Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hiding in plain sight.

So I know I talked about hosiery yesterday but I'm going to save my review because I'm going to be sent a review pair of stripey plus size tights I want to include for comparison.

So can we talk about fabulousness for a moment? Consider this a continuation from yesterday.

First, Beth Ditto is WORKING IT in this video.

(And as an aside their drummer is hot.)

Moving along.

After my entry yesterday, someone asked me about snark and this also a discussion on Fatshionista (LJ version). Not just snark but downright hatefulness.

I'm talking bout the sort of hatefulness displayed by the ever popular internet trolls. Anonymous people who will never tell you their name or anything but who are so positive they are so much more attractive, smart and awesome than you are for whatever reason.

I can be a very sarcastic and snarky person, I can be downright mean. I try pretty hard to keep that in check because I know myself very well but it happens. I have been known to snark on what or how someone says something but I try to avoid snarking a person as a whole.

It's the difference between saying to a person:

"You are an asshole."


"You are being an asshole."

I think you can behave in an asshole-ish manner and not be a total asshole. And I believe that the reverse is true.

For this entry I want to talk about how I personally deal with asshole behaviour in my general vicinity.

Most of these things I've dealt with both on the intertubes and in my day to day life.

I tend to just not care.

It's an over simplified thing but pretty true.

The fact is, most of the people who've called me names, made fun of me, called me ugly, called me whatever did not and do not know me.

And if someone doesn't know me how much does their judgment of me really matter?

Given the myriad of other things there are to worry about in life, strangers saying whatever they want to about me just isn't up there on the list.

That's why generally speaking I won't follow snarky backlinks unless someone points it out to me. Why I won't go galloping to my own defense. I really, simply can't be arsed to.

On the other hand, sometimes I do feel like when these things happen I may have an opportunity to say something that someone might need to hear.

The fact is folks, you cannot protect yourself from, nor really do anything about what other people are going to say about you. Especially if they think they can get away with saying whatever the fuck they want.

With that in mind, I highly advocate learning how to let it go.

So todays lesson my homies is this.

Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down.

Don't let anyone keep you from taking care of yourself, or loving yourself. Don't let anyone dictate to you how you should feel about yourself for any goddamn reason.

Fuck em.

Say it with me,

Fuck em.

Also, don't take yourself too seriously because sometimes, you are probably being an asshole and that's okay too. It happens.

I ran out of steam. This is me laughing at myself because I started doing something else and forgot I started this entirely.

With that I bid you goodnight my darlings.

Homo Out.

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