Monday, November 30, 2009

Ready? GO GO GO wait.

So I did it folks.

I won Nanowrimo in what I'm calling 28 days because there were a few days I did nothing.

50K words.

A story I am into and that I actually would like to finish and shiny up into an actual book.

It was good.

I am so fucking spent you guys.

For serious.

And now that I'm done with that some announcements.

First thing Ih ave some new sexytimes/life advice coming your way this week.

I am pretty close to getting the first two essays up and available for purchase. I'm also going to write a little artist statement (can I admit I feel like a total douche typing that?) and everything. Hopefully I would like to a.) set up a newsletter for new releases for folks and b.)make this automated.

Rachel I will email you back probably tomorrow once my head stops spinning.

Um what else?

Oh I am in the process of designing my next tattoo. I'm torn between two literary quotes. One from Bukowski and the other Vonnegut and stuff. The Bukowski quote will be more difficult since it's longer. I dunno yet.

I'm also really looking forward to picking myself some stretching crescents for my earholes. I'm looking forward to starting that process over again.

Okay yeah I'm kinda spent and my brains..they hurt.

Thank you for being there and awesome as you all are.


Homo Our.

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