fat folks are shopping because a lot of the retailers that get talked about I just cannot afford to shop in.

Yes, in theory it's a good idea to save up for one fantastic high quality item of clothing. But being that I work every day what else am I going to wear?

Unlike make up with clothes I can fudge things.

I do have the privilege of being able to buy the 6 dollar (like I'm wearing right now) tshirts from the Juniors section of Target without a lot of fit issues. Sure sometimes I have to stretch out the arms and on my fat body the shirts don't get that long look that gathers round the hip area but they are workable.

Now with make up I can't wear a foundation that is not the right color. Yes I could add shit to it to make it the right color but that is both time consuming and expensive.

Even if you don't care about make up, can you see what I'm talking about here?

While I would love to buy high end quality items whether it's shoes, clothing or make up the reality is that I do not have the resources to do it.

I can't drop 50$ on one piece of clothing.

I can't go to Sephora (much as I would LOVE to) everytime I need foundation or face powder.

I am going to sit myself down and write some letters to Target. I did not flip the people working in the store any shit because they don't have any power with this sort of thing and b.) they don't get paid enough to listen to me rant.

So if you run into these kinds of things be kind to the people working. The cashier in the red polo shirt and khaki pants really had nothing to do with it.

Moving along.

I'm still almost out of foundation but I found a seller on Ebay who does some lovely handmade mineral foundations I will be trying out.

I've also not been around because frankly I'm having one of those phases in life where a lot of the things I want to do and express are just beyond me. I'm getting through it and coming out the other side I think.

I've been doing a lot of writing, a lot of writing and that has been really good.

There hasn't been a tectonic shift but more of a few little tremors and I have my feet again.

Tomorrow sex advice finally for our fantastic former virgin, for a Cupcakey darling, and YES for a boy. Cupcake and boys questions are actually related which is quite serendipitous I think.

Now if y'all will excuse me I am in desperate need of coffee to counteract the not awesome that is the mega assload of antihistamines I'm on right now because I've only been at work for two hours and I feel kinda sleepy and woo in the head.

Oh and I will probably add a link to my associated content producer page because those short articles have thusfar funded some awesome (YEAH AFRICAN BLACK SOAP..I will talk about that at a later date) and clicks=pennies dudes.

And I love you guys. So hard. Really thank you for your concern and your notes and sweet comments. You make me feel wonderful and the universe is a better place with such awesome people in it.

Homo Out.


Raven Nightshade said...

I'm a shade darker than you, (I think I'm NW50 at MAC) so I know how you feel. I don't have MAC or Sephora money, and I'm too dark for most drugstore brands. I'm so glad I'm still using the same Fashion Fair foundation I've had for 6 years. (Yeah, it's a big no-no to keep it that long, but it's the best color match I've ever had.)

I don't even bother with Target. Next foundation/powder I buy is going to be Iman's line at Wally World.

Piffle said...

How frustrating for you.

I went to a feed store and got about five pounds of buckwheat, then cut a large rectangle out of an old flannel sheet and sewed it into a long pillow with four pouches, which I filled with the buckwheat and closed the pouches. Now I have a heatable pillow (if you have a microwave) that I can use on painful muscles and joints. Total cost about five dollars. The pouches mean that the buckwheat stays better distributed than all falling to one end.

Anyway, perhaps that would help your knee?

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