Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Bear with me folks.

This summer has been a rough one clearly and I'm still not quite myself.

However, I have shit on my mind homies.

First one is that Uniballer and I went to the West Seattle Farmer's Market on Sunday.

I haven't been to a Farmer's Market in probably let's be fair and say about 15 years.

My first impression was wow, I'm still a budding/forming foodie and I was overwhelmed at first. It's not a huge market but there is really so much stuff.

I noticed a few other things as well but first a little food related squeeing.

I learned a lot.

For instance.

I learned that Aubergines come in colors that are well other than aubergine. No really I did not know that, there were white ones and some tie dye looking purple and white ones. They were so pretty.

There was also some gorgeous meat and some cheese that knocked Uniballer and I out.

Now one of the other things I noticed right away was a dearth of people of color. That particular neighborhood, right there I know there are people of color there, and I was left wondering if they are going to the market?

However, a lot of them are probably not because a lot of the people of color in the area are like myself and are fairly poor. I myself will not be going very often either because frankly it's really fucking expensive.

This is one of those things.

While I can get behind the idea of eating locally sourced foods yadda yadda, the economic reality is that 80-85% of the people I know personally just can't afford that. Being that there are only two of us, if Uniballer and I did some major scrimping and saving we might be able to eat "ethically".

Frankly, despite what an awesome idea I think it is to support local farmers and creators of these delicious noms, for people like Uniballer and I (average poo working class folks) it just is not gonna happen.

I really hate it when people lecture me about how important it is to support whatever without giving a thought to the realities of being poor people in America. People will chirp merrily, "well just save up" (this ESPECIALLY pisses me off when it comes to clothes) like it's no thing.

Uh really?

So it should be an easy decision for me to drop say 65$ on a dress or shirt. 65$ that could realistically feed Uniballer and I quite well for more than a week?

Or that would pay in it's entirety my phonebill for two months?

My point here is that a lot of us poor folks see expenditures like over say 30-35$ (And frankly I'm being generous/over estimating) for a single thing, or something that won't last awhile as being a big fucking deal.

My bigger point here is that before you decide to lecture someone about what kind of food they buy, or where they shop be mindful that a lot of these things are not strictly moral/ethical issues for a lot of us and there are serious class and economics issues.

Be mindful.

I'm not requesting anything super crazy but don't get so wrapped up in your cause that you forget that there are human beings involved.

For me personally I try to exercise this a lot.

I try very hard not to get instantly angry when these things come up in my life. It's taken me a lot of personal work to learn to just tell people something like, "That's great for you but not for me." And if they care I sometimes will explain.

So to speak more concretely, if you find out I buy groceries at Walmart or Grocery Outlet and that I rarely if ever buy locally, don't get all in my grill about it.

If you hear me being unhappy that a cute dress is 75$, don't lecture me about plus size folks being willing to pay more for yadda yadda. That's awesome if you can afford it, I myself cannot. Not just cannot I will not. I can't justify to myself that kind of expenditure when it's not a good pair of shoes that will last me forever (as in my Docs that were about that much and will last me for a long long time) or bills.

And a few pictures from Sunday.

Before that though I don't know what's coming up/what I can do without over taxing myself like I did on Sunday. Hours of strolling about with Uniballer left me so exhausted on Sunday I couldn't stand myself.

I've been in a weird place with this little blog here. I have so many things on my mind I've got a bit of trouble staying organized. Things are settling down though and I'm feeling not quite like I want to throw myself under a train every time I cough. So there is stuff coming I just don't know what yet.

And now, fotos of awesome. Click to embiggen and read more about them.




Now my darlings, again I say tell me what's new and fabulous. What's bugging you? What did you have for dinner today?

Homo Out.


Kate said...

Delurking to say: some Farmer's Markets accept WIC, EBT and/or food stamps, making it way more possible for poorer folks to do some of their shopping there. If yours doesn't, and you have the energy/time (which I understand doesn't just grow on trees), you might want to write the organizers an email or three and say, "Hey, why not?" And get other folks you know to write also.

ChloeMireille said...

I'm pretty much in the same financial boat as you. I'm in a 2 person household that brings in well under $400 a week. After rent and bills, I barely have enough for bus fare and groceries. What's really sad is that I make less than my elderly aunt/roommate who gets SS and a small Teacher's Pension.

I get so damned tired of having to tell people to STFU when they grouse about Wal-Mart being the Evil Empire because that's the only place I can afford to buy ANYTHING, or when people don't get that "quality clothing" can cost me an entire paycheck for one item.

On the bright side, my gas bill is under $20 because we rarely use our stove.

Laurel Fan said...

The "Madrona" Central District market seems to have lower prices than some of the other ones. In the Grocery Outlet parking lot at MLK/Union on Friday afternoon/after work.

I've also noticed that when it's pouring down rain the farmers markets have pretty good deals.

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