Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh my what big boobies you have.

The title is in reference to something a wee little old lady said to me at a wedding once. I recall I was wearing a champagne colored dress that had velvet on the top and had just squeezed my boobs into it (Oh that bride and her insistence that it be -that- dress) so there was some serious boobage going on. Anyhow I remember little else of the wedding except for this delighted little old lady who was very excited about my boobs. She was fabulous.

I also remember that she had on an original vintage 60's era Chanel suit that was a-fucking-mazing. She bought it back then and it was pristine.

Moving along.

I know last night I said I was going to talk fat fetishwear but I'm not in the mood. So it's just the fat fashions today.

So if you're new to me I will tell you that my (at it's most basic level) personal aesthetic is pretty much on the Goth Side of the Force.

My tastes run the gambit from PVC/Vinyl shiny, to ruffles romatigoth, to weird Lolita inspired things, to my current desire to create an outfit that makes me feel like a Noir vixen who's been time travelled and resides in the Bat Cave.

For quite a few years my wardrobe suffered a serious identity crisis.

The root cause was that I found myself sized out of a lot of my go to labels for clothes (Lip Service I'm looking at you) then priced out.

Lately, my want to re-fabulous my wardrobe has led me to a new plan of attack in terms of how to get what I want at prices I can afford.

It starts with basics.

I -still- need a shitload of basics because most of mine are just raggedy.

I am slowly but surely building up my staples from places that those of you on the Goth side of the force with me might not think of.

Let's talk shirts first.

I like plainer shirts. I have big titties and don't want or need sparkly twiddly things on them.

That being what it is I give you Target.

Yes Target.

For the first time in a long time (my recent issues with Target not withstanding) Target has (mostly online my local store sucks) tons of low priced comfortable plain shirts that I love.

For instance I am right now wearing the Ultimate cami from this page. Now for the fit I wanted (tight and body hugging) I went for the Juniors version in XL. It's comfortable, the straps are adjustible and it's stretchy but not so stretchy I feel lost in it. I think it was 7.50.

These are not things that are made to last but at the price I can afford to buy more than one and I really like them.

So far I have four or five of these types of tops and they have held up to washing okay and haven't faded. So if you need layering pieces or are like me and just like some plain shirts to build around, these are good. And the plus size stuff goes up to 26-28 in some things.

Unfortunately for me I don't think a lot of their plus size items are going to fit me properly. I tried on a couple of the available shirts labeled with their Torridish plus sizing labels and they fit in the shoulders and boobs but were too long and just not right for me.

That said, if you're taller than I am (I'm 5'3") or are more apple shaped, they could work for you so try em out.

Now despite my lust for more gothy accessories and fripperies I've decided to work on getting more staples instead.

So between now and when it's cold I need to get a pair of awesome trousers because I love a good pair of trousers. I also need some cardigans, tights, a new pair of black boots, vneck sweaters, OTK socks and perhaps a good black button up.

Most of that I will be able to thrift or find on sale so I'm not overly worried.

After I get that stuff oh the fun begins.

In a less fashiony OH SHINY vein, I think it's incredibly important to grab your fabulous when you feel like you're losing it.

I don't mean that you have to wear make up or fancy clothes etc. What I'm talking about is the feeling.

That feeling when you say to yourself, "Oh HELL YES".

I've been losing mine and I'm taking it the fuck back.

Shitty knees, back and skin freaking out be damned.

I am the only being in the universe who can instill that feeling in me. I am the only one who can Make. It. Happen.

And it happens from the inside and the rest is all bullshit glitter and decoration.

This feeling doesn't come from dieting, punishing yourself, etc.

It won't come from hating yourself or promising to "love" yourself when you're an after picture.

See what I'm saying here?

Okay that's all. I'm very very tired and I am going to make some more tea and possibly eat a cookie.

Homo Out.

(Oh balls this reminds me, I really need to put my AC link back up here. Remember self clicks=pennies.)

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Lexie Di said...

It drives me absolutely fucking insane when stores have plus sizes online but not in the store. Grrr! But you know, a girl's gotta do...

For the longest time, I've had trouble with shoes. I went through a flats thing and now I wear either flip-flops or my old Vans. I want to wear heels but I not mega-tall heels, because I don't want to break my ankles, and usually they hurt because my arches are so high. Do you know of any good, comfy heels? I'm dying for some! ((Being on the loli/punk-ish/whatever-I-think-looks-cute side of things myself, I trust you.))

Can't wait for fat fetish wear! Sounds super groovy!

Big Smiles!
-Lexie Di

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