Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ranty...fat fangirl edition.

So, I am a fangirl of a lot of people/things/causes.

I am.

Today I'm going to talk about Margaret Cho whom I've loved for years, because she's top most in my mind right now.

I am on her mailing list and recently got a message that the merch store on her site was having a big sale. I got excited for all of 2 seconds.

As I was browsing I noticed two big things. 1.) I couldn't find a shirt that would fit me that wasn't a mens shirt.

This is important.

There have been several conversations I've had with people recently on this issue and the fact is I don't want to wear a mens tshirt.

Most often fan merch comes in girly t's, men's t's and the ubiquitous "Unisex" t's that are usually supposed to be for fatties.

I am a huge fan of girly cut tees. I like a tshirt that has room for big boobs, has some shape to it. And that skims my body without being overly tight.

Why is it that Target can do this? That Ravelry can do this? That Torrid can do this? But all of these famous people's merchandising departments can't do or seem to find plus size girly cut tee shirts?

Why is it so fucking hard?

Can the people in charge of these things not use the fucking google machine?

Issue number 2.) Where are the shirts for fat men?

Now this isn't personally about Margaret Cho and yet it is. She's often held up as a body positive person but, if the fatties can't buy her merch (which as we all know merch makes celebs $$) what the fuck?

What I as a fat fan girl, or even you know what let's take the fat out of it for a second.

What I as an ever busty (even at about 110 pounds my boobs are huge) fan girl would like to see is easy.

If you don't carry above a size X just fucking say so. I don't like wasting my time looking at every item (even the ones that don't move me), then finding a supposed XXL but, oh wait no there's no size chart of the XXL is actually a mediumish size 12 or a Juniors size 12.

Now there are lots of issues, people, ideas I would love to support by plastering their face/logo/slogan across my tits, but you know what?

At this point fuck you if the only people you're thinking about are people that look like you.

Fuck. You.

If you don't want to make your brand available to fatties be upfront about it. Stop dicking around and saying you can't find suppliers/models/demand etc.

Don't whine about but we do have some plus size things, then force your user to look around for 45 minutes trying to find it.

Do it or don't.

Also, ignoring requests or questions about plus sized items?

Ass behaviour.

So yeah, fuck you.

Do your own goddamn market research.

Use the internets.

If you can update a website, if you can run an estore you can use the google machine.

At this stage in the game I'm starting to not care about companies who don't acknowledge or want money from my fat self. If you are trying to sell whatever but don't have the gonads to say yes we are providing this, or no we are not. Fuck off.

Today's ranty comes courtesy of the aforementioned Ms. Cho's webstore, Lip Service, and a few other companies that I'm just tired of.

Granted I can buy Lip Service through Torrid but, if you compare what's available there to what Lip Service sells regularly the majority of it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the other collections. And that annoys the fuck out of me.

I've made the comparison before but if you look at what Tripp offers through Torrid it's WAY more representative of the brand. If I think of Tripp and look at those clothes, it makes sense.

Clearly these are things I think about a lot and I'm done.

I am not going to continue wasting my time trying to get things that are not going to made available to me.

Given how tight fisted I can be with my meager clothing budget, if someone doesn't want to sell to me their loss.

Instead I am going to hold onto my money, buy stuff that fits me properly and not settle because I want to be supportive.

So yeah this.

I think I am finally recovering from epic shitty sleep. I'm starting to feel better. More normal again.

On a non ranty health note.

In the name of being nicer to myself about these things, I will say I have had to rearrange some of what I do during the day/on my way home.

I am debating my serious desire to relearn how to walk in heels/wear more shoes with some elevation. I think I am going to go with wedges and plat form since both seem to be easier on my back/knees.

If anybody has advice on that drop it here babies.

Health wise this has been a weird summer for me. Not the heat so much as the just not feeling well. And I hate the emotional part of that. I've mentioned it before but even talking about it triggers weird things in my head and I feel like a Whinybabycrankyass and I hate that.

So yeah.

OH wait I have our former virgins new sexy questions about ready to be answered finally, so sorry baby but it'll be good I promise.

Also, I've been crocheting away like a mad woman and have a few informal question type things.

So when it comes to things like scarves to tall folks need/want longer ones?

Also smaller busted folks would you want slightly shorter ones?

And would people (in your estimation) want medium sized wraps to keep around the office? I ask because I work in a constantly air conditioned enviornment and I get so freaking cold. So I'm making myself a cozy open work wrap thingy to go around my shoulders or lap that I don't have to cart around. Also would something like 20$ be too much for something like that? They are fairly labor intensive which is the bulk of the cost there.

Okay now I'm done.

I love you guys.

All of you homies and haters alike.

Homo Out.


Fantine said...

This issue has always bothered me, too. The only way I can find merch shirts that fit around me is to buy men's or the so-called "unisex", which means the shoulders are big and baggy, it's tight around the boobs and hips, and the sleeves are way too long. So I generally just don't buy it. If they can't make clothes to fit me, they can't have my money.

Electrogirl said...

Yes! I, too, love the shape and fabric of girly tees. They stretch to fit my boobs, flatter my waist, and stop before they hit the wide part of my hips. Men's or unisex tees? Do not look half as good. If they fit my boobs they will make me look like I have no waist, they will be too long, and therefore I will have to stretch them out at the bottom to make them fit over my hips at all. Ugh.

I ordered a couple cute girly tees from Threadless a while back, since they have some lolworthy designs. The fit chart assured me that a girly XXL would fit. Wrong. I could barely get into them. I decided to exchange the tiny tees for men's shirts. The shoulders and bust fit better than usual, but again they are too long. *sigh* I love the designs, so I might take them to a tailor to be shortened.

ShanaLogic makes plus-size girly tees these days, but none of their current designs appeal to me. Ooh, now that I remember, T-shirt Hell makes larger girly tees... most of their stuff is rather offensive, but "Talk Nerdy To Me" still makes me smile.

MiaBerell said...

hey, i didn't know how else to send you a message, so i decided to comment on ur post.

i think you're AMAZING - definitely really inspiring. it's refreshing to see people comfortable in their own skin, people who want to make a stand for who they are and fight for what they want and what they deserve. MUCH RESPECT.

Anonymous said...

Gah, stop giving me ideas! Now I've got it in my head that I need a crocheted shawl for winter, and nothing will stop me. I've dug out my yarn, and I'm searching ravelry for patterns, Lord help me. I'd better find some good movies, if I'm going to go back into crochet-obsession mode again. xD

Anonymous said...

I've had experience buying the babydoll (girl cut) shirts for my own printing and the manufacturers (Hanes, etc.) simply do not make them in big enough sizes, and the sizes they do make are ridiculously small. The largest available is 2X, which is really a borderline XL. I bet Margaret Cho and whoever still have to source their shirts from a standard manufacturer, and don't even have the option of larger shirts. It's the manufacturers that should be yelled at.

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