Wednesday, November 11, 2009


First off you guys are so wonderful and beautiful.

I talked to Uniballer and good news my darlings, my pants situation is going to fixed on SATURDAY!!

Despite the fact that I really want those Dickie's from Torrid we're going to Fashion bug on Saturday. The awesome part is I was lamenting pants while we were at Safeway and our favorite cashier hooked me up with one of those register coupons. So with the coupon I will be able to get not only some pants but probably a cardigan or a bra too.

And Rachel holy crap wow.

That is the sweetest thing. I got verklempt when I read your comment and I've been thinking about it. Being that my pants situation is almost in hand (in booty? Ew no) Here's what I'm gonna do and not freak out on myself about it.

This is a link to my wishlist at Torrid. If anyone (Rachel you too) would like to buy me something or contribute to the keep Shannon's ass covered fund you totally can.

I sat here blushing and mumbling for a good five minutes about posting that.

In other news being that Nanowrimo and I aren't on the best of terms right now I have three essays I'm ready to make available for download. I will probably put them up once I figure out the paypal shopping cart thing and get the page coded.


Okay inspiration has hit and I'm off to do some more writing. HopefullY I can catch up on my wordcount.

Again, I am so thankful that I have some of teh most awesome caring readers ever. I really love you guys. So much.

Sexytiems advice for one of our lovely virgin friends Sunday I think.

Okay yeah time to write.

And I love you myhomies. Love you so hard.

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RachelH said...

I followed the link to your wish list, and then couldn't work out how to actually buy something to send you. If I select an item from the list, and then go to checkout, it still asks me for a name and address, and there's nowhere to click to say "send to Shannon"!

Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I sent Torrid an email asking about it, but it's been a couple of days now and they haven't replied.

Any ideas?

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