Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fat girl working out.

Since I've been battlin this flu of knock me on my ass, I haven't been able to exercise in any meaningful way. My walks have been way slower and I find it highly frustrating.

Now that I'm feeling closer to normal I want to start bellydancing again and I have a new interest.

Now as I'm browsing of course (because it's marketed to women and women must always be on a quest to lose weight *insert eye roll here*) I'm getting annoyed.

Every hooping site I've been to thus far has shown me lovely ladies, thin small boob having ladies hooping. That in and of itself is awesome, rock on ladies but what I need is some information that might help out a lady who is not so thin or not so small boob having.

I find this flaw with almost every exercise oriented thing. Bellydance is the small exception but even there, so much is demo'd by people with similar body types that practical information that I as a consumer deem vital is just not there.

For instance, if I want to do some hooping would my big ass titties cause me any issues? Or if I have a belly would that impact what I can get out of this?

I find this inordinately annoying.

So I turn to you my homies of the fatness. Do any of you hoop? If so what are your experiences with it? do you like it?

I am primarily interested because it just looks like fun. It looks like another booty shaking activity that I would enjoy.

Right now I am trying (and fuck it's hard for me) to make healthy for me decisions regarding exercise. Given my knee and other health issues, hard vigorous exercise is probably not where I want to go right now and that maddens me. And annoyed is not where I want to live.

That in mind my plan is to shimmy my way through winter and take some (OH SHIT exciting news I forgot to tell you guys) classes.

Awesome thing, see I work swing shift Monday Through Friday. I am also poor. I've been looking for classes accessible to me and best thing is, there is a drop in class I can walk to from my house on SATURDAYS!!!1!1!!!ELEVENTY!!1!!!!

I am super excited about that people.

I've also decided to add more stretching and push ups to my nightly routine.

I have my eye on a used copy of a book on stretching. And a copy of a book with stretching designed for office workers.

Tell me homies, what kind of movement makes you happy?

Do you exercise because it makes you happy?

Does the idea of finding that one awesome activity give you a happy?

I want to hear about it. Tell me.

AND welcome new homies. If you're reading even if you don't like me you're still a homie and you're welcome here.

Okay folks, I'm off to drink delicious Twinnings Lady gray tea, (note if you're in the Seatown area Grocery Outlet has a pretty tin on sale right now) and enjoy my chicken noodles for lunch.

Homo Out.


Frances said...

I dance. Dancing is the only form of exercise I do because the rest of them aren't as fun as dancing.

I did reggaeton last year (super mega fun), then dancehall (sort of fun), hip hop (less fun) and now I'm doing samba (super mega fun).

Quite obviously I like dancing where the movements are pretty inappropriate.

I'm one of the fattest girls in my class - always have been. I'm pear shaped: average sized boobs (which are always strapped down in a sports bra and an elastic crop top), pot belly, butt like a table and thick thighs. I think it's an advantage being bigger when dancing as even small movements become exaggerated. Skinny girls have to work harder.

wellroundedtype2 said...

I do 5 Rythms Dance at a nearby studio. Here's what I like about it:
Free movement - no choreography to follow.
Fun and inspiring music
Community of people who are welcoming
I go at my own pace, taking breaks if and when I need them.
If something hurts my knees or ankles, I change it up so it doesn't hurt. (I keep overworking my hips, though, which is kind of funny).
I'm usually not the only fat person there, but even if I am, it's not a big deal.
It forces me to realize that my body isn't repulsive, as I was taught to believe, but rather a source of attraction -- not in a sexual way but in a purely physical, expressive, creative, expansive way.

here is a link to dance events in this style in Seattle:

Synj said...

regarding hooping--

where i live/play there's a good-sized hooping community (extension of the fire-dancing community). The participants are a variety of sizes and body types. bellies don't get in the way from what i've seen, though if waist is bigger than hips that can mean bigger effort. bog ta-tas reduce some of the moves you can do, but a good, strap-em-down sports bra (like enell) can improve that since it reduces the under-shelf (using arms can help, too).

one big thing is that the hoops come in different sizes (inner-diameter), and the ratio to your waist can have a dramatic effect on ease of hoop, so if you try one and it's difficult try different sizes (a little too big is better than a little too small).

mccn said...

I really hate exercise in most of its forms - the only thing that motivates me to do it is my cardiac health - as a T1 diabetic, I'm more at risk for heart disease than most. As a fat girl, I also dislike being the sweaty, workin'out fat girl that people can imagine mean things about.

I recently started taking a martial art - and that, I really do like. I am surprised to find myself motivated to go! The instructors are respectful to me and my body - and they allow me to push my own limits of flexibility (I'm very unflexible), strength and movement. When I went in to try it out, I said - I'm not sure I can do this. The master instructor said, well, in my opinion, you haven't worked out in a while - you seem very stiff - but I think that you will work hard, and we are happy to welcome you if you want to be here. It is not impossible to start now.

The practices are challenging, but not undoable. And the best part is that when I leave, I feel accomplished. I feel like I'm pushing my body in new ways, making it stronger and more balanced. I always felt good after going to the gym, when I would go - but it was mixed up with the whole "gym and weight" set of nonsense. This is just about me, and helping my own body. It is peaceful. And I love it.

Lady Jaye said...

I love aquaform (aka water aerobics)! It's like playing in the water and whoever thinks that it's an easy exercise to do haven't done it with a good teacher (the beauty of it is that it's easily adaptable, so that pregnant women or the elderly people can do it too. Heck, even my mother, who has a leg problem that makes her unable to run, could do it if it's adapted to her!).

I'm not much of a dancer, but there are moments where I really get into it and I put all my energy in it (last Saturday, one of my friends got married and during the reception, I danced like there was no tomorrow to the song Footloose). :D

Oh, and I love Lady Gray tea! It's yummy! I love many teas, and I buy mine in bulk (my parents have a dozen varieties or so at home, so it's always difficult to pick one!).

Piffle said...

I don't do exercising really; what I do enjoy is when I'm washing dishes I'll move my legs is all sorts of ways, tipping an ankle one way then the other and pointing my foot etc. As all my weight stays on the other foot, it doesn't stress the joints; but it stretches the muscles and they all get moved so none of them feel left out. I'll also walk and bounce in place while I do dishes. Just my little thing.

Glad you're feeling better. Lady Grey is good! I also like smokey teas. Bulk tea is remarkabley cheap to drink, I often make two cups at a time: one in a regular mug and one in a thermos cup. That way I can drink one then and one in an hour or two. I use the same tea leaves too, so I get double the use out of them.

MigiziNse-ikwe said...

I love to dance and took a couple of bellydance classes that were a lot of fun and very body positive. Our instructor was a larger woman who said her body was built to demonstrate. No need to overdo it, her body would just do the moves. She was fantastic. Bellydance is still my favorite form of movement.

Aquabics is nice as well but I prefer to bring a friend.

Haddayr said...

I feel terrible saying this, and I haven't hooped since I was a teenager and it was just around my waist, but . . .

I found it incredibly hard on my knees.

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