Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad sad fatshion news.

Usually once a year or so I buy myself a new pair of fabulous boots.

I love boots, if you've read me for awhile you know this.

Because it's so hard to find gothy ass kicking boots with a decent calf circumference I had fallen in love with a pair of stompy calf high boots. I emailed a seller on Ebay to find out the calf circumference because my Spidey sense was tingling since I was unable to find a picture of anyone actually wearing that style, and the "unisex" boot has a calf circumference of 12".

So I think I'm going to have to break up with Demonia too. The last three pairs of shoes I've purchased from them (two on the most awesome super sale) were just wow.

One pair, mary janes with a handcuff detail were a.) marked wrong I believe those were a size 6 rather than a 7 and b.) as narrow as (I shit you not I compared them) a pair of childs shoes.

I also last year sometime bought some plaid calf high boots that fit my calves just fine but, there is something in the construction of the foot that is so incredibly hard that I can't break them in at all. I can barely wear them with socks or tights even. They cut my foot.

And the super sale platform black boots, I don't wear them often because I had to DIY cut them. The elastic in them didn't stretch more than a few centimeters and was too stiff and too small.

Oh Demonia.

I started buying your boots and shoes when I was a teenaged babygoth. I remember saving my pennies and buying my first pair of 5" platform buckle boots. I remember buying my first pair of ubiquitous goth patent knee high platform stripper boots.

I remember when even when I was quite thin but with the muscley calves I had trouble buying your boots. But I stayed with you.

And being that Torrid has sytematically berid themselves of most things that fat goths love where do I turn?

Now I have to admit, for a moment (or a lot of them) I was consideirng how one de-muscles calves. Then I remembered, duh that as an adult mine have never been small.

My point here is that even I am not immune to my moments of thinking everything would be better if I was thinner.

Fact is, it wouldn't be.

Rather let me say it wasn't.

Because yes there was a time when I whole heartedly embraced the idea that being thinner would magically turn everything related to my body better.

I was so wrong.

My body image tanked like I have never before and never since experienced. I not only hated my body but was incredibly ashamed of it. I also over exerted myself on a constant basis to the point I caused myself injury and further damage to my already damaged joints. That was not awesome.

And I hd the same if not more fit problems with clothes. I stopped wearing dresses because I had the hardest time finding any that would fit my DD boobs and size 7 waist and size 9 hips.

So yeah.

That moment is over.

So I put it to you my homies, is there a such thing as gothy stompy ass kicking boots that are made for or at least fit muscular calves and come as small as a mens size 5-5.5?

If not, my pennies are getting saved for new Docs.

Okay I'm done.

I'm looking super cute today and I will have my partner Uniballer take an outfit pic when i gt home. I've not been taking as many pics as I want so that will be changing.

Homo Out.


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a stompy plaid boot that's actually pretty comfortable and fits my 17 1/2 calf, you might try these. I have them and love them.


Or these. I have them in red and just love them. Again, really comfortable and good for the large calved.


Anonymous said...

Check Hot Topic. There's a tiny handful of boots that aren't Demonia, and all of their shoes are 25% off right now. I can't guarantee availability of your size, though.



Also, these 3 which are on Clearance




Trabbs said...

Sent you a contribution toward your boots when you find them. I have crummy feet and wear sneakers all the time myself, but I'd wanted to help out with A/C earlier and missed the Donate button.

You are awesomeness. Good luck with the boots!

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