Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Glamour etc.

I was reading over at the F-word and found this post about Glamour's nekkid "fat" ladies issue.

At first glance the shot is okay...just okay.

It seems quite forced to me, the models don't look comfortable and not in an edgy (to quote Mr. Jay) broke down doll kind of way. It's not editorial, it's just kinda blah.

However, despite the lackluster shot I can see that they were in fact working hard for the diversity angle. The models themselves (in terms of FASHION people) have differing plus size bodies. There is a model of color. That said, the models are styled in a way that makes them kind of homogeneous in a way I don't really care for. Look at their cheekbones and hair styling, how their bodies are positioned and yeah it does not move me.

My personal aesthetic preferences aside, I think it is a step in the right direction. Is it perfect? No. However it does serve the purpose it sets out to in a way. These models are what Glamour needs, they are easily accessible and not intimidating for your average fashion magazine reader.

From my perspective, Glamour and it's sisters are pretty useless to me. Although I read fashion magazines fairly obsessively through my teen years and early twenties, I rarely ever took a thing in them to heart. Some core part of my personality does not allow me to absorb a lot of things. I have the super power to glide right on by things that set off my internal Bullshit-O-Meter.

So there's my take on the Glamour thing. I really tend to be unimpressed when huge corporations do things out of pressure rather than trail blazing, it feels cheap to me and I have no interest in supporting them.

It seems like as I get older I really give less and less of a good goddamn what woman's magazines are saying or doing. More often than not my reaction to anything in a fashion magazine is meh.

Then again, I am a huge fan of awesome photography which often occurs in fashion magazines.

While I'm on the subject of photography I saw this over at Rachel Kramer Bussel's tumblr and I love it. I love the look on the models face, I love that it's for a book trailer. I. Love. That. Photo.

Now more links and these are totally not safe for work unless your workplace doesn't mind nekkid. I found this photographer named Michael Barone I don't remember how and I read his blog but the thing I love is his Red Chair Project. I love those photographs so much.

Speaking of beauty, can we talk about Ms. Coy Pink for a second? She is delicious in the most wonderful way. And she's funny and smart which are things that make my knees weak. She is lovely. Go enjoy her HNT's of awesome.

Frankly if there were more of what I've shared with you here in the world, I would be a happy happy kitten.

In other news. I have 3 essays done (two of which are about sexytimes) and I've been laboriously going through my archives trying to find some entries I want to include in my antho. I'm pretty certain I'm going to stick to putting it out myself. Truth be told my homies, I'm a little leery terrified to shop non fiction.

Yes my homies, yours truly is kind of a chicken shit.

It's a huge HUGE deal for me to even be doing this so, let's call it a baby step rather than calling it chickenshitness.

Yeah, I totally made up that word.

I think I'm going to shelve the erotica thing for now. I'm just not feeling it at all which is unfortunate but I'm not going to force it.


OH before I forget Nanowrimo is coming up next month, who's doing it and who wants to be my buddy during the process?

Okay enough. It's late and Uniballer is playing some kick ass 80's music and I need to get up and shake my ass before bed.

Homo Out

PS..tomorrow I'm talking about some more fat girl exercising. And some queries I want to put out to you guys.

Also...I love you guys. Now your homework is to admire something about your body. For real, look at some part of your body and tell that part all of the things about it that are wonderful.

Don't ask why just do it.

I will be having this talk with my swollen sore left knee.




mccn said...

Tell your knee I said to knock it off. I am scary; it should listen.

I second your feeling about corporations who do things in response to pressures, rather than as evidence of a real change. . . however, I also believe that change comes slowly, incrementally, and in surprising ways, so though I don't really care for the Glamour shoot, it could be a teeny step towards a real one, so I'll allow it a tiny smile.

Also: ME. Me wants to be your nanowrimo pals - or one of them!

Piffle said...

It's a good thing that the culture is changing enough to make enough pressure to change the corporation.

Me, I don't expect corps to do things for fuzzy feel good reasons; it's not what they're made for.

Coy Pink said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm in a spot in my life right now where I really needed that. I think you're pretty lovely and intelligent as well.

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