Monday, September 07, 2009


I am finally starting to not feel quite so sick. This cold/flu/ebola whatever I've had is fucking bullshit man.

However I must admit a few things.

Okay confess is a better word for it.

Generally speaking I only really rest the first couple of days I'm sick.

I'm terribly dumb that way. I go to work if I'm not contagious, I go about my regular life. Which sometimes can be a huge detriment.

For instance.

Sometimes I forget to eat.

Often I'm engrossed in other things, or not thinking about it and don't realize oh HAY I should eat something until my blood sugar takes a nosedive and I feel randomly pissed off or otherwise not good.

This is not good for me for a variety of reasons.

Being that I am a visibly fat person, all too often people encourage this and it maddens me to no end. It's not just your regular bullshit "diet" advice and/or kudos, when I raised a concern about it and wanted some medical advice on how to deal with it the doctor I was seeing at first didn't believe me (cause yes, I'm still a fatty) and then encouraged me to not quite skip meals but, go with my non recognition of hunger.

The fuck?

Yes she was serious.

Now with no big pimping medical degree I can tell you that habitually skipping meals can fuck up your metabolism, contribute to headaches, and you just don't feel good.

Why would anyone who claims to give a shit (otherwise known as the concern trolling hereabouts in the Fatosphere) advocate something that they know goddamn well is really fucking bad for you?

Quite frankly, it pisses me the fuck off that I had to go off and do the research myself without medical support to work on this.

I got entirely off of the point I was going to make.

In other news.

I keep seeing some things on my friends list on LJ that bug me that I'm not entirely certain what I should/can do.

I read the journals of some ladies who are quite thin and involved in very looks based industries. I understand that sometimes we all feel fat but, feeling fat and actually being fat are two different things.

I don't know any of the women well and I often have to scroll quickly by and shake my head. It's old hat and tiring.

Not to mention there's often ewwwwwwwwww fat (insert man/woman/whatever here) and fuck sake really?

I believe a pruning of my lj friendslist/people I read needs a good pruning as does who I follow on twitter.

I have neither the time nor energy to be the Educating Fat Negress when it comes to these things.

And I got distracted again.

This is my big clue that I'm still unwell, my concentration sucks.

Since I'm rambly anyway I'll just go with it. No use in fighting my brain.

OH before I forget my homie of awesome Mollena has some awesome writing news. I say..FUCKING SWEEEEEEEEEEET!

Someday I would be very down to be making a similar announcement.

Speaking of writing (check how smoove that was folks) I have already started my essays. YAY. I may have to push back a release until March (round my birthday)because I really want to take my time with it. I want to be sure to produce some stellar shit my homies.

Okay it's almost time for me to leave work and I'm very tired. There will be some new pictures sometime soon since I a.)found my camera case and b.) got new batteries for said camera.

So more as I recover and become more human like.

I love you guys. Feel free to use the comments to tell me what's new and fabulous in your lives, get some fancy drawers? Did you have some awesome sex? Get a new sex toy or pair of shoes? Tell me all about it my homies.

Homo Out.

PS..Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck my sexytimes advice entry got all sorts of borkd when I did it, I should not try to give advice while tanked on Nyquil. There WILL be a redo.


Trabbs said...

So sorry you're sick, and I would hold off on pruning the LJ list until you're better -- everything's more irritating when you feel crummy.

Since you ask what's new and fabulous, I have to crow that my husband and I seem to have suddenly figured each other out after 15 years of unintentionally reinforcing each others deepest fears. Much love and many, many sexy times. I really had forgotten how it felt to be happy on a fundamental level. I wish I could pass this gift on to the world. At least I can urge people to really consider whether there might be a misunderstanding when things are bad with another person. Stop and question your own assumptions once in a while. It can make all the difference in your life.

Twistie said...

What Trabbs said about waiting to prune. I also find that when I try to make big decisions while sick, I inevitably make entirely the wrong one.

Good stuff...let's see...I'm on the verge of a birthday, which is cool, and yesterday Mr. Twistie got me an early pressie: a 12-cup Cuisinart with two sizes of bowl and adjustable blades!!!

I know that may not seem like much of a birthday gift to some, but I've only been trying to get him to understand that I love kitchen stuff and want it for presents for the last 22 years. The message has finally gotten through, and boy howdy! am I thrilled!

I wonder if I dare dream of Le Creuset for Christmas....

Yes, I am a massive, massive food geek.

Kudos to Mollena! That's great news! I have no doubt that one day you will make a similar announcement to all of us, whereupon I will strew massive handsful of glittery confetti in the streets for joy.

Piffle said...

Wraps nudemuse in a snuggly afgan and brings her hot tea and soup.

Stay warm and full, you'll get better faster.

Tara said...

I just found your blog and I love it!

What's new with me is that I was just reading that the people who go to bed the soonest and stay there the longest have the best flu recoveries. But I think you know that. ;)

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